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No 127: Summer 1999 Esta Spalding, Lost August Details
Barbara Colebrook Peace
No 70: Spring 1985 Estella Lauter, Women as Mythmakers: Poetry and Visual Art by Twentieth-Century Women Details
Margery Fee
No 18: Summer 1971 Etchings for an Autobiography Details
Tom Middlebro'
No 45: Spring 1978 Eucalyptus Details
Roo Borson
No 26: Summer 1973 Eugene McNamara, PASSAGES & other poems Details
George McWhirter
No 80: Fall 1987 Eugene McNamara, The Moving Light Details
Stephen Scobie
No 27: Fall 1973 Eugene Webb, The Plays of Samuel Beckett Details
R. Fenwick Smith
No 60: Winter 1981 Eugenio Montale, It Depends: A Poet's Notebook Details
Robin Skelton
No 81: Winter 1987 Eunuch Details
Alison T. Reed
No 141: Winter 2002 Eurykleia Details
Blaise Moritz
No 104: Fall 1993 Eva in Arles Details
Margaret Hollingsworth
No 61 (1982) Evan S. Connell, Mrs. Bridge Details
Robin Skelton
No 58: Summer 1981 Evan S. Connell, Saint Augustine's Pigeon Details
Robin Skelton
No 56: Winter 1980 Eve's Last Words;
For The Sea Turtles;

Easter Sunday
Frannie Lindsay
No 65 (1983) Evelyn's Stories Details
Michael Laser
No 44: Winter 1977 Even Dying Takes a Long Time Details
Devin Harrison
No 127: Summer 1999 Even the Sun, Even the Rain Details
P.K. Page
No 45: Spring 1978 Evening Dance of the Grey Flies;
About Death;

Song…Much of it Borrowed;


On Brushing My Hair in the Static-filled Air;

Sestina for Pat Lane after Reading Albino Pheasants
P.K. Page
No 36: Winter 1975 Evening in the Asylum Details
Agha Shahid Ali
No 71: Summer 1985 Evening on a half-mile lake Details
Roger Nash
No 37: Spring 1976 Evening on the Beach;
Haul Over;

Low Tide
Ilse Tielsch-Felzmann
No 164: Fall 2008 Event Horizon;
Eye 1;

Eye 2
Richard Norman
No 71: Summer 1985 Everlasting Peace Details
Wolf Biermann
No 37: Spring 1976 Every Day;
Ingeborg Bachmann
No 84: Fall 1988 Every Year The Elk;
Wild Horses
Veronica Patterson
No 105: Winter 1993 Evidence;
Insleave for A Hieroglyphic Key to Spiritual Mysteries: Published Posthumously in Stockholm, 1784
Rick Hilles
No 67 (1984) Except I Shall See in His Hands the Print of the Nails Details
Norma E. Depledge
No 7: Fall 1968 Excerpts from Conversations with Jean Cocteau Details
William Fifield
No 78: Spring 1987 Excerpts from Víga Glúm's Saga Details
George Johnston
No 45: Spring 1978 Exchange;
Chesterman Bay;

Barkley Sound;

Black Gold, Blue Mountains
Doug Beardsley
No 153: Winter 2005 Exile Details
Karen Hofmann
No 138: Spring 2002 Exile Details
John Diamond-Nigh
No 52: Winter 1979 Exodus Details
Hugh Cook
No 40: Winter 1976 Exploding Out of Bushes Like Balboa Details
Paul Hunter
No 5: Spring 1968 Exposure Details
Susan Musgrave
No 49: Spring 1979 Extra, Read all about it Details
Tom C. Armstrong
No 60: Winter 1981 Extracts from The Ceremony I Missed, translated and presented by Michael Spencer Details
Michel Butor
No 66 (1983) Ezra Pound, Sappho, and My Assault on Mount Helicon Details
Mary Barnard
No 29: Spring 1974 Ezra Pound: The Last Years Details
Peter Russell
No 61 (1982) F. Paul Wilson, The Keep Details
Robin Skelton
No 74: Spring 1986 Fable of the Two Widowed Sisters Details
Judith Berke
No 98: Spring 1992 Faces Shaped Like Hearts;
Cleaning Fish;

Dividing by Seven;

