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Issue Title
No 136: Fall 2001 Between You and Me Details
Jane Woodland
No 84: Fall 1988 Beverley Daurio, If Summer Had a Knife Details
Stephen Scobie
No 39: Fall 1976 Beverley Simons, Crabdance Details
G.V. Downes
No 112: Fall 1995 Beware of Dog Details
Patricia Nolan
No 73: Winter 1985 Bharati Mukherjee, Darkness Details
Constance Rooke
No 86: Spring 1989 Bids Details
David Manicom
No 139: Summer 2002 Big Bend Details
Dan Leone
No 29: Spring 1974 Big Song;

Finding an Arrowhead on an Old Battlefield;

Magic Strings I;

Magic Strings II;

Among Ruins
Li Ho
No 157: Winter 2006 Big Stars, Off Halifax Details
Bill Howell
No 122: Spring 1998 Big Study (1);
Big Study (2)
Calvin Wharton
No 137: Winter 2001 Big Tom, Rough Tom, 2001 Details
Cliff Eyland
No 117: Winter 1996 P.K. Page Special Issue Big Wind;
The Castle;


Request to the Alchemist;



It Is like a Cruise Ship Bursting into Flower;

Funeral Mass;

Hidden Room
P.K. Page
No 59: Fall 1981 Bill Bisset, Selected Poems: Beyond Even Faithful Legends Details
Robin Skelton
No 75: Summer 1986 bill bissett, canada gees mate for life Details
Stephen Scobie
No 26: Summer 1973 bill bissett, nobody owns th earth Details
Derk Wynand
No 31: Fall 1974 bill bissett, pass th food release th spirit book Details
Derk Wynand
No 68 (1984) bill bissett, Seagull on Yonge Street Details
Stephen Scobie
No 88: Fall 1989 Bill Gaston, Deep Cove Stories Details
Michael Kenyon
No 126: Spring 1999 Bill Gaston, Sex Is Red Details
Michael Kenyon
No 90: Spring 1990 Bill Gaston, Tall Lives Details
Michael Kenyon
No 134: Spring 2001 Bill Gaston, The Good Body Details
Lucy Bashford
No 165: Winter 2008 The Green Imagination Bill Gaston, The Order of Good Cheer Details
Norma Lundberg
No 57: Spring 1981 Bill Holm and George Irving Quimby, Edward S. Curtis in the land of the war canoes: A pioneer photographer in the Pacific Northwest Details
Robin Skelton
No 26: Summer 1973 Bill Howell, The Red Fox Details
Derk Wynand
No 134: Spring 2001 Billy Fine Details
Stephen, Jr. Morison
No 120: Fall 1997 Biographer's Widow;
The Noose
A.F. Moritz
No 47: Fall 1978 Biographical Sketch of Rafael Alberti Details
J.P. González-Martín
No 130: Spring 2000 Biographies of Writers: a Partisan View Details
Don Coles
No 152: Fall 2005 Birches Details
Richard Teleky
No 117: Winter 1996 P.K. Page Special Issue Bird Watcher at Dorchester Cape Details
Sandy Shreve
No 77: Winter 1986 Bird Watching;
The Word Belong
Leslie Nutting
No 103: Summer 1993 Bird's Eye Details
Betsy Trumpener
No 106: Spring 1994 Birdsong Details
Harold Rhenisch
No 94: Spring 1991 Birdspeak Details
Meeka Walsh
No 73: Winter 1985 Birth of Sacrifice Details
Cecelia Frey
No 71: Summer 1985 Birthday Details
P.K. Page
No 93: Winter 1990 Birthday Song;
Gary Atlin
No 167: Summer 2009 Bites Details
Randy DeVita
No 10: Summer 1969 B.L. Reid, The Man from New York. John Quinn and His Friends Details
Robin Skelton
No 116: Fall 1996 Black Details
Annabel Lyon
No 142: Spring 2003 Black at the Edges Details
Emily McGiffin
No 26: Summer 1973 Black Star Mandorla for Rumi in an Arctic Night Details
Pat Martin Bates
No 127: Summer 1999 Black Sun, 1994 Details
Shirley Wiitasalo
No 73: Winter 1985 Black Winter Day;
A Miniature Elegy;


