No 66 (1983)

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Journal Editor
Constance Rooke 5
John Peter: 1921-1983
Robin Skelton 5-6
Terry Griggs 7-12
The Casual Fall;




What About Wood
Patricia Young 13-25
The Five O'Clock Train
Eunice Scarfe 26-31
Ion Ore;
This My Emissary;

Fovea Centralis;

Two excerpts from "The Cenozoic Asylum"
Christopher Dewdney 32-35
Christopher Dewdney's Writing: Beyond Science and Madness
Stan Dragland 36-54
Remainder One;
Paisley Workshop;

Flossie and;


June 13, 1951
Andrea S. Nelles 55-59
Hunting In
Terry Roberts 60-83
Feather in Paw
Lara Riecken 84
Looking Into My Daughter's Nightmare
Ken Rivard 85
Hugh Ogden 86
One Walk with Kate;
Robert Billings 87-88
After the Yarn is Spun
Jill Swartz 89-98
Red Accordion: An Immigrant Song
Michael Ondaatje 99-101
Let Go;
Love and Marriage;


Remembering Venice
George Johnston 102-106
The Diamond
Peter Millard 107-120
To Alexander Blok
Anna Akhmatova 121-122
After Holding Out
Eric Trethewey 123

Meet Jane, Dick's Wife;

His Waiting;

Lyn King 124-128
"I Like to Get Letters" — Ezra Pound and a Canadian Correspondent
R.T.K. Symington 129-139
Ezra Pound, Sappho, and My Assault on Mount Helicon
Mary Barnard 140-144
To Encounter Ezra Pound — Posthumous Instructions
Antonio Colinas 145
Giacomo Casanova Accepts the Office of Librarian Offered Him in Bohemia by Count Waldstein
Antonio Colinas 146
The Cipher
Jorge Luis Borges 147
The Malahat Awards
Journal Editor 148-152

Book Reviews

Guy Vanderhaeghe, Man Descending
Constance Rooke 153-155
Sandra Birdsell, Night Travellers
Constance Rooke 156
Katherine Govier, Going Through the Motions
Constance Rooke 156
Gordon Lish, Dear Mr. Capote
Constance Rooke 156
Cormac McCarthy, The Orchard Keeper
Constance Rooke 157
Alice Walker, The Color Purple
Constance Rooke 157
John Nold, Awe;
George Bowering, Smoking Mirror;

Glenn Deer, Excuses for Archery;

Andrew Suknaski, The Land They Gave Away: New & Selected Poems;

Robin Skelton, Zuk: Translated from the French of Georges Zuk
Robert Billings 157-165
Milton Acorn, Dig Up My Heart: Selected Poems 1952-83;
Ralph Gustafson, The Moment Is All: Selected Poems 1944-83
Stephen Scobie 165
Anne Cameron, Earth Witch
Stephen Scobie 165
Jon Furberg, Prepositions for Remembrance Day;
Jon Furberg, Anhaga
Stephen Scobie 165-166
Jim Green, Beyond Here
Stephen Scobie 166
James Harrison, Flying Dutchmen
Stephen Scobie 166
Constance Hunting, Dream Cities
Stephen Scobie 166
Daphne Marlatt, How Hug a Stone
Stephen Scobie 167
Jon McKay, Birding, or desire
Stephen Scobie 167
Sharon H. Nelson, Mad Women & Crazy Ladies
Stephen Scobie 167
Charles Olson, The Maximus Poems
Stephen Scobie 167-168
bp Nichol, The Martyrology, Book 5;
bp Nichol, Continental Trance
Stephen Scobie 168
Jerome Rothenberg, That Dada Strain
Stephen Scobie 168-169
Patricia Young, Travelling the Floodwaters
Stephen Scobie 169
E.D. Blodgett, Configuration: Essays on the Canadian Literatures
Stephen Scobie 169
Betsy Bowden, Performed Literature: Words and Music by Bob Dylan
Stephen Scobie 169-170
Terry Eagleton, Literary Theory: An Introduction;
Terry Eagleton, The Rape of Clarissa
Stephen Scobie 170-171
Noel Riley Fitch, Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation: a History of Literary Paris in the Twenties & Thirties;
Andrew Field, Djuna: The Life and Times of Djuna Barnes
Stephen Scobie 171-172
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Michael Ondaatje

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