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Issue Title
No 171: Summer 2010 Always Details
Jessica Kluthe
No 64 (1983) A.M. Klein, Beyond Sambation: Selected Essays and Editorials, 1928-1955 Details
Robin Skelton
No 155: Summer 2006 Amanda Lamarche, The Clichéist Details
Heather Jessup
No 172: Fall 2010 Amazon;
Friar Biard in the Land of Dawson

Friar Massé upon the Well of Youth;

Friar Massé upon Québec
Asa Boxer
No 45: Spring 1978 Amethyst—Against Drunkenness;
A Bearded Man, In Profile;

Birth Place;

Joan Rodgers
No 67 (1984) Amiri and Amina Baraka, Confirmation Details
Christine St. Peter
No 100: Fall 1992 Among the Yellow Lilies; Raking the Moon; Another Tangerine; A Treeless Country; The Gift Details
Patricia Young
No 152: Fall 2005 Amores I v Details
Publius Ovidius Naso
No 104: Fall 1993 Ampersand Details
John Reibetanz
No 145: Winter 2003 Amsterdam;
Owl Pellet
Tim Bowling
No 72: Fall 1985 Amy Hempel, Reasons to Live Details
Constance Rooke
No 139: Summer 2002 An ABC of Belly Work Details
Peter Richardson
No 119: Summer 1997 An Account of How I Stole Our Monastery's Relics Details
Marnnie Blair
No 24: Winter 1972 An admirer's bookplate of Nietzsche in the possession of the Goethe and Schiller Archive in Weimar Details
No 1: Spring 1967 An Afternoon in the Orchard;
I am Quite Liberal Everybody;

David Summers
No 41: Spring 1977 An Album of Photographs Details
Margaret Atwood
No 69 (1984) An Alphabet: Details
Douglas Barbour
No 74: Spring 1986 An Angel Details
Margaret Atwood
No 6: Summer 1968 An Apology Details
Journal Editor
No 55: Fall 1980 An Apprehension Details
John Pass
No 15: Fall 1970 An Approach to Landscape: Eight Paintings by Michael Seward Snow Details
Robin Skelton
No 83: Summer 1998 An Armchair (Reader's) Companion to Club Cars and Ladies Crossing Canada by Train or Will the Real Picara Please Leave Town (Please Haul Ass) Details
Aritha van Herk
No 85: Winter 1988 An Early Day Details
Judith Pond
No 36: Winter 1975 An Early Version of The Speckled Bird, a Novel, Edited by William H. O'Donnell Details
W.B. Yeats
No 115: Summer 1996 an edge for every purpose: butcher saw;
Sylvia Legris
No 26: Summer 1973 An Enormous Anguish Details
Yves Prefontaine
No 95: Summer 1991 An Epistle in Verse to Robert Melançon Details
George Johnston
No 9: Spring 1969 An Exchange of Letters Details
Edward Dahlberg
No 30: Summer 1974 An Exhibit of Picasso Details
Sandra McPherson
No 109: Winter 1994 An Incident from the War of 1812 Details
Eric Miller
No 17: Spring 1971 An Interview with Anthony Burgess Details
Thomas Churchill
No 51: Fall 1979 An Interview With Lawrence Durrell on the Background to Monsieur and its Sequels Details
James P. Carley
No 77: Winter 1986 An Interview with Leonard Cohen Details
Robert Sward
No 16: Winter 1970 An Interview with Patrick Boyle Details
Jack Matthews
No 58: Summer 1981 An Interview with Timothy Findley Details
Alison Summers
No 164: Fall 2008 An Introduction to Chaucer Details
Steve Noyes
No 25: Spring 1973 An Irish History: the Shape of the Sword Details
Jorge Luis Borges
No 125: Winter 1998 An Old Man, Waiting Details
John Newlove
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton An Outsider’s Perfect Academy Details
Harold Rhenisch
No 41: Spring 1977 An Unburnished One-Tenth of One Per Cent of An Event Details
Al Purdy
No 125: Winter 1998 An Unsettling History Class Details
Aladar Laszloffy
No 107: Summer 1994 An Uproar Details
Sanskritirani Desai
No 163: Summer 2008 Anatomy for the artist;
The starting point of any description of human anatomy
Jessica Hiemstra-Van der Horst
No 151: Summer 2005 Ancestor;
Mike White
No 28: Winter 1973 And And Details
Zoltán Zelk
No 44: Winter 1977 And I Didn't Even Get My Dime Back Details
Robert D. Hoeft
No 136: Fall 2001 And If She Moved like Jazz Trumpets Details
M.E. Mutch
No 153: Winter 2005 And Me;
Song From Baby
April Bulmer
No 74: Spring 1986 And of Song, Its Terrible Order;
The Rose;