Child Walking in Sleep
Joyce Carol Oates
No 149: Winter 2004 Blackberry Wine Details
Russell Thorton
No 19: Fall 1971 Blackbirds;
In the Foothills of the Adirondacks
Greg Kuzma
No 8: Winter 1968 Blackfish Creek Details
Brendan Galvin
No 111: Summer 1995 Blastocyst Details
Judith Pond
No 94: Spring 1991 Blind Journeys Details
Janset Berkok Shami
No 49: Spring 1979 Blindsight Details
Linda Sandler
No 161: Winter 2007 Blindspot Details
Vaia Barkas
No 142: Spring 2003 Blomidon Head;

Without Maps;

Tomb of Clytemnestra;



John Steffler
No 165: Winter 2008 The Green Imagination Blowing Clouds Details
Roo Borson
No 151: Summer 2005 Blue Dahlias Details
Margo Button
No 86: Spring 1989 Blue Herons Details
Anne Pitkin
No 116: Fall 1996 Blue Light Waves, Insomnia, and One Version of Myself at Three;
Uncovering the Blue Heart
Jan Conn
No 122: Spring 1998 Blue, Not Blue;
The Evanescence of Saint Arnolphine
Susan Glickman
No 112: Fall 1995 Blue Nude II, 1993 Details
Sarah Gee
No 14: Summer 1970 Blue Snow;

Disturbed Person;


To Drown in the Mountains
Hagiwara Sakutaro
No 161: Winter 2007 (Blue Sun);
(Blue Sun)
Warren Heiti
No 108: Fall 1994 Blue Tattoo Details
Kate Braid
No 105: Winter 1993 Blue Willow;
Death of the Marlboro Man
Maureen Harris
No 107: Summer 1994 Bluegrass awdl;
Climbing with the wrong person
John Davies
No 61 (1982) Bo Curtis and J.A. Kraulis, Canada from the Air Details
Robin Skelton
No 42: Summer 1977 Bo Lindberg, William Blake's Illustrations to the Book of Job Details
Henry Summerfield
No 61 (1982) Bob Shaw, The Ceres Solution Details
Robin Skelton
No 65 (1983) Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Almost Everything Details
Constance Rooke
No 105: Winter 1993 Bodymapping Details
Darlene Barry Quaife
No 145: Winter 2003 Bonebed: Dinosaur Provincial Park Details
Monty Reid
No 76: Fall 1986 Bones Details
Keath Fraser
No 86: Spring 1989 Bonnie Burnard, Women of Influence Details
Constance Rooke
No 51: Fall 1979 Books in Review Details
Journal Editor
No 52: Winter 1979 Books in Review Details
Journal Editor
No 53: Spring 1980 Books in Review Details
Journal Editor
No 54: Summer 1980 Books in Review Details
Journal Editor
No 55: Fall 1980 Books in Review Details
Journal Editor
No 56: Winter 1980 Books in Review Details
Journal Editor
No 1: Spring 1967 Books Read and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 40: Winter 1976 Books Read and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 46: Summer 1978 Books Read and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 48: Winter 1978 Books Read and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 41: Spring 1977 Books Read and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 42: Summer 1977 Books Read and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 43: Fall 1977 Books Read and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 44: Winter 1977 Books Read and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 49: Spring 1979 Books Read and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 2: Summer 1967 Books Received and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 3: Fall 1967 Books Received and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 4: Winter 1967 Books Received and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 5: Spring 1968 Books Received and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 6: Summer 1968 Books Received and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 7: Fall 1968 Books Received and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 8: Winter 1968 Books Received and Strongly Recommended Details
Journal Editor
No 56: Winter 1980 BOOMERANG: An Interview with Michel Butor and an Extract from The Work Details
Michael Spencer
No 130: Spring 2000 Boozehound Details
Mitchell Parry
No 151: Summer 2005 Border Crossing Details
K. Alexander Cooper
No 53: Spring 1980 Bore-Hunting in Pasadena Details
Lawrence P. Spingarn
No 26: Summer 1973 Bosch Simplified Details
Jak English
No 141: Winter 2002 Bounty Details
Robyn Sarah
No 120: Fall 1997 Bow Tie Details
Eric Miller
No 103: Summer 1993 Bowen Island Details
Mark Cochrane
No 164: Fall 2008 Box;
Ingrid Ruthig
No 118: Spring 1997 Boxes Details
John Allison
No 109: Winter 1994 Boy Details
Elise Levine
No 137: Winter 2001 Boy Lost in Wild Details
Brenda Hasiuk
No 110: Spring 1995 Boy Running Details
Francis Sullivan
No 122: Spring 1998 Boynton Canyon;
Postscript to The Writes of Spring
Melinda Price Wiltshire
No 66 (1983) bp Nichol, The Martyrology, Book 5;
bp Nichol, Continental Trance
Stephen Scobie
No 76: Fall 1986 bpNichol, Zygal: A Book of Mysteries and Translations Details
Stephen Scobie
No 59: Fall 1981 Bradford Morrow and Seamus Cooney, A Bibliography of the Black Sparrow press, 1966-1978 Details
Robin Skelton
No 80: Fall 1987 Bragg and Minna Details
Timothy Findley
No 171: Summer 2010 Brains Details
Tony Tulathimutte
No 53: Spring 1980 Branch Lines Details
Kim Maltman
No 10: Summer 1969 Brazil: Town and Country Details
Zulfikar Ghose
No 77: Winter 1986 Brazilian Chandelier;
If the bird has flown…
P.K. Irwin
No 99: Summer 1992 Bread and Stone Details
Caroline Adderson
No 74: Spring 1986 Breakfast Anytime;
Nobody Gets Over Me;

