No 67 (1984)

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Summer 1984
Journal Editor
Invisible Presences Fill the Air;
Deaf-Mute in the Pear Tree;


To a Dead Friend;

Deep Sleep;


Crow's Nest;

Remembering George Johnston Reading
P.K. Page 5-13
"Rain" from Barba, Translated from the Danish by George Johnston
Jorgen-Frantz Jacobsen 14-25
from Grandfather was a Soldier
Marilyn Bowering 26-41
"Lydia Puckett" from Too Many Blackbirds
Ken Ledbetter 42-53
Anyone Skating on that Middle Ground
Robyn Sarah 54-55
1956: The School Teacher Falls in Love;
1956: Mrs. Wrungren, Storekeeper;

1956: The Old Lutheran Pastor
Dale Zieroth 56-59
The Second Language
Lynn C. Jacox 60-61
A Young Couple Coming Home;
Poem Around My Father
James Solheim 62-64
Except I Shall See in His Hands the Print of the Nails
Norma E. Depledge 65-84
from Houseplant Series
Richard Stevenson 85-89
Three Poems of a Childhood;
Self Reliance
Brian Swann 90-93
Improvisation on the Word "Shod"
Mark DeFoe 94
The Potter
Anita Brysman 95
Two Selections from Hunger Children (Hungerbarnen), Translated by Alan Bernstein
Heidi Von Born 96-103
Three Poems from Change of Earth
Heidi Von Born 104-105
Have you seen the wild dogs in benidorm
Janice Soderling 106-107
Summer Comes for the Maker
Jeff Schiff 108-109
John Calvin and the Gerbils
Carol Malyon 110-111
Trapped in the Story
Robert Foster 112-113
Making Waves
Greg Simison 113
Love Song Number Three;
just like God
Mark Hamm 114-116
I've Got Troubles of My Own
Hugh Hood 117-131
Inside back cover: What's in a Name?
P.K. Page

Book Reviews

Robert Kroetsch, Alibi: A Novel
Thomas York 132-133
Doris Lessing, The Sentimental Agents of the Volyen Empire
Frances Kelly 133-136
Iris Murdoch, The Philosopher's Pupil
Anthony Jenkins 136-138
Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard's Egg
Constance Rooke 138
Sonia Birch-Jones, A First Class Funeral
Constance Rooke 139
Janette Turner Hospital, The Tiger in the Tiger Pit
Constance Rooke 139
Brian Moore, Cold Heaven
Constance Rooke 139
Judith Fitzgerald, Split/Levels
Stephen Scobie 140
Cathy Ford, By Violent Means;
Carolyn Zonailo, A Portrait of Paradise
Stephen Scobie 140
Joe Rosenblatt, Brides of the Stream
Stephen Scobie 140
Libby Scheier, The Larger Life
Stephen Scobie 140-141
Andrew Suknaski, Montage for an Interstellar Cry
Stephen Scobie 141
Sharon Thesen, Holding the Pose
Stephen Scobie 141
Geoffrey Ursell, Trap Lines
Stephen Scobie 142
Bronwen Wallace, Signs of the Former Tenant
Stephen Scobie 142
Amiri and Amina Baraka, Confirmation
Christine St. Peter 142-143
Gotz Adriani, Cézanne Watercolors
Stephen Scobie 143-144
Marianne De Koven, A Different Language: Gertrude Stein's Experimental Writing;
Neil Schmitz, Of Huck and Alice: Humorous Writing in American Literature
Stephen Scobie 144-145
Susan Gingell, ed., E.J. Pratt on His Life and Poetry
Stephen Scobie 145
John Russell, Paris
Stephen Scobie 145
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P.K. Page

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