No 63 (1982)

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Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-7
Tinker Tale;
On This Good Ground;

Shan Val Mhor;

The Hanging Man;

Through the Eyes of a Cat
Sean Virgo 8-50
September Confessions;
Poem for Two Women at the Same Time;

At Home, In the Night
Sandor Csoori 51-54
The Astrologer;
Again Last Night
Kristel Partlow 55-56
Wood Engravings from Toward the Light
Michael McCurdy 57-64
Jill Rogers 65-67
Death Should Be An Elephant
Guy Vanderhaeghe 68
The Song of Ptahhotep
Robert Bringhurst 69-71
Night and Day;
Public Amuser
Lorne Brass 72-73
Three Swans and an Owl;
Middle Estuary;


Problem Solving;

Big Red Train
Marilyn Bowering 74-79
the dignity of words;
painted panels;

chinese screen 4;

chinese screen 28;

one cloth;


"at the shadowy center"
Norman Nathan 80-84
Near the End of the Story;
The Wrong Way;


A Young Girl with a Pitcher Full of Water;

Old River
David Wagoner 85-88
Nine Poems
Kenneth O. Hanson 89-99
Women Poets in Quebec Society
Gwladys Downes 100-110
The Malahat Awards
Robin Skelton 111-124
Thetis Lake;
Seattle Saga
Louella Kerr 125-129
Patricia Thuner Jones 130-131
The Hollow;

All Those Other Ways;

July, 1969;


Robert A. Cannings 132-135
A Year and a Day
Brian Swann 136-138
Steveston 1926
Hubert Evans 139-140
David Watmough 141-156
The Wetness of a Dog's Nose
W.B. MacDonald 157
After the First Cigarette;
High-School Photo
Louise Longo 158-159
Art on Display
Marion Beck 160-161
A Dream of Dying
Bernice Lever 162-163
Bruce Lader 164
William Ferguson 165-169
Notes for the Painter's Biographer
Michael Hulse 170-178
A Disciple
Primo Levi 179-182
H.F. Smith 183
For Days You Haven't Heard;

What You Choose;

In the Soap Opera and Unexpected Death
Susan Cobin 184-187
John Barton 188-204
House Above the Sea
Patrick Worth Gray 205
John Gawsworth: the Aesthetics of Failure
Ian Fletcher 206-219
W.S. Graham: Constructing a White Space
David Punter 220-244
Approaching a Birthday
Barbara Sweeney 245