Susan Musgrave
No 41: Spring 1977 Breaking the Circle Details
Rosemary Sullivan
No 65 (1983) breath ghazal #1:;
breath ghazal #2:;

breath ghazal #4:;

breath ghazal #5:;

breath ghazal #6:;

breath ghazal #10:
Douglas Barbour
No 122: Spring 1998 Breathing Details
Eric Hill
No 115: Summer 1996 Breathing Fire: Canada's New Poets, edited by Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane Details
Allan Brown
No 92: Fall 1990 Brenda Riches, Rites Details
Michael Kenyon
No 163: Summer 2008 Brenda Sees Her Estranged Father;
Jean-Louis Barrault Still Searches the Streets
John Grey
No 125: Winter 1998 Brendan Details
Martin Malone
No 16: Winter 1970 Brendan Kennelly, ed., The Penguin Book of Irish Verse Details
Robin Skelton
No 13: Spring 1970 Brian Aherne, A Proper Job Details
John Peter
No 161: Winter 2007 Brian Bartlett, ed., Don McKay: Essays on His Works Details
Nicholas Bradley
No 141: Winter 2002 Brian Bartlett, The Afterlife of Trees Details
Barbara Colebrook Peace
No 79: Summer 1987 Brian Fawcett, Cambodia, a Book for People Who Find Television Too Slow Details
Clint Burnham
No 64 (1983) Brian Keeble, Yourself the Finder Found: A preface to the Poetry of Edwin Muir Details
Robin Skelton
No 62 (1982) Brian Lalor, Dublin Details
Robin Skelton
No 67 (1984) Brian Moore, Cold Heaven Details
Constance Rooke
No 81: Winter 1987 Brian Moore, The Color of Blood Details
Constance Rooke
No 62 (1982) Brian Patten, The Irrelevant Song;
Brian Patten, Vanishing Trick;