Patrick Lane
No 168: Fall 2009 And the Loons to Haunt and Dive;
Something Other
Allison Blythe
No 122: Spring 1998 And This Is Why I Woke You Up;
The Hanged Man
Joy Hewitt Mann
No 70: Spring 1985 Andre G. Bourassa, Surrealism and Quebec Literature: History of a Cultural Revolution, translated from the French by Mark Czarnecki Details
Neil B. Bishop
No 25: Spring 1973 Andrew Marvell, "The Rehearsal Transpros'd" and "The Rehearsal Transpros'd; the Second Part" Details
Thomas R. Cleary
No 59: Fall 1981 Andrew Motion, The Poetry of Edward Thomas Details
Robin Skelton
No 120: Fall 1997 Andrew Pyper, Kiss Me;
Rachel Wyatt, The Day Marlene Dietrich Died
Lorna Jackson
No 60: Winter 1981 Andrew Suknaski, In the Name of Narid Details
Robin Skelton
No 67 (1984) Andrew Suknaski, Montage for an Interstellar Cry Details
Stephen Scobie
No 75: Summer 1986 Andrew Suknaski, Silk Trail Details
Stephen Scobie
No 57: Spring 1981 Andrew Wheatcroft, The Tennyson Album Details
Robin Skelton
No 62 (1982) Andrew Wreggitt, Riding to Nicola Country Details
Robin Skelton
No 89: Winter 1989 Angel of Quandaries;
The No Poem
Veronica Patterson
No 39: Fall 1976 Angel's Back;

Poet at Thirty
Jean Cocteau
No 71: Summer 1985 Angel;

A strange bird, the angel;

The cherub is a bolder creature;

The heads of the seraphim;

If you try to photograph an angel;

An angel looks like this:;

Sugar Boy BOY
Gail Harris
No 85: Winter 1988 Angela Bowering, Figures Cut in Sacred Ground: Illuminati in the Double Hook;
Philip Kokotailo, John Glassco's Richer World: Memoirs of Montparnasse
Stephen Scobie
No 122: Spring 1998 Angels Kill Hummingbirds Details
Bill Gaston
No 96: Fall 1991 Angels;

April Bulmer
No 1: Spring 1967 Anglo-Afro-Asian Details
William Plomer
No 169: Winter 2009 Anik See, Postcard and Other Stories Details
Alisa Gordaneer
No 41: Spring 1977 Anima: A Pictographic Sextain for Margaret Atwood Details
Robin Skelton
No 126: Spring 1999 Animals with Problems;
Lyle Neff
No 74: Spring 1986 Anita Brookner, Hotel du Lac Details
Jennifer Waelti-Walters
No 21: Spring 1972 Ann Saddlemyer, ed., Letters to Molly. John Millington Synge to Maire O'Neill, 1906-1909 Details
Robin Skelton
No 84: Fall 1988 Ann York, Agapanthus Details
Stephen Scobie
No 65 (1983) Anna Akhmatova, Poems Details
Robin Skelton
No 168: Fall 2009 Anna Marie Sewell, Fifth World Drum Details
Cara-Lyn Morgan
No 63 (1982) Anne Cameron, Daughters of Copper Woman Details
Constance Rooke
No 66 (1983) Anne Cameron, Earth Witch Details
Stephen Scobie
No 134: Spring 2001 Anne Carson, The Beauty of the Husband Details
Eric Miller
No 141: Winter 2002 Anne Compton, Opening the Island Details
Mitchell Parry
No 68 (1984) Anne, doing Tai Chi in the Campground on Pender Island Details
Rhona McAdam
No 126: Spring 1999 Anne Fleming, Pool-Hopping and Other Stories Details
Joan Givner
No 59: Fall 1981 Anne Marriott, The Circular Coast: Poems New and Selected Details
Robin Skelton
No 96: Fall 1991 Anne Michaels, Miner's Pond Details
Jay Ruzesky
No 75: Summer 1986 Anne Michaels, The Weight of Oranges Details
Stephen Scobie
No 62 (1982) Anne Olivier Bell, The Diary of Virginia Woolf, Volume IV Details
Robin Skelton
No 164: Fall 2008 Anne Simpson, Falling Details
Linda Rogers
No 147: Summer 2004 Anne Simpson, Loop Details
Shane Neilson
No 169: Winter 2009 Anne Simpson, The Marram Grass, Poetry & Otherness Details
Anita Lahey
No 59: Fall 1981 Anne Szumigalski, A Game of Angels Details
Robin Skelton
No 109: Winter 1994 Annie Edson Taylor;
Her Own Breath
Elizabeth Ukrainetz
No 77: Winter 1986 Anon., ed., No Feather, No Ink Details
Wolfgang Klooss
No 125: Winter 1998 Another Hill Details
Alexandra Thurman
No 75: Summer 1986 Another Life;
January 28;

