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No 134: Spring 2001 Hearts for the Taking Details
Rhoda Janzen
No 74: Spring 1986 Heat Waves Details
Derk Wynand
No 62 (1982) Heather Cadsby, Traditions Details
Robin Skelton
No 68 (1984) Heather Robertson, Willie: A Romance Details
Constance Rooke
No 80: Fall 1987 Heather Spears, How to Read Faces Details
Stephen Scobie
No 118: Spring 1997 Heather Spears, The Panum Poems Details
Patricia Abram
No 87: Summer 1989 Heather Spears, The Word for Sand Details
Stephen Scobie
No 126: Spring 1999 Hector Alone Details
Don Coles
No 162: Spring 2008 Held Over, 1969 Abstract
Eric Metcalfe
No 88: Fall 1989 Helen Fogwell Porter, January, February, June, or July Details
Constance Rooke
No 68 (1984) Helen Hazen, Endless Rapture: Rape, Romance, and the Female Imagination Details
Constance Rooke
No 134: Spring 2001 Helen Humphreys, Anthem Details
Mitchell Parry
No 163: Summer 2008 Helen Humphreys, The Frozen Thames Details
Eric Miller
No 65 (1983) Helen J. Rosta, In the Blood Details
Constance Rooke
No 123: Summer 1998 Helene Littmann, Peripheries Details
Barbara Lambert
No 38: Summer 1976 Hello Fine Day Isn't It Details
Joyce Carol Oates
No 58: Summer 1981 Helpless in the Face of Poetry;
Lone Stretch
Naomi Rachel
No 59: Fall 1981 Henry Carlile, Running Lights Details
Robin Skelton
No 23: Fall 1972 Henry Malcolm, Generation of Narcissus Details
George Forbes
No 58: Summer 1981 Henry Moore and Kenneth Clark, Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook Details
Robin Skelton
No 62 (1982) Henry Moore, Henry Moore at the British Museum Details
Robin Skelton
No 63 (1982) Henry Moore, Two Large Forms Details
Robin Skelton
No 86: Spring 1989 Henry Moore's Sheep Details
Susan Glickman
No 1: Spring 1967 Henry Moore: Some Thoughts on His Recent Work Details
J.L. Tancock
No 113: Winter 1995 Henry's Muddy Shoes;
Thin Man Wait for Spring
Bill Foxcroft
No 165: Winter 2008 The Green Imagination Her Dreams of the Expressway Details
Sina Queyras
No 52: Winter 1979 Her Highness Details
Strowan Robertson
No 79: Summer 1987 Herb Schellenberg Details
Steve Noyes
No 58: Summer 1981 Herbert Harris (Ed.), John Creasey's Crime Collection 1980 Details
Robin Skelton
No 9: Spring 1969 Herbert Read Details
Roland Penrose
No 9: Spring 1969 Herbert Read, 1918 Details
Jacob Kramer
No 9: Spring 1969 Herbert Read and Byron Details
G. Wilson Knight
No 9: Spring 1969 Herbert Read as a Literary Critic Details
Kathleen Raine
No 9: Spring 1969 Herbert Read: a Memoir Details
Denise Levertov
No 9: Spring 1969 Herbert Read: His Contribution to Art Education and to Education Through Art Details
Sam Black
No 9: Spring 1969 Herbert Read: Instead of an Elegy Details
Michael Hamburger
No 17: Spring 1971 Herbert Siebner: the Man and the Vision Details
Robin Skelton
No 105: Winter 1993 Here and Now;
Boulevard of Plums the Morning They Open
Cornelia Hoogland
No 59: Fall 1981 Herman Palsson and Paul Edwards, Gongu-Hrolf's Saga Details
Robin Skelton
No 37: Spring 1976 Herod, Translated by Derk Wynand Details
Ilse Aichinger
No 34: Summer 1975 Herschel Hardin, A Nation Unaware: The Canadian Economic Culture;
John Robert Colombo, Colombo's Canadian Quotations
Linda Sandler
No 163: Summer 2008 Herself, Revised;
Edith Swan-Neck;

