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No 152: Fall 2005 Catherine Greenwood, The Pearl King and Other Poems Abstract
Tanis MacDonald
No 152: Fall 2005 Catullus, Catullus (translated by Evan Whyte) Abstract
Eric Miller
No 152: Fall 2005 Charles Montgomery, The Last Heathen: Encounters with Ghosts and Ancestors in Melanesia Abstract
Kitty Hoffman
No 152: Fall 2005 David McGimpsey, certifiable Abstract
Devin Krukoff
No 152: Fall 2005 George Szanto, Second Sight Abstract
Lucy Bashford
No 152: Fall 2005 Jan Zwicky, Robinson's Crossing Abstract
Adam Dickinson
No 152: Fall 2005 Jason Heroux, Memoirs of an Alias Abstract
Sarah Feldman
No 152: Fall 2005 Joseph Boyden, Three Day Road Abstract
Candace Fertile
No 152: Fall 2005 Notes on Contributors Abstract
Journal Editor
No 152: Fall 2005 Stan Dragland, Stormy Weather Abstract
Jay Ruzesky
No 152: Fall 2005 Sussex Field, 1980 Abstract
Max Maynard
No 60: Winter 1981 #17 Raven with Sun and Moon Details
Mary Henrikson
No 73: Winter 1985 & the Fur of Rabbit Details
Meredith Stricker
No 45: Spring 1978 'In Fire the Voice Goes Further';
Alexander Hutchison
No 157: Winter 2006 1190 Details
Gordon Massman
No 19: Fall 1971 11th Century Monastery, Paleocastritsa, Corfu, 1968 Details
Donald Ross
No 100: Fall 1992 13 Views, a Pastorale Details
Sharon Thesen
No 71: Summer 1985 19 Poems from Marilyn Monroe: Anyone Can See I Love You Details
Marilyn Bowering
No 130: Spring 2000 1938 Details
Leanne McIntosh
No 125: Winter 1998 1955;
That's My Story, and I'm Sticking to It;

What Do You Call This?
Carmine Starnino
No 67 (1984) 1956: The School Teacher Falls in Love;
1956: Mrs. Wrungren, Storekeeper;

1956: The Old Lutheran Pastor
Dale Zieroth
No 130: Spring 2000 1959 Details
Elise Partridge
No 45: Spring 1978 1;
Carolee Dale
No 101: Winter 1992 2 o'clock meeting Details
John Harley
No 23: Fall 1972 20 Poems Details
Osip Mandelstam
No 145: Winter 2003 32.05864991% Details
Charles Yu
No 136: Fall 2001 39 Details
Ann Scowcroft
No 108: Fall 1994 4 Translations from Rilke;
The Life of St. Teresa
Erin Mouré
No 28: Winter 1973 41 Latin Insinuations Details
Aidan Higgins
No 154: Spring 2006 5 1/2 AAA Details
Sue Wheeler
No 147: Summer 2004 6 Riddles from the Exeter Book Details
Crispin Elsted
No 123: Summer 1998 A Beautiful Day for Disaster;
An Eastern European Town;

My New Blond Husband;

Ruin and Beauty
Patricia Young
No 47: Fall 1978 A Bibliography of Rafael Alberti Details
J.P. González-Martín
No 156: Fall 2006 A Biography of You Details
P.K. Page
No 81: Winter 1987 A Bird Story Details
Terry Griggs
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship A Blizzard of Two: Snow and the Art of Poetic Attention Details
Jeanette Lynes
No 139: Summer 2002 A Boys' Own, with Queen Details
John Barton
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship A Brief History of the Short-Lived Details
Chris Hutchinson
No 102: Spring 1993 A Bucket Without a Rope Details
Janset Berkok Shami
No 152: Fall 2005 A Call from the Eye Clinic;
I am a Scientist;


From Down Under;