Quantum Return
Toni Sammons
No 18: Summer 1971 Another Sickness;
The Invasion;

Dorothy Livesay
No 19: Fall 1971 Another Smolder of Color;
Is It You God?;

Once Before Sunrise;

The Secret Chalice
Reg Saner
No 101: Winter 1992 Another System;
The Mugging;

Self-Portrait at Fourteen;

Whistler: Arrangements in Blue and Gold
Rennie McQuilkin
No 37: Spring 1976 Answer to a Vexed Question Details
Gerald Bisinger
No 21: Spring 1972 Answer to Procopius Details
David Solway
No 168: Fall 2009 Anthem for a Small Country Details
Anne-Marie Turza
No 57: Spring 1981 Anthony Alpers, The Life of Katherine Mansfield Details
Robin Skelton
No 12: Winter 1969 Anthony Kerrigan, At the Front Door of the Atlantic Details
No 60: Winter 1981 Anthony Rudolf, After the Dream: Poems 1964-1979 Details
Robin Skelton
No 63 (1982) Anthony S.G. Edwards, Skelton: The Critical Heritage Details
Robin Skelton
No 172: Fall 2010 Antithalamion Details
Timothy Liu
No 68 (1984) Anton Chekhov, The Darling and Other Stories;
Anton Chekhov, The Duel and Other Stories
Constance Rooke
No 152: Fall 2005 Any Way, Shape or Form Details
Sadiqa De Meijer
No 80: Fall 1987 Anyone could Details
Michael Pfeifer
No 67 (1984) Anyone Skating on that Middle Ground Details
Robyn Sarah
No 161: Winter 2007 Apeirophobia (fear of infinity) Details
Matthew Tierney
No 111: Summer 1995 Aperture Details
Esta Spalding
No 52: Winter 1979 Aphrodite Rising;

Because I Deeply Praised;

Angelos Sikelianos
No 122: Spring 1998 Apnea Details
Melanie Little
No 24: Winter 1972 Apollo on Dionysus Details
Roy Fuller
No 64 (1983) Apologie;
Alone, Late, Reading a Good Friend's Poems;

Second Growth;

In Time;

After Ou-Yang Hsiu
Sam Hamill
No 132: Fall 2000 Apples Details
Judith Pond
No 63 (1982) Approaching a Birthday Details
Barbara Sweeney
No 112: Fall 1995 April's Fools;
Plateau Mont Royal: A Few Particulars, 8th of August;

Robyn Sarah
No 58: Summer 1981 Arab Car;
Under New Management;

Terrance Cox
No 146: Spring 2004 Arcadia Details
Susanne Kort
No 93: Winter 1990 Archaeology Details
Mary Swan
No 126: Spring 1999 Architecture Details
Gabriele Guenther
No 106: Spring 1994 Architecture;

Shannon Stewart
No 131: Summer 2000 Archives Details
John Steffler
No 36: Winter 1975 Are You Rattling Around in That Big House?;