Reading "The Saxon Chronicles"...;

Breathe Like This
Steven Heighton
No 134: Spring 2001 Hesitation Details
Nadine McInnis
No 127: Summer 1999 Hiatus Details
Sonnet L'Abbé
No 138: Spring 2002 High Diver Details
Anita Lahey
No 48: Winter 1978 High Summer Details
Kathleen Raine
No 98: Spring 1992 Higher Power;
Unqualified Good Time
John Donlan
No 127: Summer 1999 Highway 401 Details
Jeanne Shahbazian
No 51: Fall 1979 Himself Within Details
Gary Ross
No 148: Fall 2004 Hiromi Goto, Hopeful Monsters Details
L. Chris Fox
No 136: Fall 2001 History;
Robinson's Crossing;

Jan Zwicky
No 169: Winter 2009 HMS Resolution Details
Susan Steudel
No 143: Summer 2003 Hold Tight Details
Carolyn Norberg
No 134: Spring 2001 Holland Landing Details
Barry Dempster
No 117: Winter 1996 P.K. Page Special Issue Hologram Details
Rosemary Sullivan
No 161: Winter 2007 Homage to Andy, 2000 Details
Pat George
No 13: Spring 1970 Homage to C.G. Jung;
The Roman Wall Revisited;

Two Dreams of the River
Kathleen Raine
No 33: Spring 1975 Homage to Freud Details
Ludwig Zeller
No 97: Winter 1991 Homage to Lucille Details
Marjorie Power
No 45: Spring 1978 Home and Native Land Details
Seán Virgo
No 99: Summer 1992 Home Birth;
February 14;

The Proposal
J.A. Hamilton
No 77: Winter 1986 Home from Hospital: Holiday Details
Lloyd Abbey
No 91: Summer 1990 Home;



It's Raining;

Starting the Tape
Roo Borson
No 76: Fall 1986 Homecoming For Gonzalo;
Adam and Eve: Rembrandt's Etching
Janice Kulyk Keefer
No 144: Fall 2003 Homo economicus Details
Robert Dessaix
No 165: Winter 2008 The Green Imagination Horizon Notes Details
Derk Wynand
No 130: Spring 2000 Hors de Combat Details
Randall Silvis
No 152: Fall 2005 Horse Chestnuts, Harrison Lake;
Millstone Quarry, Gabriola;

Palm House, Kew
Stephanie Bolster
No 43: Fall 1977 Horsemanship Details
David Swanger
No 87: Summer 1989 Hortense Calisher, Age Details
Constance Rooke
No 169: Winter 2009 Hospital Room;
Barbara Nickel
No 114: Spring 1996 Hot Hot Day Details
Maria Mutch
No 63 (1982) House Above the Sea Details
Patrick Worth Gray
No 158: Spring 2007 House Hunting: Making an Offer Details
Alison Pick
No 34: Summer 1975 House-Hunting Near the Frontier Details
Jerry Bumpus
No 143: Summer 2003 How I lost;
I sang today
Terrence Heath
No 78: Spring 1987 How it Strikes a Philologist: George Johnston's Translation of Saga Prose Details
Peter Foote
No 31: Fall 1974 How Liquid Rises Magically in a Tube;
Being Faithful;

Breaking and Entering;

An American Tradition
Joyce Carol Oates
No 96: Fall 1991 How Long Will It Last? Details
Elisabeth Harvor
No 125: Winter 1998 How Much Worse Things Look When a Stranger's in the House Details
Billie Livingston
No 151: Summer 2005 How Pop Sounds Details
Nick Thran
No 127: Summer 1999 How the Bottom Feeders Got Language;
In California;


Sex Next Door;

What Did It;

Julie Bruck
No 137: Winter 2001 How the Dead Live Details
Patricia Fargnoli
No 45: Spring 1978 How the heart stinks with its devotions;
Day after day the sun;

Even though she has been pushed;

Ice Storm;

At the edge of the
Patrick Lane
No 158: Spring 2007 How to be an orphan;
How to plot;