A Death at the End of Winter
Elisabeth Harvor
No 142: Spring 2003 A Canoe in the Humber Marshes Details
Kevin Irie
No 114: Spring 1996 A Cartoon Details
John Newlove
No 164: Fall 2008 A Carver Afterlife Details
Barry Dempster
No 128: Fall 1999 A Certain Distance from the Station Details
Anita Olachea Bucci
No 54: Summer 1980 A Certain Slant of Light Details
Claudia Christopherson
No 100: Fall 1992 A Change is as Good as a Rest Details
Diane Schoemperlen
No 49: Spring 1979 A Change of Life Details
Dave Margoshes
No 9: Spring 1969 A Checklist of the Herbert Read Archive in the McPherson Library of the University of Victoria Details
Howard Gerwing
No 149: Winter 2004 A Chemical History;
A Body of Too Many Spines;

Kingdom, Phylum, Class
Adam Dickinson
No 48: Winter 1978 A Chilean Incident Details
Tom Wayman
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton A Collaboration in Cottonopolis;
Death at the Vicarage
Tony Connor
No 30: Summer 1974 A Connoisseur of Suicide Notes;
The Fall;

Double Take
William Virgil Davis
No 44: Winter 1977 A Conversation With Michel Butor Details
Frederic-Yves Jeannet
No 46: Summer 1978 A Correspondence 1927-1957, Edited with an Introduction by Carol Lee Saffioti Details
Herbert Read
No 81: Winter 1987 A Deal We Could Live With;
Stormy Night;

One Version of Love;

Seascape with Donkey
Derk Wynand
No 153: Winter 2005 A Death in the Family Details
Wayne McIntyre
No 141: Winter 2002 A Death Poem for My Mother;

Card Game
Susan Stenson
No 23: Fall 1972 A Deed Without a Name Details
Paul Theroux
No 153: Winter 2005 A Degree of Suffering Is Required Details
Christine Estima
No 47: Fall 1978 A Design Details
Joan Miro
No 144: Fall 2003 A Desire to Live by Words: An email interview with Lorna Jackson Details
James Wood
No 55: Fall 1980 A Dialectical Model of Modern Art: Herbert Read's Aesthetic Theorizing 1930-1950 Details
David Thistlewood
No 33: Spring 1975 A Dialog of Distances Details
Brian Swann
No 11: Fall 1969 A Different Price;
Confederate Shacks
Edward T. Lahey
No 63 (1982) A Disciple Details
Primo Levi
No 46: Summer 1978 A Drawing;

Birds Nest
Gloria Fuertes
No 63 (1982) A Dream of Dying Details
Bernice Lever
No 33: Spring 1975 A Drive in the Country/Henry Toulouse-Lautrec;
The Ulcinj Postcards
Christopher Middleton
No 27: Fall 1973 A Farewell;
Lawrence Durrell
No 108: Fall 1994 A Feather from Heaven Details
Nadine McInnis
No 77: Winter 1986 A Few Crumbs;
Be With Me Now;

The Draw of Winter;

Dieter Weslowski
No 161: Winter 2007 A Few Lines for Prince George Details
Al Rempel
No 150: Spring 2005 A Fine Story;
Released from an Ordinary Night;

Late Summer Rain
Philip Kevin Paul
No 50: Summer 1979 A First Class Funeral Details
Sonia Birch-Jones
No 68 (1984) A Five Minute Morning;
Plastic Curtains
Jerry Rush
No 11: Fall 1969 A "Free Run" in the Balloon Vivid: October 18, 1909 Details
John S. Gooch
No 8: Winter 1968 A Garland of Green Stamps Details
Lawrence P. Spingarn
No 96: Fall 1991 A Gathering of Men Details
Dorothy Brown (Howe)
No 73: Winter 1985 A Gathering Off the Avenue Victor Hugo Details
Gary Gildner
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton A Ghost Dog in Love Details
Joe Rosenblatt
No 123: Summer 1998 A Good Way for Something Details
Sarah Withrow
No 90: Spring 1990 A Gust inside a God Details
Robert Hilles
No 12: Winter 1969 A Haunt of Storks Details
Barbara Jump
No 84: Fall 1988 A Hunter's Moon Details
Audrey Thomas
No 85: Winter 1988 A Jealous Ear Hears All Things Details
Rochelle Nameroff
No 45: Spring 1978 A Journal for Don Caamano Details
George McWhirter
No 157: Winter 2006 A Lament for Wasting Time;
My Darkness, My Cherry Tree
Sue Goyette
No 131: Summer 2000 A Lesson for Her Details
Wasela Hiyate
No 94: Spring 1991 A Lesson from the Earth Details
Anne Michaels
No 21: Spring 1972 A Love Poem Details
Anthony Vaughan
No 27: Fall 1973 A Magician Almost;
Popular Beauty;