Brian Patten, Notes to the Hurrying Man
Robin Skelton
No 60: Winter 1981 Brian Swann, Elizabeth Details
Robin Skelton
No 60: Winter 1981 Brian Swann, Paradigms of Fire Details
Robin Skelton
No 69 (1984) Briar Patch Details
Linda Spalding
No 142: Spring 2003 Brickwork Details
David O'Meara
No 102: Spring 1993 Bridge Truss Details
Susan Erony
No 35: Fall 1975 Brief Account of the Foreign Displacement, Movements, and Whereabouts of the Seizin Press' Albion Press Details
Anthony Kerrigan
No 112: Fall 1995 Brimming Details
Brian Bartlett
No 62 (1982) Britt Haggarty, Sad Paradise Details
Constance Rooke
No 42: Summer 1977 Brock Details
Peter Russell
No 93: Winter 1990 Bronwen Wallace, People You'd Trust Your Life To Details
Barbara McLean
No 67 (1984) Bronwen Wallace, Signs of the Former Tenant Details
Stephen Scobie
No 42: Summer 1977 Bronze Sculpture Details
Patrick McCarthy
No 42: Summer 1977 Bronze Sculptures Details
Patrick McCarthy
No 80: Fall 1987 Brothers;
Dominion Day Dance;


Nunc Dimittis
Patrick Lane
No 85: Winter 1988 Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines Details
Carol Matthews
No 87: Summer 1989 Bruce Chatwin, Utz Details
Constance Rooke
No 82: Spring 1988 Bruce Edmundson, Two Voices Details
Mark Anthony Jarman
No 72: Fall 1985 Bruce Meyer and Brian O'Riordan, ed., In Their Words: Interviews with Fourteen Canadian Writers Details
Constance Rooke
No 151: Summer 2005 Bruce Rice, The Illustrated Statue of Liberty Details
Tanis MacDonald
No 145: Winter 2003 Brussels Zoo;
Girl with a Pearl by Vermeer at the Zoo;

Stephanie Bolster
No 142: Spring 2003 Bubble, 2003 Details
Yael Brotman
No 118: Spring 1997 Bucket;

Into Dark;

Painting, Untitled
John D. Kennedy
No 166: Spring 2009 Buenos Aires Danzón;
Baroque Self-Portrait;

River Plate in the Rain
Alfonsina Storni
No 77: Winter 1986 Bugdancing Details
John Newlove
No 105: Winter 1993 Building Consensus;
When We First Felt Our Minds
Dale Zieroth
No 128: Fall 1999 Burial of a Signature Details
Marjorie Power
No 148: Fall 2004 Burlap Coat with a Red Velvet Lining Details
Ruth Roach Pierson
No 44: Winter 1977 Burning the Books Details
Radcliffe Squires
No 168: Fall 2009 Busts Details
Stephanie Yorke
No 19: Fall 1971 Butchery Details
Sandra McPherson
No 13: Spring 1970 Buy Something Details
Norman Nathan
No 166: Spring 2009 Buyers’ Market Details
Peter Gilmour
No 125: Winter 1998 Buying a Horse Details
M. Arnott
No 73: Winter 1985 Buzzing in A Details
Michael Kenyon
No 159: Summer 2007 B.W. Powe, The Unsaid Passing Details
Eric Miller
No 57: Spring 1981 By La Push Details
Marc Hudson
No 146: Spring 2004 By way of e e cummings #85 "but if a look should april me" Details
David Elias
No 34: Summer 1975 Byron and Company;
Klaus Rifjberg
No 113: Winter 1995 Cab Driver Details
Bob Strandquist
No 161: Winter 2007 Cactus Love;
Windsurfing Fathers
Jeff Latosik
No 16: Winter 1970 Cadence Details
Henry Slegtenhorst
No 69 (1984) Cain of the Sad Countenance Details
Chris Bongie
No 58: Summer 1981 Cakes, Piles and Pianos Details
Kathy LeCorre
No 128: Fall 1999 Calendar Details
Bridget Wayland
No 52: Winter 1979 California Christmas;
Loops II;