How to wait for your lover
Maurice Mierau
No 41: Spring 1977 How To Be Your Own Best Survival Details
John Hofsess
No 154: Spring 2006 How to Care for an Air Fern Details
Benjamin Scott Grossberg
No 120: Fall 1997 How to Keep a Snake Details
Christine Erwin
No 90: Spring 1990 How We Dance Details
Steve Reinke
No 108: Fall 1994 How Were the People Made? Details
Marilyn Bowering
No 149: Winter 2004 How You Lived Details
Pamela Porter
No 64 (1983) Howard Engel, Murder on Location Details
Robin Skelton
No 61 (1982) Howard Engel, The Ransom Game Details
Robin Skelton
No 58: Summer 1981 Howard Engel, The Suicide Murders Details
Robin Skelton
No 10: Summer 1969 Howard Moss, Second Nature Details
Robin Skelton
No 28: Winter 1973 Howard Mumford Jones, The Age of Energy: Varieties of American Experience, 1865-1915;
Robert Mane, Henry Adams on the Road to Chartres;

Ernst Scheyer, The Circle of Henry Adams: Art and Artist
H.F. Smith
No 64 (1983) Howard Sergeant, How Strong the Roots: Poems of Exile Details
Robin Skelton
No 60: Winter 1981 Howard Shaw, Killing No Murder Details
Robin Skelton
No 61 (1982) Howard Teichmann, Fonda; my life Details
Robin Skelton
No 130: Spring 2000 Hudson Hallucinates a Final Letter Home Details
Benjamin Scott Grossberg
No 97: Winter 1991 Hugh Brody, Means of Escape Details
Margaret Turner
No 32: Winter 1974 Hugh Kenner, The Pound Era;
Hugh Kenner, Bucky, A Guided Tour of Buckminster Fuller;

Stuart Y. McDougal, Ezra Pound and the Troubadour Tradition;

Lucio Piccolo, Collected Poems
Peter Russell
No 22: Summer 1972 Hugh Lloyd-Jones, The Justice of Zeus Details
Peter L. Smith
No 21: Spring 1972 Hugh MacDiarmid, A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle Details
Alastair Watt
No 64 (1983) Humphrey Carpenter, W.H. Auden, a Biography Details
Robin Skelton
No 96: Fall 1991 Hungry Ghosts Details
Louise Young
No 153: Winter 2005 Hunter Moon Details
Donna Kane
No 66 (1983) Hunting In Details
Terry Roberts
No 36: Winter 1975 Hustling;
Jascha Kessler
No 122: Spring 1998 Hybrid;
John Barton
No 142: Spring 2003 Hymn to the Sun;
Singer and Prisoner
A.F. Moritz
No 74: Spring 1986 Hypothesis of Doves Details
E.D. Blodgett
No 54: Summer 1980 I Am Doing This for Both of Us;
Flemish Dawn
Rich Ives
No 44: Winter 1977 I Am Dying, Egypt Details
F.W. Watt
No 127: Summer 1999 I Am Fortunate in a Memory of Sounds Details
Adam Sol
No 119: Summer 1997 I and the Village Details
Julie Dennison
No 34: Summer 1975 I and Wolverine;
I and Spirit;

House of Changes
Jeni Couzyn
No 153: Winter 2005 I begin my journey at night Details
Blaise Moritz
No 102: Spring 1993 I Do Things Details
Elise Levine
No 10: Summer 1969 I Don't Know How to Dance Details
Manuel Bandeira
No 65 (1983) I Kept You in My Suitcase;

The Salamanders;

Deux Femmes;

The China Dolls;

Shining One;

so dangerous
Judith Gail Harris
No 66 (1983) "I Like to Get Letters" — Ezra Pound and a Canadian Correspondent Details
R.T.K. Symington
No 139: Summer 2002 I Love You Details
Evelyn Lau
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship I opend the Venetian blind Details
George Bowering
No 26: Summer 1973 I Remember Dali When He Was Just a Little Kid and Couldn't Keep His Nose Clean: A One Act Play Details
Lawrence Russell
No 64 (1983) I Spy Mother Cupboard;
Disappearing Act;