Book Reviews

Marilyn McCully, A Picasso Anthology: Documents, Criticism, Reminiscences
Robin Skelton 246
P.B. Delevoy, Symbolists & Symbolism
Robin Skelton 246
Henry Moore, Two Large Forms
Robin Skelton 246
Noel Carrington, Carrington: Paints, Drawings and Decorations
Robin Skelton 246
Tama Janowitz, American Dad
Constance Rooke 246
Robyn Davidson, Tracks
Constance Rooke 246-247
Marilyn Robinson, Housekeeping
Constance Rooke 247
F.G. Paci, Black Madonna
Constance Rooke 247
Anne Cameron, Daughters of Copper Woman
Constance Rooke 247
Barry Callaghan, The Black Queen Stories
Constance Rooke 247
Doris Lessing, Canopus in Argos: Archives. The Making of the Representative for Planet 8
Constance Rooke 247
Edna Alford, A Sleep Full of Dreams
Constance Rooke 247
Don Coles, The Prinzhorn Collection
Robin Skelton 248
David V. Erdman, The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake
Robin Skelton 248
Martin Booth, The Cnot Dialogues
Robin Skelton 248
P.J. Kavanagh, Selected Poems
Robin Skelton 248
Denise Levertov, Candles in Babylon
Robin Skelton 248
Roo Borson, A Sad Device
Robin Skelton 248
Kim Maltman, Branch Lines
Robin Skelton 248
A.F. Moritz, Black Orchid
Robin Skelton 248
Robert Billings, The Elizabeth Trinities
Robin Skelton 248
Elizabeth Brewster, The Way Home
Robin Skelton 248
Raymond Souster, Collected Poems, Vol. III
Robin Skelton 249
Mona Van Duyn, Letters from a Father, and Other Poems
Robin Skelton 249
Stephen Dobyns, The Balthus Poems
Robin Skelton 249
Madeline Defrees, Magpie on the Gallows
Robin Skelton 249
Thom Gunn, The Passages of Joy
Robin Skelton 249
Gwendolyn MacEwen, The T.E. Lawrence Poems
Robin Skelton 249
Alden Nowlan, I might not tell everybody this
Robin Skelton 249
C.K. Stead, Geographies
Robin Skelton 249
Peter Stevens, Revenge of the Mistresses
Robin Skelton 249
Frank Davey and bp Nichol, Louis Dudek: Texts & Essays
Robin Skelton 250
Barriss Mills, The Eclogues of Vergil
Robin Skelton 250
C.H. Kwock and Vincent McHugh, Old Friend From Far Away: 150 Chinese Poems From the Great Dynasties
Robin Skelton 250
Gerry Shikatani and David Aylward, Paper Doors
Robin Skelton 250
Aleksandr Pushkin, Eugene Onegin: A Novel in Verse
Robin Skelton 250
Ottavio Mark Casale, A Leopardi Reader
Robin Skelton 250
Stephane Mallarme, Selected Poetry and Prose
Robin Skelton 250
George Seferis, Collected Poems
Robin Skelton 251
Gunnar Ekelof, Songs of Something Else
Robin Skelton 251
Clara Thomas and John Lennox, William Arthur Deacon: A Canadian Literary Life
Robin Skelton 251
Roger Berthoud, Graham Sutherland: A Biography
Robin Skelton 251
Nigel Nicholson, The Letters of Virginia Woolf: A Reflection of the Other Person
Robin Skelton 251
Paul O'Prey, In Broken Images, Selected Letters of Robert Graves 1914-1916
Robin Skelton 251
Martin Seymour-Smith, Robert Graves, His Life and Works
Robin Skelton 251
Richard Ellmann, James Joyce
Robin Skelton 251
Robert Leibowitz, The Defender
Robin Skelton 252
Watson Parker, Gold in the Black Hills
Robin Skelton 252
P. Berresford Ellis, The Cornish Language and its Literature
Robin Skelton 252
Jenny Wormald, Court, Kirk, and Community: Scotland 1470-1625
Robin Skelton 252
David Hill, An Atlas of Anglo-Saxon England
Robin Skelton 252
W.P. Clark, The Indian Sign Language
Robin Skelton 252
Arland Ussher, The Juggler
Robin Skelton 252
Phyllis Webb, Talking
Robin Skelton 252
Virginia Woolf, The London Scene
Robin Skelton 253
Northrop Frye, Divisions on a Ground: Essays on Canadian Culture
Robin Skelton 253
P.D. James, The Skull Beneath the Skin
Robin Skelton 253
Peter Van Greenaway, Manrissa Man
Robin Skelton 253
Richard Grayson, The Montmartre Murders
Robin Skelton 253
Simon Brett, Murder Unprompted
Robin Skelton 253
Negill Drury, The Shaman and the Magician
Robin Skelton 253
John Halifax, Shaman
Robin Skelton 253
J.H. Reyner, Psionic Medicine
Robin Skelton 254
Marija Gimbutas, The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe: Myths and Cult Images
Robin Skelton 254
Donald S. Hair, Domestic and Heroic in Tennyson's Poetry
Robin Skelton 254
Anthony S.G. Edwards, Skelton: The Critical Heritage
Robin Skelton 254
D.S.J. Parsons, Roy Campbell: A descriptive and Annotated Bibliography
Robin Skelton 254
Rosemary Sassoon, The Practical Guide to Calligraphy
Robin Skelton 254
Samuel C. Hunter, The Dictionary of Anagrams
Robin Skelton 254
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