The Garden of Technology
Gene Frumkin
No 102: Spring 1993 California Quail;
Concetta's Essay on Poetry
Diane Raptosh
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship Call and Response Details
Melissa Jacques
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton Call Signs by Robin for Malahat I Review, 2007 Abstract
Carol Sabiston
No 140: Fall 2002 Calling Card;
Toni Mirosevich
No 98: Spring 1992 Calling on Annie at Holly Hill;
Catherine Byron
No 69 (1984) Calling Texas Details
Bert Almon
No 59: Fall 1981 Calvert Casey AND Notes on a Reading of "Piazza Margana" Details
R.M. Nadal
No 15: Fall 1970 Camano Island Details
Rolfe Humphries
No 136: Fall 2001 Camilla Details
Simon Korner
No 112: Fall 1995 Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby? Details
Elyse Gasco
No 85: Winter 1988 Canadian Fiction Magazine: Native Issue Number 60, 1987 Details
Lucy Bashford
No 45: Spring 1978 Canadian Passport;
Frederick Candelaria
No 135: Summer 2001 Canadian Sleep Details
Kathleen McCracken
No 20: Winter 1971 Candles Details
Lucio Piccolo
No 8: Winter 1968 Canticle for Electronic Music 2;
The Boxer;

Set-Netting on a Storm Tide
J. Michael Yates
No 154: Spring 2006 Cape Norman;

The Role of Calcium in Evolution;

Warm Shallow Sea;

Book Rock;

Barren Willow;

Notes on Burnt Cape
John Steffler
No 161: Winter 2007 Capri Details
Scott Randall
No 146: Spring 2004 Caprice for Violin Details
Mike Smith
No 98: Spring 1992 Car Details
Semi Chellas
No 79: Summer 1987 Car to California Details
Justin Lewis
No 85: Winter 1988 Caravan Details
Martin Waxman
No 13: Spring 1970 Care and Cure Details
William Fifield
No 119: Summer 1997 Caretaker;
Ed Leeflang
No 80: Fall 1987 Carl's Exhibition Details
Marcia L. Hurlow
No 140: Fall 2002 Carla Funk, Head Full of Sun Details
Sara Cassidy
No 28: Winter 1973 Carlos Mensa, Pararealist Details
Robin Skelton
No 125: Winter 1998 Carmen Rodríguez, and a body to remember with Details
Lucy Bashford
No 126: Spring 1999 Carmine Starnino, The New World;
Shannon Stewart, The Canadian Girl
Marlene Cookshaw
No 64 (1983) Carol Clemeau, The Ariadne Clue Details
Robin Skelton
No 161: Winter 2007 Carol Malyon, Cathedral Women Details
Carol Matthews
No 64 (1983) Carol Shields, A Fairly Conventional Woman Details
Constance Rooke
No 59: Fall 1981 Carol Shields, Happenstance Details
Robin Skelton
No 72: Fall 1985 Carol Shields, Various Miracles Details
Constance Rooke
No 57: Spring 1981 Carol Tinker, The Pillow Book of Carol Tinker Details
Robin Skelton
No 124: Fall 1998 Carole Corbeil, In the Wings Details
Barbara Lambert
No 122: Spring 1998 Carole Glasser Langille, In Cannon Cave Details
Barbara Colebrook Peace
No 145: Winter 2003 Caroline Adderson, Sitting Practice Details
Mike Matthews
No 90: Spring 1990 Caroline Bayard, The New Poetics in Canada and Quebec: From Concretism to Post-Modernism Details
Stephen Scobie
No 92: Fall 1990 Caroline Woodward, Disturbing the Peace Details
Lucy Bashford
No 62 (1982) Carolyn Smart, Swimmer in Oblivion Details
Robin Skelton
No 64 (1983) Carolyn Stoloff, Swiftly Now Details
Robin Skelton
No 107: Summer 1994 Carracci's Self-Portrait;
The Prey
Philip Hodgins
No 136: Fall 2001 Carrying Ash Details
Eric Paul Shaffer
No 64 (1983) Cary nelson, Our Last First Poets Details
Robin Skelton
No 113: Winter 1995 Caserta, Italy--1945 Details
Carmine Starnino
No 49: Spring 1979 Casida del Sediento;
Cancion Primera;