Still Life: Mother and Child
Maureen Harris
No 127: Summer 1999 I, the Inca, and I Details
Robert Mullen
No 26: Summer 1973 I Will Tell the Story Details
Quilchinhin (George) Sewhilkin (Lezard)
No 153: Winter 2005 I Would (If I Had One More Night With You) Details
Rafi Aaron
No 124: Fall 1998 I'm Outside on the Bricks;
Yellow Sun Dress;

Nickels in a Cup
Sharon McCartney
No 67 (1984) I've Got Troubles of My Own Details
Hugh Hood
No 48: Winter 1978 I've Tried to Take the Quicksand;
Jacqueline D'Amboise
No 35: Fall 1975 I: Robert Graves 1974 Details
A Robert Graves Album
No 34: Summer 1975 I;
Pär Lagerkvist
No 61 (1982) Ian Hideo Levy, The Ten Thousand Leaves: A Translation of the Man'yoshu, Japan's Premier Anthology of Classical Poetry, Volume One Details
Robin Skelton
No 61 (1982) Ian Slater, Air Glow Red Details
Robin Skelton
No 2: Summer 1967 "Icarus Again" Details
Marilyn Harris
No 137: Winter 2001 Ice Cream;
The Body Snatchers
Jeff Worley
No 77: Winter 1986 Ice Fishing Details
Walter McDonald
No 133: Winter 2000 Ice;
The Penguin
Henry J. Hughes
No 162: Spring 2008 Iceman;
Patricia Young
No 169: Winter 2009 Icon Details
Lise Gaston
No 110: Spring 1995 Idries Shah, The Commanding Self Details
P.K. Page
No 73: Winter 1985 If A Poem Could Walk;
Put a Finger to your Lips
Lorna Crozier
No 145: Winter 2003 If Clark Died Details
Craig Boyko
No 61 (1982) If I am Elected, When I am Elected… Details
Yannis Goumas
No 161: Winter 2007 If Metaphor is Theurgy, It Must Form;

Night Clotting in the Ice-free Corridor;

Swan Plain
Tim Lilburn
No 166: Spring 2009 If Thunder is Anything Details
Laisha Rosnau
No 137: Winter 2001 If You're There Details
Lisa Moore
No 118: Spring 1997 Ignorant Song;
John Donlan
No 35: Fall 1975 II: Robert Graves at Home Details
A Robert Graves Album
No 35: Fall 1975 III: The Seizin's Press Details
A Robert Graves Album
No 27: Fall 1973 Ikon Details
Risto Ratkovic
No 64 (1983) Illumination Details
Ruth Feldman
No 15: Fall 1970 Images from the Garden: Six Poems Details
E.F. Weisslitz
No 83: Summer 1998 Imaginations Companion Details
Phyllis Webb
No 17: Spring 1971 Imagine a Forest Details
W.S. Graham
No 106: Spring 1994 Imagine;
Effort of Love;

Depression in Debrecen
Susan Musgrave
No 22: Summer 1972 Implements in Their Places Details
W.S. Graham
No 7: Fall 1968 Imprisoning and Expressing Him Details
Jane Hedley
No 67 (1984) Improvisation on the Word "Shod" Details
Mark DeFoe
No 105: Winter 1993 In a Desert;
Mark Abley
No 16: Winter 1970 In a Distant City Details
Salvatore Quasimodo
No 8: Winter 1968 In a Section of Indiana Details
Freda Quenneville
No 142: Spring 2003 in alabaster from the palace of the king of Assyria;
Under Glass in the Winnipeg Art Gallery;