Lorna Crozier
No 54: Summer 1980 Faded Photos Details
Susan Hall Herport
No 171: Summer 2010 Fakeer;
Forgotten Qasida
Faisal Siddiqui
No 141: Winter 2002 Falkland Landscape Details
Ann Kipling
No 142: Spring 2003 Fall Details
Patricia Young
No 68 (1984) Fall 1984 Details
Journal Editor
No 72: Fall 1985 Fall 1985 Details
Journal Editor
No 76: Fall 1986 Fall 1986 Details
Journal Editor
No 80: Fall 1987 Fall 1987 Details
Journal Editor
No 84: Fall 1988 Fall 1988 Details
Journal Editor
No 88: Fall 1989 Fall 1989 Details
Journal Editor
No 92: Fall 1990 Fall 1990 Details
Journal Editor
No 96: Fall 1991 Fall 1991 Details
Journal Editor
No 100: Fall 1992 Fall 1992 Details
Journal Editor
No 108: Fall 1994 Fall 1994 Details
Journal Editor
No 104: Fall 1993 Fall 1994 Details
Journal Editor
No 112: Fall 1995 Fall 1995 Details
Journal Editor
No 116: Fall 1996 Fall 1996 Details
Journal Editor
No 120: Fall 1997 Fall 1997 Details
Journal Editor
No 128: Fall 1999 Fall 1999 Details
Journal Editor
No 132: Fall 2000 Fall 2000 Details
Journal Editor
No 136: Fall 2001 Fall 2001 Details
Journal Editor
No 140: Fall 2002 Fall 2002 Details
Journal Editor
No 144: Fall 2003 Fall 2003 Details
Journal Editor
No 148: Fall 2004 Fall 2004 Details
Journal Editor
No 152: Fall 2005 Fall 2005 Details
Journal Editor
No 156: Fall 2006 Fall 2006 Details
Journal Editor
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton Fall 2007 Details
Journal Editor
No 164: Fall 2008 Fall 2008 Details
Journal Editor
No 168: Fall 2009 Fall 2009 Details
Journal Editor
No 172: Fall 2010 Fall 2010 Details
John Barton
No 112: Fall 1995 Fall Planting;
The Call of the Father
Gary J. Langguth
No 136: Fall 2001 Falling Details
Simon Korner
No 124: Fall 1998 Falll 1998 Details
Journal Editor
No 80: Fall 1987 Family from The Butterfly Chair Details
Marion Quednau
No 30: Summer 1974 Family Portraits Details
Massud Farzan
No 98: Spring 1992 Family Reunion Details
B. Kramer Chudakov
No 104: Fall 1993 Famous Moments Details
Nadine McInnis
No 50: Summer 1979 Fane Details
George Payerle
No 60: Winter 1981 Fannie Flagg, Coming Attractions Details
Robin Skelton
No 33: Spring 1975 Far from Fields of Sun Details
Ann Hodges
No 36: Winter 1975 Farewell to a Ghost Details
Manoj Das
No 88: Fall 1989 Farm Stuff Details
Caroline Woodward
No 138: Spring 2002 Fascia Details
Ramona Dearing
No 71: Summer 1985 Fat Lady Details
Patrick Lawler
No 89: Winter 1989 Father and Son Details
Steven Whittaker
No 71: Summer 1985 Father praying;

Michael Czuma
No 107: Summer 1994 Father--4;
the visitor
Edwin Thumboo
No 40: Winter 1976 Father;
Tom MacIntyre
No 123: Summer 1998 Father;
Eastwood, August 1997
Adam Chiles
No 37: Spring 1976 Father;
The Answer
Alfred Gesswein
No 164: Fall 2008 Favour;
An Equine Accessory Chews Over Options Within the Confines of a Two Story Cycle;

At Carruthers Point
Peter Richardson
No 168: Fall 2009 FÅ“tal;
A Note to My Poem;

On Reading "When You are Old"
Jeffery Donaldson
No 141: Winter 2002 Fear of Bare Lightbulbs;
Fear of Canoes;

Fear of Houses Built on Corners
Amanda Lamarche
No 164: Fall 2008 Fear of Bees Details
Sarah B. Wiseman
No 103: Summer 1993 Fear that the Bough;
The Struggle to Accept
Barbara Carey
No 66 (1983) Feather in Paw Details
Lara Riecken
No 19: Fall 1971 February 8 Details
Carolyn Stoloff
No 63 (1982) F.G. Paci, Black Madonna Details
Constance Rooke
No 163: Summer 2008 Fidelity Details
Michael Lista
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship Field Details
Melanie Siebert
No 163: Summer 2008 Field Note - Cliff Diving Details
Jim F. Johnstone
No 69 (1984) Fifteen Books Details
Stephen Scobie
No 57: Spring 1981 Fifteen;
Family Portrait: Christmas 1978;