Cancion Ultima
Miguel Hernandez
No 80: Fall 1987 Cat, French Class, Grocery List, etc.;
The Pacific
Lorna Crozier
No 115: Summer 1996 Cat Got My Tongue Details
Julie Paul
No 65 (1983) Catchpenny Poems Details
David Helwig
No 64 (1983) Catherine Caufield, The Emperor of the United States of America and Other Magnificent British Eccentrics Details
Robin Skelton
No 74: Spring 1986 Catherine Chopping Wood Details
Elaine Baird
No 161: Winter 2007 Catherine Owen, Shall: ghazals Details
Claire Foster
No 146: Spring 2004 Catherine Owen, The Wrecks of Eden Details
Anita Lahey
No 67 (1984) Cathy Ford, By Violent Means;
Carolyn Zonailo, A Portrait of Paradise
Stephen Scobie
No 62 (1982) Cathy Ford, The Womb Rattles Its Pod Details
Robin Skelton
No 45: Spring 1978 Cats are Clouds with Teeth;
It Rained on Sunday
Catherine Robinson
No 59: Fall 1981 Cauchemar Details
John V. Hicks
No 45: Spring 1978 Cayman at Hollows Marsh;
Message from Morpheus;

Pigeon on East Pender Street;

Sestina for Superior
Diana Hayes
No 84: Fall 1988 Cecelia Frey, The Nefertiti Look Details
Michael Kenyon
No 64 (1983) Cecilia Liang, Chinese Folk Poetry Details
Robin Skelton
No 12: Winter 1969 Celebration for a Drowned Man Details
Richard R. O'Keefe
No 32: Winter 1974 Censored;
To Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Yannis Goumas
No 60: Winter 1981 Centennial Year for the Spirits Details
Sister Goodwin
No 130: Spring 2000 Century Baby, 1904 Details
Elisabeth Harvor
No 148: Fall 2004 cereus cactus, allan gardens Details
Warren Heiti
No 99: Summer 1992 Cervine Details
Dayv James-French
No 53: Spring 1980 Cesare Peverelli's "Salome" Details
F.C. St. Aubyn
No 63 (1982) C.H. Kwock and Vincent McHugh, Old Friend From Far Away: 150 Chinese Poems From the Great Dynasties Details
Robin Skelton
No 62 (1982) C.H. Sisson, English Poetry 1900-1950: An Assessment Details
Robin Skelton
No 84: Fall 1988 Chagall after Breakfast;
While a Friend of Danish Ancestry Studies the Old Testament
Marjorie Power
No 81: Winter 1987 Chagall's Three Angels: Three Repaintings;
Coming and Going
Carolyn Reynolds Miller
No 54: Summer 1980 Chamber Music Details
John Ditsky
No 34: Summer 1975 Chameleons;
An Unfinished Poem begun on 25 March 1971;

Invitation to a Reading of my Poems;

March 16 1971;

I Die
Syed Shamsul Haq
No 30: Summer 1974 Change of Plans;
Death of a Friend;