Nancy Sully
No 62 (1982) Aria for Tenor;
The Check Room;

Meditation in the Orchard;

Stimulated & Dissimulated;

Judas' Oration;

Elements of an Urban Landscape
Giovanni Raboni
No 135: Summer 2001 Aripuana;
King of the Amazon;

The Curious Waistcoat of the Armadillo
Jan Conn
No 76: Fall 1986 Aritha Van Herk, No Fixed Address Details
Constance Rooke
No 63 (1982) Arland Ussher, The Juggler Details
Robin Skelton
No 93: Winter 1990 Arnold Itwaru, Shanti Details
Constance Rooke
No 26: Summer 1973 Arnold's "The Youth of Nature" and "The Youth of Man": Two Major Oracles on Life and Death with Mother Details
George Forbes
No 163: Summer 2008 Arriving Early;
David O’Meara
No 27: Fall 1973 Ars Longa Details
Hilde Domin
No 51: Fall 1979 Ars Poetica Details
Timothy Brownlow
No 18: Summer 1971 Art Buchwald, Counting Sheep Details
John Peter
No 73: Winter 1985 Art in the Morning Details
Libby Scheier
No 63 (1982) Art on Display Details
Marion Beck
No 20: Winter 1971 Art School Details
John V. Hicks
No 16: Winter 1970 Arthur Bliss, As I Remember Details
John Peter
No 60: Winter 1981 Arthur J. Knodel, St.-John Perse Letters Details
Robin Skelton
No 99: Summer 1992 Artificial Intelligence Details
John Barton
No 17: Spring 1971 Artorius: the Concluding Section Details
John Heath-Stubbs
No 80: Fall 1987 A.S. Byatt, Still Life Details
Carol Matthews
No 54: Summer 1980 As in the Beginning Details
Mari Di Michele
No 17: Spring 1971 As We Roved Out;


Seamus Heaney
No 55: Fall 1980 Ascent;
An Unknown God;

Hope Gone Dead
Carlo Biadene
No 141: Winter 2002 Ash Wednesday at the Millennium Details
Jeanne Emmons
No 162: Spring 2008 Aslant Details
Anne Simpson
No 152: Fall 2005 Asleep;
Into the Open;

Winter Morning
Sue Sinclair
No 123: Summer 1998 Asphalt Storm, 1997 Details
Matthias Leutrum
No 45: Spring 1978 Astronomical Bearing;
Animus, Anima;

Five-finger Exercises;


"L'Habitant de mes Pensees";

Words for a High Dark Trail
Gwladys Downes
No 134: Spring 2001 At 55mph Details
Ryan G. Van Cleave
No 104: Fall 1993 At 7AM the River;
The Darker Blue Inside;

Letter to My Mother on the Anniversary of Her Suicide
Jan Conn
No 105: Winter 1993 At a nameless bend in the river Details
Colin Morton
No 64 (1983) At Bamboo Lodge;
These Hills in Summer;

Taking leave of a Friend;

Questions and Answers;

A Soldier's Song;

Mourning a Vintner
Sam Hamill
No 69 (1984) at Booth's grave Details
Kathryn MacLeod
No 15: Fall 1970 At Boris Mirsky's Art Gallery Details
William Whitman
No 109: Winter 1994 At Catwalk Level Details
Ron Charach
No 140: Fall 2002 At eighteen months;
Sleep Poem
Desmond Graham
No 51: Fall 1979 At Filey Brig;
Nocturne for Jean
Christopher Wiseman
No 75: Summer 1986 At Home in a Paradise of Objects Details
Jon Davis
No 140: Fall 2002 At Lac Nantel Details
George Ellenbogen
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton At Leeds University Details
James Kirkup
No 56: Winter 1980 At One in the Morning Details
Charles Noble
No 44: Winter 1977 At Scorhill Details
Martin Booth
No 153: Winter 2005 At the Akira Kurosawa Film Festival Details
Heather Jessup
No 90: Spring 1990 At the Blue Door Details
Marion Jenkins
No 80: Fall 1987 At the Breaking of Drought;
Sky Humour
Sid Marty
No 59: Fall 1981 At the Empress Hotel Details
Matt Cohen
No 122: Spring 1998 At the End of This Morning Details
Bibiana Tomasic Kaulfuss
No 43: Fall 1977 At the Forge