The Untamable One;

Double Exile
Yiannis Ritsos
No 80: Fall 1987 A Man Considers Himself;
House of Many Rooms;

Ancient Monument
Angela Ball
No 20: Winter 1971 A Man in a Million Details
John Wain
No 75: Summer 1986 A Man Like You Details
Lyn King
No 45: Spring 1978 A Marriage;
Without Title;

Even in the Ordered World;

The Angel Maker;

Woodcutter, River-God and I;

North Beach Birth
Susan Musgrave
No 93: Winter 1990 A Matter of Transportation Details
Elaine Hammond
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton A Memoir to A-Muse, BeMuse and the Muse Details
David Day
No 35: Fall 1975 A Memory of Robert Graves Details
Susan Musgrave
No 115: Summer 1996 A Message for Mr. Lazarus Details
Barbara Lambert
No 80: Fall 1987 A Migratory Gift;
Pauper Sum Ego
Diana Brebner
No 20: Winter 1971 A Miracle of Whalebone;
Naomi Sings
Susan Landell
No 58: Summer 1981 A Mutual Understanding Details
Neil Reed
No 131: Summer 2000 A Name, Many Names;
First of July
Anne Simpson
No 96: Fall 1991 a narration of everything Details
Cornelia C. Hornosty
No 136: Fall 2001 A Natural History of Surprise;
Infelix simulacrum
Crispin Elsted
No 24: Winter 1972 A New Nietzsche Biography Details
Curt Paul Janz
No 24: Winter 1972 A Nietzsche Album Details
Journal Editor
No 6: Summer 1968 A Note on John Piper's Towers and Churches Details
John Peter
No 41: Spring 1977 A Note on the Marxism of Atwood's "Survival" Details
Rick Salutin
No 82: Spring 1988 A Notion of Love Details
Wendell Block
No 47: Fall 1978 A Partial Checklist of Alberti's Exhibitions of Paintings and Graphics Details
Journal Editor
No 24: Winter 1972 A Performance of the Bacchae Details
G.S. Fraser
No 43: Fall 1977 A Personal Revolution: The Art of William Featherston Details
Robin Skelton
No 71: Summer 1985 A Plague on my Typewriter;
Socrates' Wife's Revenge
Melody Davis
No 65 (1983) A Poem for the Teesto Diné of Arizona Details
Kay Boyle
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship A pool clear as tea Details
Jane Munro
No 64 (1983) A Portfolio of Writers Details
Peter Milroy
No 47: Fall 1978 A Postcard for Rafael Alberti Details
Pere Quart
No 41: Spring 1977 A Preliminary Checklist of Writings By and About Margaret Atwood Details
Alan J. Horne
No 98: Spring 1992 A Priest's Tale Details
Marcus Rayner
No 23: Fall 1972 A Questionnaire for Emilio Roszas Details
Jack Matthews
No 39: Fall 1976 A Questionnaire for Rudolph Gordon Details
Jack Matthews
No 106: Spring 1994 A quiconque a perdu ce qui ne se retrouve jamais, jamais;
Quelquefois dans un beau jardin;

