No 61 (1982)

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Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-6
Qu'Appelle Valley;





Sticks and Stones;


Bottom of the Garden
Diane Keating 7-13
If I am Elected, When I am Elected…
Yannis Goumas 14-15
Long Distance Home
Pamela Uschuk 16-17
Isobel Martin
Peter Sanger 18-19
The Tree
William Virgil Davis 20
Kakot's Numbers
Yuri Rytkeov 21-37
Deirdre Ballantyne 38-47
Piano Trio
Anthony Kerrigan 48
A Study of Herbert Read's Criticism
David Thistlewood 49-95
A Sermon on Eve;
Sleeping in the Barn;

Inheritance at Wheatland;

Finding the True Point of Beginning;

The Yew;

The Messengers;

The Kindling;

No Port But Passage;

Short Story
Kim R. Stafford 96-107
Jack Watts
Tony Curtis 108-109
Jim Joyce 110-114
On the Stone Steps;
Kalluri's Radio
Vilas Sarang 115-131
Narcissus Consulted
Leon Rooke 132-142
The Home-Grown Child;



A.W. Elston 143-145
Doug Turner 146-147
You Know My Love of Tea;
The Daisies in the Field;

Something is Always Left
Tim Inkster 148-149
Intervals, With Shakespeare
Don McGorman 150-152
To You;

The Black Dress;

Tunnel Vision
Jeanne Cook 153-155
Lawrence Durrell's Avignon Quincunx and Gnostic Heresy
James P. Carley 156-167
The Obituary
Mary Macdonald 168-182
Sky Dark, Cloudless and Starless;
The Seasons Break Their Shapes;

St. Maudlin (La Folle)
Neile Graham 183-187
Ken Cathers 188-189
My Mother's Gown;
At Taboada Spa
Carole Stone 190-191
Mr. Arc-En-Ciel
Brenda MacKenzie 192-207
After a Death
Rich Ives 208-213
A Touch of Impatience;
A New Leaf;

A Friendly Warning
Fleur Adcock 214-217
The Mill
Harold Rhenisch 218-220
The Stones Road
Matthew Kudelka 221-234
The Orient Express
John Ditsky 235

Book Reviews

Luanne Armstrong, Castle Mountain
Robin Skelton 236
Gary Geddes, The Acid Test
Robin Skelton 236
Peter Porter, English Subtitles
Robin Skelton 236
Jay MacPherson, Poems Twice Told
Robin Skelton 236
Lawrence R. Smith, The New Italian Poetry: 1945 to the Present—A Bilingual Anthology
Robin Skelton 236
Charles Tomlinson, The Flood
Robin Skelton 236
Ian Hideo Levy, The Ten Thousand Leaves: A Translation of the Man'yoshu, Japan's Premier Anthology of Classical Poetry, Volume One
Robin Skelton 236
P.K. Page, Evening Dance of the Grey Flies
Robin Skelton 237
Adrienne Rich, A Wild Patience Has Taken Me This Far: Poems 1978-1981
Robin Skelton 237
F.R. Scott, The Collected Poems of F.R. Scott
Robin Skelton 237
Stephen Scobie, A Grand Memory for Forgetting
Robin Skelton 237
David McFadden, My Body was Eaten by Dogs
Robin Skelton 237
Donald Finkel, What Manner of Beast
Robin Skelton 237
Philip Levine, One for the Rose
Robin Skelton 237
Miriam Waddington, The Visitants
Robin Skelton 237
Ralph Gustafson, Conflicts of Spring
Robin Skelton 237
Marvin Bell, These Green-Going-to-Yellow
Robin Skelton 237
Robertson Davies, The Rebel Angels
Robin Skelton 238
Evan S. Connell, Mrs. Bridge
Robin Skelton 238
Bob Shaw, The Ceres Solution
Robin Skelton 238
Sondra Gotlieb, First Lady, Last Lady
Robin Skelton 238
Timothy Findley, Famous Last Words
Robin Skelton 238
Margaret Atwood, Bodily Harm
Robin Skelton 238
Graham Petrie, Seahorse
Robin Skelton 238
Jack Hodgins, The Barclay Family Theatre
Robin Skelton 239
Wyndham Lewis, The Apes of God
Robin Skelton 239
Mavis Gallant, Home Truths: Selected Canadian Stories
Robin Skelton 239
Julian Symons, The Great Detectives
Robin Skelton 239
Richard Hoyt, 30 for a Harry
Robin Skelton 239
William Deverell, High Crimes
Robin Skelton 239
Michael Innes, Lord Mullion's Secret
Robin Skelton 239
Howard Engel, The Ransom Game
Robin Skelton 239
Ian Slater, Air Glow Red
Robin Skelton 240
Ellen Godfrey, By Reason of Doubt: The Belshaw Case
Robin Skelton 240
Ralph Freedman (ed.), Virginia Woolf, Revaluation and Continuity
Robin Skelton 240
Michael Talbot, Mysticism and the New Physics
Robin Skelton 240
Michael Alexander, The Poetic Achievement of Ezra Pound
Robin Skelton 240
Larry D. Benson and John Leyerle (eds.), Chivalric Literature
Robin Skelton 240
John Haffenden, Viewpoints: Poets in Conversation with John Haffenden
Robin Skelton 240
Dauphne Du Maurier, The Rebecca Notebook & Other Memories
Robin Skelton 241
Vincent Moore, "Gladiator of the Courts": Angelo Branca
Robin Skelton 241
Patrick Crean, More Champagne Darling
Robin Skelton 241
Howard Teichmann, Fonda; my life
Robin Skelton 241
Michael Haley, The Alfred Hitchcock Album
Robin Skelton 241
Michael R. Booth, Victorian Spectacular Theatre 1850-1910
Robin Skelton 241
Watson Parker, Deadwood: The Golden Years
Robin Skelton 241
Sanford Shire (ed.), Nellé
Robin Skelton 241
Edwin S. Hall, Jr., Margaret B. Blackman, Vincent Rickard: Northwest Coast Indian Graphics: An Introduction to Silk Screen Prints
Robin Skelton 242
James Malton, Dublin Views
Robin Skelton 242
Mitsumasa Anno and Masaichiro Anno, Anno's Magical ABC: an anamorphic alphabet
Robin Skelton 242
Sylvia Danter (ed.), Dorset 81: Cape Dorset Annual Graphics Collection
Robin Skelton 242
Dorothy Jean Ray, Aleut and Eskimo Art
Robin Skelton 242
Roger H. Boulet, Toni Onley: A Silent Thunder
Robin Skelton 242
Bo Curtis and J.A. Kraulis, Canada from the Air
Robin Skelton 242
John Flanders, The Craftsman's Way: Canadian Expressions
Robin Skelton 243
Betty Gibbs, The Art of Len Gibbs
Robin Skelton 243
Lawrence Distasi, Mal Occhio
Robin Skelton 243
Patricia Monaghan, The Book of Goddesses and Heroines
Robin Skelton 243
F. Paul Wilson, The Keep
Robin Skelton 243
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