Ken's Deli at Midnight: Boston, 1979;

Balancing Act
Patrika Robertson
No 50: Summer 1979 Fifty Works of British Columbia Fiction 1908-1969 Details
Charles Lillard
No 77: Winter 1986 Figure in a Landscape Details
Peter Millard
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton Final Words: Skelton’s Last Poems Details
Anita Lahey
No 140: Fall 2002 Finale Details
Christopher Levenson
No 46: Summer 1978 Finale Details
Giuseppe Ungaretti
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton Finally Details
John Pass
No 132: Fall 2000 Finding a Way;
The Tattoo Lady, a Story
Laura Lush
No 12: Winter 1969 Finding One's Way in the Dark;
Falling Asleep
Greg Kuzma
No 101: Winter 1992 Finding the Body Details
P.J. Holdstock
No 50: Summer 1979 Fiona the First Details
W.P. Kinsella
No 91: Summer 1990 Fire and Water;
Jan Conn
No 85: Winter 1988 Fireflies;
Old Men Swimming
Emilie Babcox
No 75: Summer 1986 First Flames from The Kinkajou Details
Trevor Ferguson
No 39: Fall 1976 First Notation from the Log;
Second Notation from the Log
William Keens
No 130: Spring 2000 First Rhymes;
Mapping the South;

Indiana Harbor, Michigan Shoreline, 4:30 p.m.
Beth Simon
No 103: Summer 1993 First Sorrowful Mystery: The Agony in the Garden (Repentance) Details
Matthew Remski
No 139: Summer 2002 Firstborn Details
Gillian Jerome
No 158: Spring 2007 Fish Details
Eve Joseph
No 19: Fall 1971 Fish Details
Rick DeMarinis
No 112: Fall 1995 Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high;
You're gonna spread your wings, and take to the sky
Susan Glickman
No 146: Spring 2004 Fish Rapture Details
Jeanne Emmons
No 135: Summer 2001 Fishblood Sky Details
Sylvia Legris
No 3: Fall 1967 Fishermen;
To a Spider Building in an Outdoor Lavatory;


James K. Baxter
No 135: Summer 2001 Fishless;
Robyn Sarah
No 81: Winter 1987 Five Book Reviews Abstract
Stephen Scobie
No 43: Fall 1977 Five Sonnets: Introduced and translated by Desmond O'Grady Details
Guiseppe Gioacchino Belli
No 36: Winter 1975 Five Waking-up Exercises Details
Geoffrey Godbey
No 166: Spring 2009 Fixed;
On the Rocks
Shane Rhodes
No 88: Fall 1989 Flat Black Details
Susan Mayse
No 51: Fall 1979 Fleshy Flowers Details
Sadiq Chubak
No 20: Winter 1971 Fleur Adcock, High Tide in the Garden Details
Robin Skelton
No 65 (1983) Fleur;
Mr. and Mrs. North
Gordon Lish
No 69 (1984) Flies Details
Joan Fern Shaw
No 91: Summer 1990 Flight Details
Holley Rubinsky
No 82: Spring 1988 Flight Details
Keath Fraser
No 112: Fall 1995 Flight into Egypt;
Love Song from a Medieval Songbook (1511);

Deux déjeuners sur l'herbe
Barbara Folkart
No 142: Spring 2003 Flight of the Undertaker Bee Details
Leslie Grant Timmins
No 149: Winter 2004 Flight;
Sestina for the Sweater
Barbara Nickel
No 89: Winter 1989 Floating Hearts Details
Trevor Ferguson
No 128: Fall 1999 Flood Details
H. Mel Malton
No 71: Summer 1985 Florence McNeil, Barkerville Details
Stephen Scobie
No 9: Spring 1969 Flower of the Mountain Details
John Holloway
No 142: Spring 2003 Flu Details
Shannon Stewart
No 144: Fall 2003 Fog Collection Details
Tamas Dobozy
No 34: Summer 1975 Fold-out Men Details
Jørgen Sonne
No 27: Fall 1973 Folie a deux;
Fleur Adcock
No 137: Winter 2001 Foot-doctor for the Homeless;
The Sonographer
Brian Bartlett
No 80: Fall 1987 For a Dead Cobra Details
Harold Farmer
No 150: Spring 2005 For a Young Giant;
Tanis MacDonald
No 82: Spring 1988 For Astrid;