D'avoir cédé sur son désir
Barbara Folkart
No 58: Summer 1981 A Rainy Day;
An Indiana Poet Travels East to MacDowell with the Migrating Coyotes
Roger Pfingston
No 11: Fall 1969 A Real Good Price;
And He Shall Have Music
George Cuomo
No 112: Fall 1995 A Really Good Joke Details
Michelle Berry
No 35: Fall 1975 A (Relatively) Bi-lingual Glimpse of Graves Details
Anthony Kerrigan
No 171: Summer 2010 A Representational Attempt to Further the Metaphor of the Marriage;
The Seas are Teeming
Aislinn Hunter
No 135: Summer 2001 A Response: Letter from the Dead;
No Shoes
Patricia Young
No 133: Winter 2000 A Room in Clontarf;
Alli Marshall
No 20: Winter 1971 A Round on the House;
Two Natures
John Knight
No 23: Fall 1972 A Ruble Sixty… That's Not Much Details
Viktoria Tokareva
No 120: Fall 1997 A Sad Day;
Tom Wayman
No 106: Spring 1994 A Saturday in Oxford Place, Cul-De-Sac Details
Alan Beard
No 144: Fall 2003 A Saucerful of Tawdry Secrets Typed Too Quickly While Listening to Godspeed and "Vacuum Cleaner" by Tintern Abbey Details
Mark Anthony Jarman
No 24: Winter 1972 A Scholar's Departure: Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy Details
David S. Thatcher
No 131: Summer 2000 A Second Purpose Details
John B. Lee
No 21: Spring 1972 A Selection of Landeys, Short Songs of the Nomadic Pashtoons of Afghanistan Details
No 64 (1983) A Sentimental Journey Details
David Greer
No 107: Summer 1994 A Sequence Details
Albert Wendt
No 61 (1982) A Sermon on Eve;
Sleeping in the Barn;

Inheritance at Wheatland;

Finding the True Point of Beginning;

The Yew;

The Messengers;

The Kindling;

No Port But Passage;

Short Story
Kim R. Stafford
No 52: Winter 1979 "A Shadow On Its Way To Earth": A Radio Play Details
Friederike Mayröcker
No 75: Summer 1986 A Short Chain Details
John Pass
No 59: Fall 1981 A Small Death Details
John Montague
No 142: Spring 2003 A Small Thing Details
Lee Gulyás
No 25: Spring 1973 A Song About Garcia Lorca Details
Nikolai Aseyev
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship A Song of Clarity Details
Tim Lilburn
No 131: Summer 2000 A Sort of Flight Details
Emily Koehn
No 4: Winter 1967 A Speech for the Flowers Details
Carlos Pellicer
No 64 (1983) A Stranger;
The Doctor;


Ghost Story
Albert Moritz
No 111: Summer 1995 a strip-tease artist Details
William Lynch
No 61 (1982) A Study of Herbert Read's Criticism Details
David Thistlewood
No 16: Winter 1970 A Summer in the Country Details
Rosemary Silverman
No 127: Summer 1999 A Summer of Ping-Pong Details
Andrew Pyper
No 1: Spring 1967 A Sunday in Seville Details
Maria Kuncewicz
No 46: Summer 1978 A Tale Which Holdeth Children From Play Details
George Bowering
No 107: Summer 1994 A Teacher's Love Details
Abdulla Sadiq
No 62 (1982) A Thematic Note on the Poetry of Iain Crichton Smith Details
Alan Bold
No 19: Fall 1971 A Thumb Bruised Making Love Details
Richard W. Hillman
No 61 (1982) A Touch of Impatience;
A New Leaf;

A Friendly Warning
Fleur Adcock
No 9: Spring 1969 A Tribute Details
Henry Moore
No 9: Spring 1969 A Tribute Details
Ben Nicholson
No 47: Fall 1978 A Tribute to Rafael Alberti Details
Pablo Neruda
No 142: Spring 2003 A True Conductor Details
Kathleen Winter
No 11: Fall 1969 A Venation of Centaurs Details
J.I.M. Stewart
No 125: Winter 1998 A View Details
Kenneth Sherman
No 8: Winter 1968 A Vision: For Tom Details
William R. Slaughter
No 26: Summer 1973 A Voice In Winter Details
R.W. Stedingh
No 130: Spring 2000 A Walk in Paradise Details
Libby Creelman
No 160: Fall 2007 The Malahat Review at Forty: A Celebration of Robin Skelton A Wartime Boyhood Details
Alex Engler
No 18: Summer 1971 A White Woman Yawns in Mombasa Details
Paul Theroux
No 155: Summer 2006 A Woman, an Owl, a Boy;
Written in Ice;

Ocean, Ocean
Anne Simpson
No 75: Summer 1986 A Woman Gets Up;
A Pineal Casement;


