No 60

Winter 1981

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Journal Editor
Charles Lillard 5-9
She Keeps the Dance Turning Like the Earth
Duane Niatum 10-17
The Waterfall Song;
The Realities of Autumn;

Cedar Man;

Journey to the Islands
Duane Niatum 18-22
Voyage of the Eye: A Search for Sources
Carl Hall 23-36
Eight photographs
Carl Hall 37-44
Indian folktales from British Columbia
Franz Boas 45-77
Centennial Year for the Spirits
Sister Goodwin 78-81
Song of the Northern Lights;
Tim McNulty 82-83
The Sen of Niguudzaagha
Mary Tall Mountain 84-93
Message from a Ponca Woman to her friends, the Omahas, 1877, during the first removal;

Naming the Sun;

The Courtship of Sun and Moon;

They say the earth is slowing down;

Anita Endrezze-Danielson 94-100
The Rebirth of Haida Arts and Crafts
Bill Ellis 101-104
Four Photographs
Mary Ida Henrikson 105-108
Extracts from The Ceremony I Missed, translated and presented by Michael Spencer
Michel Butor 109-125
Michel Butor: An Interview
Jennifer Waelti-Walters 126-138
R.A. Swanson 139
The Raven and the First Men: the Progress of a Carving
Bill Reid 140
Four Photographs
Bill Reid 141-144
Through the Night;
Poem at Winter Solstice;

The Old Friend Arriving;

Coyote and River;

The Hunt;

Letter to Kieffer from Orcas Island;

The Rough Hewn Walls
Jo Cochran 145-152
Alaska off Whidbey Island;
Winter Brothers;

Charles Lillard 153-157
The West of the Island
George Woodcock 158-175

Book Reviews

Francis Petrach (trans. Nicholas Kilmer), Songs and Sonnets from Laura's Lifetime
Robin Skelton 176
Dorothy Farmiloe, Words for my Weeping Daughter
Robin Skelton 176
Derwent May (ed.), The Music of What Happens: Poems from The Listener 1965-1980
Robin Skelton 176
Andrew Suknaski, In the Name of Narid
Robin Skelton 176
Frank Davey, Selected Poems: The Arches
Robin Skelton 176
George Woodcock, The Mountain Road
Robin Skelton 176
Paul Muldoon, Why Brownlee Left
Robin Skelton 176
Michael Alexander, Old English Riddles
Robin Skelton 177
David Holbrook, Selected Poems
Robin Skelton 177
W.S. Merwin, The Satires of Persius
Robin Skelton 177
Eugenio Montale, It Depends: A Poet's Notebook
Robin Skelton 177
Anthony Rudolf, After the Dream: Poems 1964-1979
Robin Skelton 177
Linda Gregg, Too Bright To See
Robin Skelton 177
Brian Swann, Paradigms of Fire
Robin Skelton 177
Richard Burns, Tree.
Robin Skelton 177
Muriel Spark, Loitering with Intent
Robin Skelton 177
Brian Swann, Elizabeth
Robin Skelton 177
Fannie Flagg, Coming Attractions
Robin Skelton 178
Doris Lessing, The Sirian Experiments
Robin Skelton 178
Paul Goodman, The Galley to Mytilene, Stories 1949-1960
Robin Skelton 178
H.E. Francis, Naming Things
Robin Skelton 178
Richard K. Nelson, Shadow of the Hunter
Robin Skelton 178
Paul Bowles, Let It Come Down
Robin Skelton 178
Arthur J. Knodel, St.-John Perse Letters
Robin Skelton 178
Gerald Brittle, The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren
Robin Skelton 178
Elspeth Cameron, Hugh MacLennan: A Writer's Life
Robin Skelton 178
James Brabazon, Dorothy L. Sayers
Robin Skelton 178
Rasmussen, Rasmussen, Savage and Wheeler, A Harvest Yet to Reap
Robin Skelton 179
Michael Wood, In Search of the Dark Ages
Robin Skelton 179
James R. Walker, Lakota, Belief and Ritual
Robin Skelton 179
Sam Hamill, At Home In The World
Robin Skelton 179
John Bayley, Shakespeare and Tragedy
Robin Skelton 179
Norman H. Mackenzie, A Reader's Guide to Gerard Manley Hopkins
Robin Skelton 179
Marjorie Perloff, The Poetics of Indeterminacy
Robin Skelton 179
Dorothy Simpson, The Night She Died
Robin Skelton 180
Joseph Wambaugh, The Glitter Dome
Robin Skelton 180
Howard Shaw, Killing No Murder
Robin Skelton 180
Robert Barnard, Death in a Cold Climate
Robin Skelton 180
Peter Van Greenawat, Cassandra Bell
Robin Skelton 180
Frank Whiteford, Egon Schiele
Robin Skelton 180
M.F.K. Fisher, A Cordiall Water
Robin Skelton 180
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#17 Raven with Sun and Moon
Mary Henrikson

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