'Who Will Take Me In His Hands?'
Ondra Lysohorsky
No 171: Summer 2010 At The Gravel Pit/ Without a Word;
Night of the Merry-Go-Round
Mary Di Michele
No 87: Summer 1989 At the Horse Pavilion;
Four O'Clock, New Year's Morning, New River Beach
Elisabeth Harvor
No 14: Summer 1970 At the Lake Details
Olivia Davis
No 99: Summer 1992 At the Picnic Table Details
Peter Richardson
No 110: Spring 1995 At the Pool Details
Miranda Pearson
No 129: Winter 1999 Ate Want;
The Scientific Method
Liz Waldner
No 1: Spring 1967 Atom Piece, 1964 Details
Henry Moore
No 55: Fall 1980 Atrani Details
Pasquale Verdicchio
No 130: Spring 2000 Attempt at the Past Details
Adrienne Ho
No 55: Fall 1980 Attrani Details
Pasquale Verdicchio
No 41: Spring 1977 Atwood Gothic Details
Eli Mandel
No 41: Spring 1977 Atwood Under and Above Water Details
Tom Marshall
No 41: Spring 1977 Atwood: A Miniature Details
George Jonas
No 77: Winter 1986 Au Musée Rodin Details
Heather Spears
No 163: Summer 2008 Aubade Details
Susan Barber
No 159: Summer 2007 Auden’s House; Appetite Details
Helen Humphreys
No 153: Winter 2005 Audrey Hepburn's Right Hand;
To Keep Jimmy Stewart
Jason Guriel
No 36: Winter 1975 Audrey Thomas, Blown Figures Details
Linda Sandler
No 71: Summer 1985 Audrey Thomas, Intertidal Life Details
Constance Rooke
No 62 (1982) Audrey Thomas, Real Mothers Details
Constance Rooke
No 129: Winter 1999 Audrey's Body Care Details
Elizabeth Moret Ross
No 130: Spring 2000 Augur, 1996 Details
Colette Urban
No 71: Summer 1985 August 15 Details
Gary Gildner
No 110: Spring 1995 August Fast;
Mohammed's Coat
Cellan Jay
No 172: Fall 2010 August Peonies Details
George Amabile
No 113: Winter 1995 August Waskesiu Details
Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen
No 50: Summer 1979 Aunt Di, A Tale of the Twenties Details
Gwladys Downes
No 154: Spring 2006 Austin Clarke, Growing Up Stupid Under the Union Jack Details
Eric Miller
No 13: Spring 1970 Austin Clarke, The Celtic Twilight and the Nineties Details
Robin Skelton
No 117: Winter 1996 P.K. Page Special Issue Australian Journal Details
P.K. Page
No 121: Winter 1997 Autobiography of a Marriage Details
Norma E. Depledge
No 139: Summer 2002 Autumn Fires Details
Tom Wayman
No 138: Spring 2002 Autumn Pantoum Details
Sandy Shreve
No 29: Spring 1974 Autumn Thoughts (7);
Poem Dedicated to My Friend Hou Hsi;

Poem on Losing One's Teeth;

5 Poems for the Pond in a Bowl;

Under the Influence of Spring (2)
Han Yu
No 115: Summer 1996 Autumn's Gate Details
Tom Wayman
No 64 (1983) Aviva Layton, Nobody's Daughter Details
Constance Rooke
No 20: Winter 1971 Avrom Fleishman, The English Historical Novel: Walter Scott to Virginia Woolf Details
Herbert Smith
No 57: Spring 1981 A.W. Reed (Ed.), Early Paintings of the Maori, Illustrated and Described by George French Agas Details
Robin Skelton
No 157: Winter 2006 Awake Details
Claire Battershill
No 145: Winter 2003 Awake Details
Marlene Grand Maitre
No 127: Summer 1999 Awake Details
Annabel Lyon
No 26: Summer 1973 Awakening Details
Marilyn Bowering
No 3: Fall 1967 Babes in the Woods: A Romance Details
Barbara Jump
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship Bach’s Suite for Solo Cello in D Minor Details
Lorna Crozier
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton Backyard Pastoral Details
James Gurley
No 153: Winter 2005 backyard rink;
puck triptych
Matt Robinson
No 165: Winter 2008 The Green Imagination Bad Day Details
Joel Yanofsky
No 147: Summer 2004 Bad Guys;