Composed in Exile
Jill Maclean
No 52: Winter 1979 In Another Spot Halfway Round the World Details
Hans Carl Artmann
No 125: Winter 1998 In Carnation Details
Gerald Hill
No 45: Spring 1978 In Control;
Lost Faith/Fallen Idols
T.A. Dobbie
No 53: Spring 1980 In Days of New;
When Light Rays Bend
Elizabeth Bartlett
No 26: Summer 1973 In dian;
To Bryan
Skyros Bruce
No 64 (1983) In Final Seasons Details
Sarah Roller
No 4: Winter 1967 In Front of the Mirror Details
Vincente Aleixandre
No 146: Spring 2004 In Her Velvet Dress;
Deanna Young
No 113: Winter 1995 In Kannagi's Room Details
Anita Rau Badami
No 1: Spring 1967 In Line for Lemonade Details
Andrew Fetler
No 37: Spring 1976 In Memoriam Adolf Loos, Translated by Ewald Osers Details
Oskar Kokoschka
No 2: Summer 1967 In Memoriam, J.A.R., Drowned, East London, 1959;
August 7th, 1945, Near Pisa;

Hout Bay
Guy Butler
No 62 (1982) In Memoriam: Maxwell Bates, 1906-1980 Details
John V. Snow
No 106: Spring 1994 In Paradisum Details
Judith Pond
No 140: Fall 2002 In Praise of Mud Details
Michael Johnson
No 82: Spring 1988 In Progress Details
John Newlove
No 40: Winter 1976 In Search of Dignity Details
Clarice Lispector
No 77: Winter 1986 In the Absence;
Unpacking to The Magic Flute;

John Repp
No 114: Spring 1996 In the Blue House Details
Barbara Lambert
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship In the Company of Women Details
Stephen Reid
No 158: Spring 2007 In the Dark Details
Craig Boyko
No 6: Summer 1968 In the Fields of Camphor Details
Yvan Goll
No 131: Summer 2000 In the night, suddenly Details
Sina Queyras
No 69 (1984) In the Plunkett Hotel Details
No 93: Winter 1990 In the Presence of an Ideal Details
Margaret Barrett
No 124: Fall 1998 In the Presence of Limestone Details
John Allison
No 110: Spring 1995 In the Shadows of the Margalla Hills Details
Sorayya Y. Khan
No 108: Fall 1994 In the Time It Takes to Breathe Details
Patricia Nolan
No 127: Summer 1999 In the Upper Reaches;
The Question of Whether the Bread was Noticed
Adam Dickinson
No 142: Spring 2003 In the Waiting Room;
The Insight
M. Arnott
No 69 (1984) In the Wake of Rimbaud Details
John Cosner
No 11: Fall 1969 In The Wet Details
Paul Hunter
No 110: Spring 1995 In Winter Details
Sarah Kirsch
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton Incantations and Craft: Robin Skelton’s Magical Artistry Details
Yvonne Owens
No 91: Summer 1990 Incense Details
Patrick Kavanagh
No 28: Winter 1973 Incest;
The Eternal Hunt
Dumitru Ion
No 28: Winter 1973 Incident in the Garden Details
Charles Edward Eaton
No 164: Fall 2008 Incoming;
July in Brishna Kot;

Naming the Sound That Took His Life
Kanina Dawson
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton Inconsonance;
Bass Cadenza
Linda Rogers
No 26: Summer 1973 Indemnity Details
George McWhirter
No 66 (1983) India Details
Terry Griggs
No 63 (1982) Indian, 1972 Details
Michael McCurdy
No 60: Winter 1981 Indian folktales from British Columbia Details
Franz Boas
No 3: Fall 1967 Indian Iconoclast Details
George Woodcock
No 51: Fall 1979 Indian Poet Living in the West Details
G.S. Sharat Chandra
No 150: Spring 2005 Inenarrable;
Catbirds,Mockingbirds, Starlings;

In Loco Parentis;

The Elgin Angular Unconformity
John Donlan
No 45: Spring 1978 Ingrid Jonker Details
Sally Bryer
No 145: Winter 2003 Initiation Details
Barbara Klar
No 64 (1983) Inner Landscape Details
Sandor Weores
No 30: Summer 1974 Innocence - 1950 Details
Robert Sward
No 75: Summer 1986 Inside Details
Charles Foran
No 67 (1984) Inside back cover: What's in a Name? Details
P.K. Page
No 90: Spring 1990 Insomnia;
Rhea Tregebov
No 20: Winter 1971 Insomnia;
The Madness of Crowds;