His Method
Anne Szumigalski
No 121: Winter 1997 A woman is making Details
Sue MacLeod
No 120: Fall 1997 A Word in Your Ear Details
Don McKay
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship A Word with Wings Details
Carmen Leñero
No 67 (1984) A Young Couple Coming Home;
Poem Around My Father
James Solheim
No 151: Summer 2005 Abandon Details
Harold Rhenisch
No 111: Summer 1995 About Her Love Details
Lennart Sjögren
No 85: Winter 1988 About the Cat;
Spring Poem;

Sympathetic Magic;

Finding Halley's Comet;

Snowlight on the Northwood Path;

Leaving the Island
Roo Borson
No 56: Winter 1980 Above Colden Water Details
Martin Booth
No 13: Spring 1970 Abracadabra Details
Jarvis Thurston
No 62 (1982) Abraham Sutzkever, Burnt Pearls: Ghetto Poems Details
Robin Skelton
No 109: Winter 1994 Absolute Zero Details
Harold Rhenisch
No 171: Summer 2010 Abstract Portrait, 1991 Details
James Gordaneer
No 109: Winter 1994 Academy Performance Details
John Barton
No 68 (1984) Acapulco;

John Ditsky
No 104: Fall 1993 Accept My Story Details
Robyn Sarah
No 93: Winter 1990 Acceptable Door Prizes Details
Eliza Clark
No 168: Fall 2009 Accidental Elegist Details
Sam Cheuk
No 65 (1983) Accidents Details
Carol Shields
No 110: Spring 1995 Accommodations Details
Craig Poile
No 31: Fall 1974 According to the Text;
Love Song: In the Wilderness of Judea;

Arrival and Departure
Stanley Cooperman
No 124: Fall 1998 Accordingly my personal experience and also very thank you Tillie Olsen Details
Norma De Pledge
No 147: Summer 2004 Across Some Dark Avenue of Plot He Carried Her Body Details
Elisabeth Harvor
No 86: Spring 1989 Action Details
Jan Thornhill
No 98: Spring 1992 Ad Lib for Bone Flute Details
Robyn Sarah
No 120: Fall 1997 Adam and Eve;
Hannah J. Main-Van der Kamp
No 141: Winter 2002 Adam Dickinson, Cartography and Walking Details
Jay Ruzesky
No 162: Spring 2008 Adam Dickinson, Kingdom, Phylum Details
Daniel Morley Johnson
No 81: Winter 1987 Adam Names the Beast;

Mad Eve Sings;

Black Adam's Blues
Kenneth Sherman
No 166: Spring 2009 Adam Sol, Jeremiah, Ohio Details
Barbara Colebrook Peace
No 140: Fall 2002 Address Details
Eric Trethewey
No 1: Spring 1967 Address to the Tooth of a Whale (and to a newborn child) Details
Laurence Lerner
No 118: Spring 1997 adios piazzola Details
Carmen Rodriguez
No 50: Summer 1979 Adolpho's Disappeared and We Haven't a Clue Where to Find Him Details
Leon Rooke
No 59: Fall 1981 Adrian Henri, From The Loveless Motel Details
Robin Skelton
No 12: Winter 1969 Adrien Stoutenburg, Short History of the Fur Trade Details
Robin Skelton
No 61 (1982) Adrienne Rich, A Wild Patience Has Taken Me This Far: Poems 1978-1981 Details
Robin Skelton
No 33: Spring 1975 Adrienne Rich, Diving into the Wreck Details
Marilyn Bowering
No 36: Winter 1975 Advice;
The Vixen;

How One After Another;

Like Flies;

San Miniato
Franco Fortini
No 58: Summer 1981 A.E. Watts, The Metamorphoses of Ovid, with etchings by Pablo Picasso Details
Robin Skelton
No 18: Summer 1971 Aeolus, 1962 Details
Elza Mayhew
No 63 (1982) A.F. Moritz, Black Orchid Details
Robin Skelton
No 136: Fall 2001 A.F. Moritz, Conflicting Desire Details
Eric Miller
No 147: Summer 2004 A.F. Moritz, Night Street Repairs Details
Eric Miller
No 108: Fall 1994 A.F. Moritz, Song of Fear;
Roberta Rees, Eyes Like Pigeons;