Love Life;

Guardian Angels
Barry Dempster
No 101: Winter 1992 Bad Thoughts, Mixed Messages Details
A.K. Ulku
No 115: Summer 1996 Bad Vision;
A Report of the Truth of the Storm at Barracks Road Shopping Centre
Eric Miller
No 21: Spring 1972 Bajrang the Great Indian Bustard Details
Vilas Sarang
No 124: Fall 1998 Baker;
Theodore Kiesselbach
No 87: Summer 1989 Bakersfield, CA, and How I Got There Details
Sharon Pywell
No 87: Summer 1989 Bald Head Island Details
Linda L. Fox
No 153: Winter 2005 Ballad of the Road Details
Tom Wayman
No 146: Spring 2004 Balloons Details
A. Jane Hamilton
No 125: Winter 1998 Banana Flower;
This Hellespont
Benjamin Scott Grossberg
No 120: Fall 1997 Banish Fear and Despair;
With Sharon;

Jane Southwell Munro
No 145: Winter 2003 Bank Beaver;
An Economics of Happiness
John Donlan
No 49: Spring 1979 Bar Fishing Details
Allan G. Brown
No 168: Fall 2009 Bar Girls (II), 1990? Abstract
Luis Merino
No 138: Spring 2002 Barb Howard, Whipstock Details
Lucy Bashford
No 111: Summer 1995 Barbara Carey, The Ground of Events Details
Marlene Cookshaw
No 92: Fall 1990 Barbara Carey, the year in pictures Details
Marlene Cookshaw
No 156: Fall 2006 Barbara Caruso, A Painter's Journey, 1966-1973 Details
Tusa Shea
No 167: Summer 2009 Barbara Colebrook Peace, Duet for Wings and Earth Details
Amy Reiswig
No 137: Winter 2001 Barbara Colebrook Peace, Kyrie;
Sue Sinclair, Secrets of Weather & Hope;

Sue Stenson, Could Love a Man
Hannah Main-Van der Kamp
No 25: Spring 1973 Barbara Deming, Wash Us and Comb Us Details
Constance Rooke
No 58: Summer 1981 Barbara DiBernard, Alchemy and Finnegans Wake Details
Robin Skelton
No 166: Spring 2009 Barbara Klar, Cypress Details
Melanie Siebert
No 134: Spring 2001 Barbara Lambert, A Message for Mr Lazarus Details
Tom Howell
No 167: Summer 2009 Barbara Romanik, 10 Things to Ask Yourself in Warsaw and Other Stories;
Harold Hoefle, The Mountain Clinic
Candace Fertile
No 58: Summer 1981 Barbara Strachey, Remarkable Relations Details
Robin Skelton
No 41: Spring 1977 Barnyard and Garden Sonnet Details
Tom Marshall
No 129: Winter 1999 Barnyard Billy Licks the Grass Details
Chris Fink
No 153: Winter 2005 Barometric;

Erling Friis-Basstad
No 126: Spring 1999 Barophobia;
The Soccer Moms--1996
David Starkey
No 63 (1982) Barriss Mills, The Eclogues of Vergil Details
Robin Skelton
No 63 (1982) Barry Callaghan, The Black Queen Stories Details
Constance Rooke
No 148: Fall 2004 Barry Dempster, The Words Wanting Out: Poems Selected and New Details
Anna Adamek
No 105: Winter 1993 Bartók's Roumanian Dances;
Open Strings;

Adagio, K. 219;

Brahms' Clarinet Quintet in B Minor, Op. 115;

Jan Zwicky
No 13: Spring 1970 Bartlett's Canada: A pre-Confederation journey Details
John Peter
No 132: Fall 2000 Basement Laundry Details
Colin McNeil
No 164: Fall 2008 Basement;

Lost Countryside;

