No 65 (1983)

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Journal Editor
Constance Rooke 5-6
Frivolities: Seven Anti-ghazals;
History and Secrecy
Phyllis Webb 7-14
Seven Poems
Mark Defoe 15-23
The Emerald City
Keath Fraser 24-50
I Kept You in My Suitcase;

The Salamanders;

Deux Femmes;

The China Dolls;

Shining One;

so dangerous
Judith Gail Harris 51-56
Mr. and Mrs. North
Gordon Lish 57-63
Naked Ankles II
Carole Chambers 64
Evelyn's Stories
Michael Laser 65-72
Helane Levine-Keating 73
Catchpenny Poems
David Helwig 74-81
Kay Boyle: An Eightieth Birthday Interview
David R. Mesher 82-95
A Poem for the Teesto Diné of Arizona
Kay Boyle 96-97
The East Window: St. Mary's, Muker;
Scavenger of Images;

At St. David's;

The Empty Shed
Peter Robinson 98-103
Crossing the Soloman South Fork
Nance Van Winckel 104
Carol Shields 105-111
Without Illusion;
I Cannot Silence Alone;

Mark Nepo 112-116
Eric McCormack 117-121
breath ghazal #1:;
breath ghazal #2:;

breath ghazal #4:;

breath ghazal #5:;

breath ghazal #6:;

breath ghazal #10:
Douglas Barbour 122-124
Steven Mayoff 125-127
Fall of Patriots;

E.D. Blodgett 128-133

Book Reviews

Margaret Atwood, Second Words: Selected Critical Prose;
Margaret Atwood, Murder in the Dark: Short Fictions and Prose Poems;

Sherrill E. Grace and Lorraine Weir, eds. Margaret Atwood: Language, Text, and System
Margery Fee 134-137
Joan Clark, From a High Thin Wire
Constance Rooke 137
Mel Dagg, Same Truck Different Driver
Constance Rooke 138
Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Almost Everything
Constance Rooke 138
Joy Kogawa, Obasan
Constance Rooke 138
Philip Kreiner, People Like Us in a Place Like This
Constance Rooke 138-139
Helen J. Rosta, In the Blood
Constance Rooke 139
Merna Summers, Calling Home
Constance Rooke 139
Pierre Turgeon, The First Person
Stephen Scobie 139
Rudy Wiebe, My Lovely Enemy
Constance Rooke 139-140
Richard B. Wright, The Teacher's Daughter
Constance Rooke 140
Anna Akhmatova, Poems
Robin Skelton 140
Vincente Aleizandrew, World Alone Mundo A Solas
Robin Skelton 140
Rafael Barreto-Rivera, Voices, Noises
Stephen Scobie 140-141
Aileen Collins, CIV/n: A Literary Magazine of the 50's;
Ken Norris and Peter Van Toorn, The Insecurity of Art: Essays on Poetics;

Peter Van Toorn and Ken Norris, Cross/cut: Contemporary English Quebec Poetry
Stephen Scobie 141-142
Mark Defoe, Bringing Home Breakfast and other poems
Stephen Scobie 142
Mike Doyle, A Steady Hand
Stephen Scobie 142
Gail Fox, Houses of God
Stephen Scobie 142-143
Lionel Kearns, Ignoring the Bomb: New and Selected Poems
Robin Skelton 143
David Halliday, The Black Bird
Stephen Scobie 143
Dorothy Livesay, The Phases of Love
Stephen Scobie 143
Rosalind MacPhee, What Place is This?
Stephen Scobie 143-144
Erin Moure, Wanted Alive
Stephen Scobie 144
Norman Nicholson, Selected Poems 1940-1982
Robin Skelton 144
Sean O'Huigin, the story's dream
Stephen Scobie 144
Rainer Maria Rilke, Poems 1912-1926
Robin Skelton 145
Siegfried Sassoon, The War Poems
Robin Skelton 145
Raymond Souster, Collected Poems of Raymond Souster Vol. 4
Robin Skelton 145
Gertrude Story, The Book of Thirteen
Stephen Scobie 145
Lola Lemire Tostevin, Color of Her Speech
Stephen Scobie 145-146
Douglas Cooper, Toulouse Lautrec, 25 Masterworks
Stephen Scobie 146
Christine Froula, A Guide to Ezra Pound's Selected Poems
Stephen Scobie 146
Gary Geddes (Ed.), Chinada: Memoirs of the Gang of Seven
Constance Rooke 146
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Russell Botten

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