In Air;

Old Tune
George Johnston
No 107: Summer 1994 For Audre Lorde Details
Molara Ogundipe-Leslie
No 163: Summer 2008 For Donnie Peters (1964–1999) Details
Shane Rhodes
No 23: Fall 1972 for every north american indian who begins to disappear I also begin to disappear Details
Marilyn Bowering
No 78: Spring 1987 For George Johnston Details
Earle Birney
No 31: Fall 1974 For Love;
The Horse
Susan Landell
No 30: Summer 1974 For Lucia and the Black Widows of Sperlonga Details
Philip Appleman
No 93: Winter 1990 For My Daughter;
Lyn King
No 27: Fall 1973 For R.B., in Zurich;
Sorry, Wrong Number;

Twenty Suppositions plus One Supplication
Yannis Goumas
No 33: Spring 1975 For the Humanism Class at Fairchild Airforce Base in Place of a Lecture on the Book of Job;
After the Blizzard
James J. McAuley
No 59: Fall 1981 For The Man Who Left His Pen Details
Ann York
No 18: Summer 1971 For the Night is Coming Details
Gunnar Ekel?f
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship For the Pure Mother Bee Details
Don Domanski
No 128: Fall 1999 For the Short Haul Details
Karen Solie
No 47: Fall 1978 For Un Omaggio a Rafael Alberti Details
Eugenio Montale
No 113: Winter 1995 Forge Details
Michael Crummey
No 103: Summer 1993 Forget-Me-Not Blue Details
Zhu Lin
No 168: Fall 2009 Fortress Details
Priscila Uppal
No 147: Summer 2004 Forty-Three: An Arrangement Details
Medrie Purdham
No 71: Summer 1985 Four Bean Stories;
This Prayer I Pray in the Spring
Diane Vreuls
No 131: Summer 2000 Four Beds;
Monastery Quails
Kelly Parsons
No 34: Summer 1975 Four Drawings Details
No 9: Spring 1969 Four Drawings Details
Henry Moore
No 9: Spring 1969 Four Drawings Details
Barbara Hepworth
No 69 (1984) Four Drawings Details
Barbara Caruso
No 50: Summer 1979 Four Fictions Details
Derk Wynand
No 72: Fall 1985 Four Perspectives on Elf;
Dire Portent;

Reminiscence of My Childhood: Viking Winter
Bruce Taylor
No 99: Summer 1992 Four photographs Details
Robert Teteruck
No 92: Fall 1990 Four photographs Details
Mark Ratledge
No 86: Spring 1989 Four photographs Details
Bonnie Curran
No 87: Summer 1989 Four photographs Details
Roger Pfingston
No 60: Winter 1981 Four Photographs Details
Mary Ida Henrikson
No 60: Winter 1981 Four Photographs Details
Bill Reid
No 78: Spring 1987 Four Poems Details
Marianne Larsen
No 78: Spring 1987 Four Poems Details
Peter Sandelin
No 23: Fall 1972 Four Poems Details
Nikos Tselepides
No 88: Fall 1989 Four Poems for Anton Chekhov Details
Angela Ball
No 23: Fall 1972 Four Poems from the Greek Anthology Details
Fleur Adcock
No 114: Spring 1996 Four Poems from What Holds Us Here Details
Betsy Warland
No 37: Spring 1976 Four Prose Pieces, Translated by Almut McAuley Details
Thomas Bernhard
No 9: Spring 1969 Four Sketches for Herbert Read Details
Stephen Spender
No 89: Winter 1989 Four Small Poems for the Grasses Details
Elizabeth Philips
No 52: Winter 1979 Four Tanka Poems Details
Miyoko Goto
No 58: Summer 1981 Fourteen Chinese Poets, Translated by C.H. Kwan Details
No 163: Summer 2008 Foxgloves Details
Susan Ingersoll
No 61 (1982) F.R. Scott, The Collected Poems of F.R. Scott Details
Robin Skelton
No 2: Summer 1967 Fragments from a Central African Journal Details
Paul Theroux
No 87: Summer 1989 Fragments to Compose a Better World Details
Gail Fox
No 113: Winter 1995 Fram a ha-ha to a cemetery;
A man walking in white shoes;

