No 59

Fall 1981

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Journal Editor
The Barbarism of "Specialization"
José Ortega Y Gassett 5-10
One Saturday in June
Irene Barbara Lea 11-19
Freeze Up;


The Thin Grey Bitch
David Miller 20-23
A Small Death
John Montague 24-25
Reflection of the Hawk
Julia Moe 26-27
William Virgil Davis 28-33
The Man on the Mountain
R.A. Perkins 34-41
For The Man Who Left His Pen
Ann York 42-43
My New Wax Fingertips;
They Readied The House Before I Woke
Lala Koehn 44-47
There Might Be Angels
Douglas H. Glover 48-59
From Syria: The Worksheets, Proofs, and Text
Ezra Pound 60-92
The Man Who Stopped Talking
Kenneth Radu 93-99
At the Empress Hotel
Matt Cohen 100-119
Parking Lot;
They're Not Crazy, You Know
H. Potrebenko 120-124
Man With Elephant
James Sunwall 125-127
Garage Sale
William McKeen 128-133
The Letter
Ka. Di. Sontakke 134-145
Calvert Casey AND Notes on a Reading of "Piazza Margana"
R.M. Nadal 146-156
Charting Inner Space
Mary Di Michele 157
Revolution: Flashback
Susan Luther 158-159
Two Women on Ward 2B
Janice Blue-Zwarts 160-161
The Birthday Party
Robert J. Rankin 162
John V. Hicks 163

Book Reviews

Herman Palsson and Paul Edwards, Gongu-Hrolf's Saga
Robin Skelton 164
Derek Pethick, The Nootka Connection, Europe & the Northwest Coast 1790-1795
Robin Skelton 164
Peter Ackroyd, Ezra Pound and His World
Robin Skelton 164
Pamela Hansford Johnson, The Unspeakable Skipton
Robin Skelton 164
Alan Sillitoe, The Second Chance
Robin Skelton 164
Carol Shields, Happenstance
Robin Skelton 164
Geoff Hancock (ed.), Magic Realism
Robin Skelton 164
John Gardner, Licence Renewed
Robin Skelton 164
C.P. Snow, Death Under Sail
Robin Skelton 165
Peter Van Greenaway, "Cassandra" Bell
Robin Skelton 165
Robert Barnard, Death In a Cold Climate
Robin Skelton 165
Frank Davey, Louis Dudek and Raymond Souster
Robin Skelton 165
Bradford Morrow and Seamus Cooney, A Bibliography of the Black Sparrow press, 1966-1978
Robin Skelton 165
Harry Levin, Memories of the Moderns
Robin Skelton 165
Peter Thomas, Robert Kroetsch
Robin Skelton 165
Sherrill Grace, Violent Duality: a study of Margaret Atwood
Robin Skelton 165
Andrew Motion, The Poetry of Edward Thomas
Robin Skelton 165
Kathy Torrence, An Art Nouveau Album
Robin Skelton 165
William P. Spence and David G. Vequist, Graphic Reproduction
Robin Skelton 166
Rebecca Sisler, Passionate Spirits
Robin Skelton 166
Dale Zieroth, Mid-River
Robin Skelton 166
Robert Watson, Night Blooming Cactus
Robin Skelton 166
Douglas Lochhead, High Marsh Road
Robin Skelton 166
Kathleen Raine, The Oracle In The Heart
Robin Skelton 166
Josephine Miles, Coming to Terms
Robin Skelton 166
Sam Hamill, Animae
Robin Skelton 166
Raymond Queneau, Exercises in Style
Robin Skelton 166
Peter Davison, Barn Fever and other poems
Robin Skelton 167
Daryl Hine, Selected Poems
Robin Skelton 167
Robert Friend, Somewhere Lower Down
Robin Skelton 167
William Pitt Root, Reasons for Going it on Foot
Robin Skelton 167
Otavio Paz and Charles Tomlinson, Airborn/Hijos del Aire
Robin Skelton 167
Raymond Souster, Collected Poems of Raymond Souster. Vol. Two
Robin Skelton 167
Henry Carlile, Running Lights
Robin Skelton 167
Anne Marriott, The Circular Coast: Poems New and Selected
Robin Skelton 167
George McWhirter, The Island Man
Robin Skelton 167
Michael Longley, Selected Poems 1963-1980
Robin Skelton 167
Bill Bisset, Selected Poems: Beyond Even Faithful Legends
Robin Skelton 167-168
Phyllis Webb, Wilson's Bowl
Robin Skelton 168
Anne Szumigalski, A Game of Angels
Robin Skelton 168
Adrian Henri, From The Loveless Motel
Robin Skelton 168
Lorna Uher, Humans and Other Beasts
Robin Skelton 168
Al Purdy, The Stone Bird
Robin Skelton 168
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Gulls and Daws
P.W. Jarrett

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