George McWhirter, A Staircase for All Souls;

Ann Diamond, Terrorist Letters;

Kevin Irie, Burning the Dead
Michael Hulse
No 61 (1982) After a Death Details
Rich Ives
No 143: Summer 2003 After a week of sightings;
The Contraptions;

Eggs Ride Last in Italy
Wallis Wilde-Menozzi
No 162: Spring 2008 After an Unfinished Poem by Anna Akhmatova;
After "Another Place" by Anthony Gormley
Jenna Schmitt
No 6: Summer 1968 After Anger Details
May Sarton
No 138: Spring 2002 After getting the test results;
Time Change;


Beloved Grotesque;

Jill MacLean
No 100: Fall 1992 After Hearing Satyagraha, an Opera, by Philip Glass;
The Trick;

A Part;

The Hologram
P.K. Page
No 150: Spring 2005 After Helping My Daughter With Her Math Homework Details
Marcia L. Hurlow
No 27: Fall 1973 After His Poetry Reading Details
James B. Hall
No 66 (1983) After Holding Out Details
Eric Trethewey
No 21: Spring 1972 After I Was Born;
Takahashi Shinkichi
No 90: Spring 1990 after John Donne Details
Kevin Roberts
No 44: Winter 1977 After Looking at Chinese Painting;
"The Limit, The Agony"
Reed Clarke
No 140: Fall 2002 After the Chuck Jones Tribute on Teletoon;

Kitty, Widowed;

Seryozha, Many Years Later
Sharon McCartney
No 63 (1982) After the First Cigarette;
High-School Photo
Louise Longo
No 128: Fall 1999 After the lunar eclipse my neighbour says something in Chinese Details
Paul Tyler
No 95: Summer 1991 After the Miracle;

Rebecca McClanahan
No 66 (1983) After the Yarn is Spun Details
Jill Swartz
No 165: Winter 2008 The Green Imagination After Wildfire Details
Julie Bruck
No 49: Spring 1979 After/word: Berryman, Sexton, Plath et al.;
Three Songs of Stone
Sam F. Johnson
No 172: Fall 2010 After;
In Memory
Karen Enns
No 93: Winter 1990 Afterbirth Details
Elisabeth Harvor
No 122: Spring 1998 Afterimage Details
Michael Crummey
No 159: Summer 2007 Aftermath Details
Peter Gilmour
No 133: Winter 2000 Aftermath Details
Brian Wickers
No 97: Winter 1991 Afternoons Details
William Bedford
No 117: Winter 1996 P.K. Page Special Issue Afterword: Life on Mars Details
Jay Ruzesky
No 158: Spring 2007 Against Skunks;
Against Irony;

Against Coyotes
Sharon McCartney
No 167: Summer 2009 Against the Hard Angle Details
Matt Robinson
No 138: Spring 2002 Agitated Sky Etiology Details
Sylvia Legris
No 113: Winter 1995 Ah! les beaux jours de bonheur indicible;
The Grounding of Dora Maar
Gabrielle Guenther
No 162: Spring 2008 Ahara (nutrient) Details
Ann Scowcroft
No 65 (1983) Aileen Collins, CIV/n: A Literary Magazine of the 50's;
Ken Norris and Peter Van Toorn, The Insecurity of Art: Essays on Poetics;

Peter Van Toorn and Ken Norris, Cross/cut: Contemporary English Quebec Poetry
Stephen Scobie
No 108: Fall 1994 Ajji's Miracle Details
Anita Rau Badami
No 64 (1983) A.K. Ramanujan, Hymns for the Drowning: Poems for Visnu by Nammalvar Details
Robin Skelton
No 64 (1983) Al Purdy, Bursting into Song Details
Robin Skelton
No 71: Summer 1985 Al Purdy, Piling Blood Details
Stephen Scobie
No 59: Fall 1981 Al Purdy, The Stone Bird Details
Robin Skelton
No 91: Summer 1990 Al Purdy, The Woman on the Shore Details
Jay Ruzesky
No 15: Fall 1970 Alain de Leiris, The Drawings of Edouard Manet Details
Robin Skelton
No 126: Spring 1999 Alan Cumyn, Man of Rome Details
Barbara Lambert
No 28: Winter 1973 Alan Fry, Come A Long Journey;
Alan Fry, How A People Die
Marilyn Bowering
No 59: Fall 1981 Alan Sillitoe, The Second Chance Details
Robin Skelton
No 58: Summer 1981 Alan Twigg, For Openers Details
Robin Skelton
No 60: Winter 1981 Alaska off Whidbey Island;
Winter Brothers;