Walking in Safety
Joyce Carol Oates
No 58: Summer 1981 Instructions Details
Beverly Hocking
No 156: Fall 2006 Instrument;
Rape Map
Jen Bills
No 4: Winter 1967 Insurance Against Suicide (the Immortal) with a Foreword Details
Yvan Goll
No 26: Summer 1973 In-Tee-Teigh Details
Jeannette Armstrong Bonneau
No 130: Spring 2000 Intelligent Life: Elegy;
Elegy for the Sparrow
Rhea Tregebov
No 107: Summer 1994 Interim;
Deryn Rees-Jones
No 46: Summer 1978 Interior Landscape (1);
Interior Landscape (2);

Interior Landscape (3);

Interior Landscape (4);

Interior Landscape (5)
Rich Ives
No 131: Summer 2000 Internal;
Esther Mazakian
No 106: Spring 1994 Interpretation Seven: a thesis proposal Details
Jaime Moreno Villarreal
No 57: Spring 1981 Interval;

Patricia Thuner Jones
No 61 (1982) Intervals, With Shakespeare Details
Don McGorman
No 128: Fall 1999 Interview Details
Eleanor Wachtel, Adam Phillips
No 121: Winter 1997 Interview Details
Eleanor Wachtel
No 118: Spring 1997 Interview Details
Eleanor Wachtel
No 116: Fall 1996 Interview Details
Eleanor Wachtel
No 114: Spring 1996 Interview Details
Eleanor Wachtel
No 113: Winter 1995 Interview Details
Eleanor Wachtel
No 107: Summer 1994 Interview Details
Eleanor Wachtel
No 107: Summer 1994 Interview Details
Segakweng Seisa
No 41: Spring 1977 Interview with Margaret Atwood Details
Linda Sandler
No 131: Summer 2000 Intimacy Details
Liz Ukrainetz
No 125: Winter 1998 Into Winter;
Quietness Begins as Rain
Judith Pond
No 103: Summer 1993 Introduced Details
Michael Winter
No 103: Summer 1993 Introduction to the Introduction to Wang Wei Details
Roo Borson
No 123: Summer 1998 Introduction to The Undiscovered Country Details
Sean Virgo
No 161: Winter 2007 Invention of the Ball Details
Michael Pacey
No 77: Winter 1986 Inventory Man;

Susan Hykin
No 67 (1984) Invisible Presences Fill the Air;
Deaf-Mute in the Pear Tree;


To a Dead Friend;

Deep Sleep;


Crow's Nest;

Remembering George Johnston Reading
P.K. Page
No 87: Summer 1989 Invitation to Darkness;
The Afterlife of Shoes
Mary Di Michele
No 121: Winter 1997 Invitation to Death by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning;
Invitation to Perfume;

Invitation to the Funeral
Mary Di Michele
No 118: Spring 1997 Invited In;
In the First Week of June;

John Steffler
No 41: Spring 1977 Io and Argus;
Rosedale Valley Ravine 3
Janis Rapoport
No 130: Spring 2000 Io;
Horn Gate;


Evan Jones
No 66 (1983) Ion Ore;
This My Emissary;

Fovea Centralis;

Two excerpts from "The Cenozoic Asylum"
Christopher Dewdney
No 67 (1984) Iris Murdoch, The Philosopher's Pupil Details
Anthony Jenkins
No 152: Fall 2005 Iron Details
Fred Johnston
No 49: Spring 1979 Irreconcilable Differences Details
Carol Jane Bangs
No 26: Summer 1973 Irving Layton, Engagements: The Prose of Irving Layton Details
Burton Kurth
No 64 (1983) Isaac Bickerstaff, Friends, Hosers and Countrymen! Canadian Caricatures Details
Robin Skelton
No 72: Fall 1985 Isabel Allende, The House of the Spirits Details
Constance Rooke
No 73: Winter 1985 I(sabelle) in Love;
Where Anyone Can Come to Eat;