My mother looking at stars
Elizabeth Smither
No 139: Summer 2002 frame: poem for my father Details
Matt Robinson
No 74: Spring 1986 Fran Details
Kate Williams
No 10: Summer 1969 François Truffaut, Hitchcock Details
John Peter
No 37: Spring 1976 Francis and Me, Translated by Derk Wynand Details
Peter Rosei
No 60: Winter 1981 Francis Petrach (trans. Nicholas Kilmer), Songs and Sonnets from Laura's Lifetime Details
Robin Skelton
No 63 (1982) Frank Davey and bp Nichol, Louis Dudek: Texts & Essays Details
Robin Skelton
No 68 (1984) Frank Davey, Edward and Patricia Details
Stephen Scobie
No 59: Fall 1981 Frank Davey, Louis Dudek and Raymond Souster Details
Robin Skelton
No 86: Spring 1989 Frank Davey, Reading Canadian Reading Details
Stephen Scobie
No 60: Winter 1981 Frank Davey, Selected Poems: The Arches Details
Robin Skelton
No 58: Summer 1981 Frank Getlein, Mary Cassatt Paintings and Prints Details
Robin Skelton
No 60: Winter 1981 Frank Whiteford, Egon Schiele Details
Robin Skelton
No 62 (1982) Franz Joseph;
Testament at Aachen, 814
Catherine Lowther
No 34: Summer 1975 Franz Marc;

Hanns Cibulka
No 72: Fall 1985 Fraser Sutherland, John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography Details
Stephen Scobie
No 86: Spring 1989 Fred Bonnie, Wide Load Details
Mark Anthony Jarman
No 40: Winter 1976 Frederick Candelaria, Liturgies Details
Charles Lillard
No 75: Summer 1986 Frederick Candelaria, Poems New and Selected Details
Gwladys V. Downes
No 21: Spring 1972 Frederick P. Grove, A Search for America;
Desmond Pacey, ed., Frederick Philip Grove
Herbert Smith
No 110: Spring 1995 Free Translation of Mahler's "Ging Heut' Morgen übers Feld";
Anton Brucker: Fourth Symphony, First Movement
Ken Howe
No 45: Spring 1978 Free Translations;
Still there are wars and crimes of war
Phyllis Webb
No 68 (1984) Free-Spirited Rabbit Looking for Home;
Night Tracking
Katherine Soniat
No 148: Fall 2004 Frida, 1990-1991 Details
Lius Merino
No 65 (1983) Frivolities: Seven Anti-ghazals;
History and Secrecy
Phyllis Webb
No 80: Fall 1987 from A Book of Events Details
Gerald Hill
No 105: Winter 1993 From a Cafeteria Window Details
Anne Swannell
No 81: Winter 1987 from A Chilean Sequence Details
Rosemary Sullivan
No 26: Summer 1973 From a Draft of "Solo": a Novel in Three Movements Details
Dennis Brown
No 102: Spring 1993 from A Random Gospel Details
David Helwig
No 11: Fall 1969 From Across the Canyon Details
Dennice Scanlon
No 10: Summer 1969 From an Eastern Notebook;