Charles Lillard
No 62 (1982) Albert Kostenevich, Henri Matisse Details
Robin Skelton
No 47: Fall 1978 Alberti and the Spectator of "Numancia" Details
Alfredo Hermenegildo
No 119: Summer 1997 Alberto Manguel, A History of Reading Details
Mike Matthews
No 149: Winter 2004 Alberto Manguel, With Borges Details
Mike Matthews
No 102: Spring 1993 Albinoni in Venice;
My Daughter
Stephen Schecter
No 116: Fall 1996 Albums: Old-Country;
Virgin and Child with Spoon;

Sirens' Song;

Janice Kulyk Keefer
No 129: Winter 1999 Alchemy Details
Madeleine Thien
No 63 (1982) Alden Nowlan, I might not tell everybody this Details
Robin Skelton
No 87: Summer 1989 Alders;
Marriage Song
Nicholas Von Maltzahn
No 63 (1982) Aleksandr Pushkin, Eugene Onegin: A Novel in Verse Details
Robin Skelton
No 23: Fall 1972 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, We Never Make Mistakes Details
Leon Rooke
No 62 (1982) Alex Kayser, Artists' Portraits Details
Robin Skelton
No 79: Summer 1987 Alex Preminger, ed., The Princeton Handbook of Poetic Terms Details
Stephen Scobie
No 135: Summer 2001 Alex the God Details
Robert Mullen
No 64 (1983) Alexander Brome, Alexander Brome Poems, Volume I —The Poems, Volume 2 — Notes and Commentary Details
Robin Skelton
No 62 (1982) Alfred Bailey, Miramichi Lightning Details
Robin Skelton
No 11: Fall 1969 Alice Munro, Dance Of The Happy Shades Details
John Peter
No 93: Winter 1990 Alice Munro, Friend of My Youth Details
Mike Matthews
No 150: Spring 2005 Alice Munro, Runaway Details
Mike Matthews
No 78: Spring 1987 Alice Munro, The Progress of Love Details
Constance Rooke
No 158: Spring 2007 Alice Munro, The View from Castle Rock Details
Mike Matthews
No 66 (1983) Alice Walker, The Color Purple Details
Constance Rooke
No 49: Spring 1979 Alice;
City Trip;

Hands of Absence
Lorna Uher
No 147: Summer 2004 Aligned Details
Diane Reid
No 172: Fall 2010 Alissa York, Fauna Details
Mike Matthews
No 153: Winter 2005 Alkibiades Ivanovich Details
Reese Warner
No 74: Spring 1986 All her life she has yearned for romance and love;
Julia waits for someone to pull her strings;

Still she waits
Cynthia Jennifer Smith
No 170: Spring 2010 Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and Aesthetic Kinship All Night Wood Details
Robert Bringhurst
No 144: Fall 2003 All Reviews Are Mistaken Details
Eric Miller
No 148: Fall 2004 All the Train Trips;
An Offer of Warmth;

Thumbnail Biographies
Brian Bartlett
No 43: Fall 1977 All Things to All Men Details
Robert Graves
No 35: Fall 1975 All Things to All Men: A memoir Details
John Auerbach
No 105: Winter 1993 Alleine in Berlin, 1964 Details
Herbert Siebner
No 16: Winter 1970 Allen Jones, Figures Details
Robin Skelton
No 64 (1983) Allen Mandelbaum, The Aeneid of Virgil Details
Robin Skelton
No 26: Summer 1973 Allergy Details
N.W. Alford
No 101: Winter 1992 Almost Real Details
Jay French
No 128: Fall 1999 Alms Details
William Aiken
No 122: Spring 1998 Along Dallas Road, Victoria, BC Details
Francis Sullivan
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