Selections from Believing in the World
Susan Yarrow
No 167: Summer 2009 Island Poem #1;
To Learn to be With You: two love poems;

The Big Date
Matthew Godden
No 137: Winter 2001 Island;
Shooting the Little Bear;

Love Poem Disguised as Carpentry
Jeanette Lynes
No 96: Fall 1991 Isle of Demons Details
Janice Kulyk Keefer
No 61 (1982) Isobel Martin Details
Peter Sanger
No 90: Spring 1990 Isola Bella Details
Janice Kulyk Keefer
No 143: Summer 2003 Isolettes Details
Neil Smith
No 169: Winter 2009 It Details
Kildare Dobbs
No 85: Winter 1988 It Came to This Details
Laurie Anne Whitt
No 142: Spring 2003 It's Not Pretty Details
Bob Slaymaker
No 69 (1984) It's the Third Embrace that Counts Details
Alex Kuo
No 136: Fall 2001 Italian;
Who I Am
Sue Wheeler
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton It’s What He Did;
Not Far from Here
Margaret Blackwood
No 35: Fall 1975 IV: A Family Album Details
A Robert Graves Album
No 25: Spring 1973 J. Michael Yates, ed., Volvox: Poetry from the Unofficial Languages in Canada… in English Translation Details
Derk Wynand
No 46: Summer 1978 J. Michael Yates, Esox Nobilior Non Esox Lucius Details
Charles Lillard
No 22: Summer 1972 J. Michael Yates, The Abstract Beast Details
Derk Wynand
No 17: Spring 1971 J. Michael Yates, The Great Bear Lake Meditations Details
Robin Skelton
No 64 (1983) J.A. Kraulis (ed.), Canada/A Landscape Portrait Details
Robin Skelton
No 87: Summer 1989 Jack Details
Gary Anderson
No 56: Winter 1980 Jack Coughlin: A Perspective View Details
Robin Skelton
No 22: Summer 1972 Jack Coughlin: Irish Portraits Details
Robin Skelton
No 61 (1982) Jack Hodgins, The Barclay Family Theatre Details
Robin Skelton
No 43: Fall 1977 Jack Hodgins, The Invention of the World Details
Charles Lillard
No 75: Summer 1986 Jack Matthews, Crazy Women Details
Elizabeth Sparkes
No 62 (1982) Jack Matthews, Dubious Persuasions Details
Constance Rooke
No 150: Spring 2005 Jack Serving Special, 1987 Abstract
Frank Pimentel
No 62 (1982) Jack Shadbolt, Act of Art Details
Robin Skelton
No 10: Summer 1969 Jack Shadbolt, In Search of Form Details
Robin Skelton
No 61 (1982) Jack Watts Details
Tony Curtis
No 139: Summer 2002 jackhammer Details
Mark Samcoe
No 100: Fall 1992 Jacob Blue-Dog Details
Constance Rooke
No 83: Summer 1998 Jacques Poulin, Volkswagen Blues, trans. Sheila Fischman Details
Mark Anthony Jarman
No 58: Summer 1981 Jacquetta Hawkes, A Quest of Love Details
Robin Skelton
No 25: Spring 1973 James Bacque, A Man of Talent Details
Dennis Brown
No 60: Winter 1981 James Brabazon, Dorothy L. Sayers Details
Robin Skelton
No 72: Fall 1985 James Doyle, North of America: Images of Canada in the Literature of the United States, 1775-1900 Details
Margery Fee
No 66 (1983) James Harrison, Flying Dutchmen Details
Stephen Scobie
No 15: Fall 1970 James J. McAuley, Draft Balance, Sheet, poems 1963-1969 Details
Robin Skelton
No 11: Fall 1969 James Joyce's Dubliners: Critical Essays edited by Clive Hart Details
John Peter
No 20: Winter 1971 James L. Calderwood, Shakespearian Metadrama Details
Burton Kurth
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