Winter Love Poem
Deborah Tall
No 47: Fall 1978 Chapter III of "The Lost Grove" ("La Arboleda Perdida") Details
Rafael Alberti
No 128: Fall 1999 Chargé I, 1997 Details
Arnaud Maggs
No 20: Winter 1971 Charge of the Light Brigade Details
Ralph Gustafson
No 89: Winter 1989 Charles Bukowski, Hollywood Details
Mark Anthony Jarman
No 137: Winter 2001 Charles Foran, House on Fire Details
Steve Noyes
No 58: Summer 1981 Charles Francisco, You Must Remember This…The Filming of Casablanca Details
Robin Skelton
No 69 (1984) Charles Lillard, A Coastal Range;
J. Michael Yates, Insel: The Queen Charlotte Islands Meditations
Stephen Scobie
No 169: Winter 2009 Charles Mingus: An Autobiography Details
George Elliott Clarke
No 58: Summer 1981 Charles O. Hartman, Free Verse, An Essay on Prosody Details
Robin Skelton
No 62 (1982) Charles Olson and Robert Creeley, The Complete Correspondence. Vol. 3 Details
Robin Skelton
No 66 (1983) Charles Olson, The Maximus Poems Details
Stephen Scobie
No 12: Winter 1969 Charles Portis, True Grit Details
John Peter
No 61 (1982) Charles Tomlinson, The Flood Details
Robin Skelton
No 64 (1983) Charlotte Details
George Payerle
No 59: Fall 1981 Charting Inner Space Details
Mary Di Michele
No 125: Winter 1998 Chasing the Pear;
When I bend at the waist
Susan Gillis
No 142: Spring 2003 Che'bar Details
Robert Nazarene
No 141: Winter 2002 Chemistry: 2 Details
Susan Elmslie
No 146: Spring 2004 Chepo, Panama;
Small Ceremonies
Rhea Tregebov
No 64 (1983) Cheryl Samuel, The Chilkat Dancing Blanket Details
Robin Skelton
No 121: Winter 1997 Chez Giovanni Details
Russell Smith
No 106: Spring 1994 Chicken Boy Details
John Barton
No 109: Winter 1994 Child of the Times;
A Conversation of Blackbirds
Sue Wheeler
No 109: Winter 1994 Childhood: Summer Night;
Notes on a Lost Poem, 1993;

Like Any Lost Thing
Elisabeth Harvor
No 156: Fall 2006 Children in a field Details
Melanie Jasmine Grant
No 131: Summer 2000 China Evening, 1999 Details
Diane Whitehouse
No 53: Spring 1980 chinese screen 3;
chinese screen 5;

chinese screen 6;

chinese screen 7;

chinese screen 8
Norman Nathan
No 119: Summer 1997 Chinese;
In the Sudden Lights
James Warner
No 89: Winter 1989 Choker Details
Meeka Walsh
No 72: Fall 1985 Choosing a Plum-Branch;

In the Mountains
Graeme Wilson
No 149: Winter 2004 Chris Banks, Bonfires Details
Jay Ruzesky
No 64 (1983) Chris Scott, Antichthon Details
Robin Skelton
No 30: Summer 1974 Christ the Conqueror Details
Thetis Blacker
No 130: Spring 2000 Christian Petersen, Let the Day Perish Details
Lorna Jackson
No 74: Spring 1986 Christina/Philippe Details
Per Brask
No 22: Summer 1972 Christine Brooke-Rose, A ZBC of Ezra Pound Details
Dennis Brown
No 65 (1983) Christine Froula, A Guide to Ezra Pound's Selected Poems Details
Stephen Scobie
No 17: Spring 1971 Christine Longford, Making Conversation Details
John Peter
No 45: Spring 1978 Christmas Card for 1962 Details
Margaret Peterson
No 32: Winter 1974 Christmas in Africa Details
Jeni Couzyn
No 72: Fall 1985 Christmas in Cienfuegos;
And When I've Had It Up To Here
Rennie McQuilkin
No 48: Winter 1978 Christmas Past Details
Michael Brian Oliver
No 108: Fall 1994 Christmas Song Details
Margaret Gabriel
No 66 (1983) Christopher Dewdney's Writing: Beyond Science and Madness Details
Stan Dragland
No 165: Winter 2008 The Green Imagination Christopher Patton, Ox Details
Theresa Kishkan
No 64 (1983) Christopher Simon Sykes, Black Sheep Details
Robin Skelton
No 155: Summer 2006 Christopher Wiseman, In John Updike's Room: New and Selected Poems Details
Christopher Levenson
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