When Hawks Stop Hunting
Michael Kenyon
No 41: Spring 1977 Basic Victim Positions Details
George Bowering
No 164: Fall 2008 Bête Noire Details
Shannon Stewart
No 90: Spring 1990 Bear Bell;
If I Knew the Names of Everything;

Prèmiere Pédicurie
Brian Bartlett
No 13: Spring 1970 Bears at Raspberry Time Details
Hayden Carruth
No 131: Summer 2000 Beauties on Mad River Details
Jan Conn
No 81: Winter 1987 Beautiful Boy Fades Details
Hart Hanson
No 9: Spring 1969 Beauty - Or the Beast! A Conversation in a Tavern Details
Bonamy Dobree
No 132: Fall 2000 Beaver Details
John O'Neill
No 165: Winter 2008 The Green Imagination Because they are good at lying low Details
Melanie Siebert
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton Becoming Human Details
Anne M. Kelly
No 156: Fall 2006 Bee Girl Details
Steve Hayward
No 78: Spring 1987 Bee Seasons Details
George Johnston
No 109: Winter 1994 Bees;
Wallis Wilde-Menozzi
No 17: Spring 1971 Beethoven, A Documentary Study compiled and edited by H.C. Robbins Landon Details
John Peter
No 37: Spring 1976 before the long silence;
7 distinctive marks;

a thing on the floor
Ernst Jandl
No 19: Fall 1971 Before the Millennium Details
Naomi Clark
No 31: Fall 1974 Before;
Clam Bay
Rob Tyhurst
No 73: Winter 1985 Beginnings Details
Zoe Landale
No 62 (1982) Being Carpenter Details
Erin Mouré
No 136: Fall 2001 Being Famous Details
Leah Postman
No 118: Spring 1997 Belief Is on the Decline Details
Gillian Johnson
No 138: Spring 2002 Believing the First Words You Hear;
When at First the Doubt Appears;

Eastern Hardwoods;

Cedar Canvas
Adam Dickinson
No 54: Summer 1980 Belladonna Details
Sally Bryer Mennell
No 101: Winter 1992 Bells at Wadenhoe;
Post War
Sigrun Susan Lane
No 62 (1982) Ben Weider and David Hapgood, The Murder of Napoleon Details
Robin Skelton
No 23: Fall 1972 Benjamin Sankey, A Companion to William Carlos Williams's Paterson Details
Charles Doyle
No 144: Fall 2003 Benjamins Details
John Burns
No 48: Winter 1978 B.E.P. Details
Julie McNeill
No 76: Fall 1986 Berlin Details
George Bowering
No 58: Summer 1981 Bernard Epps, Pilgarlic The Death Details
Robin Skelton
No 64 (1983) Bernard Spencer, Collected Poems Details
Robin Skelton
No 70: Spring 1985 Bert Almon, Deep North Details
Stephen Scobie
No 19: Fall 1971 Beside a Grave at Stratford Details
Homer J. Henderson
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship Bestiary for Fox and Owl Details
Lorna Crozier
No 50: Summer 1979 Betrayal Details
Hubert Evans
No 66 (1983) Betsy Bowden, Performed Literature: Words and Music by Bob Dylan Details
Stephen Scobie
No 72: Fall 1985 Betsy Struthers, Censored Letters Details
Stephen Scobie
No 150: Spring 2005 Betsy Struthers, Still Details
Matthew Holmes
No 167: Summer 2009 Betsy Trumpener, The Butcher of Penetang;
Ivan E. Coyote, The Slow Fix
Jessica Fish
No 156: Fall 2006 Better Not to Marry Details
Brian Day
No 61 (1982) Betty Gibbs, The Art of Len Gibbs Details
Robin Skelton
No 135: Summer 2001 Between God and Evil;
Fitting the Kids for Shoes
Susan Glickman
No 17: Spring 1971 Between God and Notgod: Anthony Burgess' "Tremor of Intent" Details
Geoffrey Aggeler
No 129: Winter 1999 Between Sisters Details
Sophie Wadsworth
No 140: Fall 2002 Between Socks and Shirts Details
Sheila Stewart
No 104: Fall 1993 Between Stations Details
Shelley Darjes
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