January 1917
Anna Akhmatova
No 77: Winter 1986 from Ana Historic Details
Daphne Marlatt
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship from Between Two Mountains Details
Patrick Lane
No 76: Fall 1986 from Caprice Details
George Bowering
No 90: Spring 1990 from Changing Heaven Details
Jane Urquhart
No 89: Winter 1989 from Coming through Slaughter, 1989 Details
Rafael Goldchain
No 47: Fall 1978 From Cordoba to Cadiz Details
Blas De Otero
No 76: Fall 1986 from Counting to 100 Details
Alan R. Wilson
No 39: Fall 1976 From David Gascoyne's Journal 1937-1939 Details
David Gascoyne
No 99: Summer 1992 from Flight Lines Details
Olwyn Morinski
No 135: Summer 2001 from Funeral Diary Details
John O'Neill
No 86: Spring 1989 from Garden Cantos: A Month of Poems Details
Elizabeth Brewster
No 139: Summer 2002 from Ghost Maps Details
Erin Noteboom
No 55: Fall 1980 From Gigha Young;
Look at the Children
W.S. Graham
No 67 (1984) from Grandfather was a Soldier Details
Marilyn Bowering
No 37: Spring 1976 from Green-Sealed Tidings, Translated by Derk Wynand Details
Hans Carl Artmann
No 143: Summer 2003 from Home is Paris, 1959 Details
Jesse Lee Kercheval
No 67 (1984) from Houseplant Series Details
Richard Stevenson
No 92: Fall 1990 from Inside Memory: Pages from a Writer's Workbook Details
Timothy Findley
No 100: Fall 1992 from Interludes Details
Keath Fraser
No 111: Summer 1995 From kom inte och säg (don't come and tell me don't come and say) Details
Karin Bellman
No 112: Fall 1995 from Legends of Tongue Details
Méira Cook
No 140: Fall 2002 from Letters from Siberia Details
Sophie Wadsworth
No 5: Spring 1968 From "Letters to Five Artists" Details
John Wain
No 107: Summer 1994 from Making the World Revolve Details
Alan Wearne
No 126: Spring 1999 from Minding the Darkness Details
Peter Dale Scott
No 110: Spring 1995 from Moving Week Details
Brian Wickers
No 76: Fall 1986 from Naked Trees Details
John Terpstra
No 107: Summer 1994 from Nehru's Children Details
Rukun Advani
No 55: Fall 1980 from Night of Endless Radiance Details
David McFadden
No 154: Spring 2006 from On the Scent Details
Sina Queyras
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton from One Cook, Once Dreaming Details
Derk Wynand
No 76: Fall 1986 from Organ Music Details
B. P. Nichol
No 34: Summer 1975 From "Place of Pilgrimage" Details
Jaroslav Seifert
No 42: Summer 1977 From Poem of the Endless Details
J. Michael Yates
No 137: Winter 2001 from Prayers For and After Rain Details
Gerald Hill
No 92: Fall 1990 from Rough Reckoning Details
Gina Lagorio
No 50: Summer 1979 From Running: The Fifties, Book I of Difficulty at the Beginning, a trilogy of novels in progress Details
Keith Maillard
No 134: Spring 2001 From Salzburg to Vienna Details
Drew Pautz
No 90: Spring 1990 from Sequin River Details
Sarah Sheard
No 76: Fall 1986 from Sitting in the Club Car Drinking Rum and Karma-Cola Details
Paulette Jiles
No 59: Fall 1981 From Syria: The Worksheets, Proofs, and Text Details
Ezra Pound
No 145: Winter 2003 from The Book of Tea;
El Niño;

George Sipos
No 125: Winter 1998 From the Boy Scout Manual Details
Troy Jollimore
No 27: Fall 1973 from The Concert of the Hyacinths;
from Clear Days;

from Clear Days
Odysseus Elytis
No 68 (1984) from The Cow Stands on One Leg Details
David Lampson
No 17: Spring 1971 From The Diary of Hans Pilatus Details
Derek Mahon
No 100: Fall 1992 from The English Patient Details
Michael Ondaatje
No 18: Summer 1971 From The Faces of Day and Night Details
Kathleen Raine
No 98: Spring 1992 from The Helmet Maker's Beautiful Wife Details
Lelsey-Anne Bourne
No 76: Fall 1986 from The Invisible World is in Decline, Book II Details
Bruce Whiteman
No 100: Fall 1992 from The Last Things Details
Linda Spalding
No 28: Winter 1973 From the "Letter Found in a Bottle" Details
Gerard-Kornelis van het Reve
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton from The Road to Kandy Details
Robin Skelton
No 132: Fall 2000 from The Shadow Photon Details
David Manicom
No 100: Fall 1992 from The Shambles Details
Mia Anderson
No 136: Fall 2001 from The Startled Heart Details
Eve Joseph
No 150: Spring 2005 from The Waves, An Unmaking Details
Sina Queryas
No 136: Fall 2001 from Then Again Details
Iain Higgins
No 129: Winter 1999 From Venice to Florence;
From Vienna to Venice;

From Berlin to Krakow
Drew Pautz
No 79: Summer 1987 from White City Poems Details
Robert Billings
No 126: Spring 1999 from White Lung Details
Grant Buday
No 86: Spring 1989 from Woman at Mile Zero Details
Linda Rogers
No 64 (1983) From Word From the North and South Details
Hans Carl Artmann
No 35: Fall 1975 Frontispiece Details
William Featherston
No 20: Winter 1971 Frozen Park in Winter;
For My Daughter, Now Seven Years Old
Don Coles
No 33: Spring 1975 Full Issue Details
Journal Editor
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