No 58

Summer 1981

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-9
Ten Poems from An Arbitrary Dictionary
John Pass 10-16
The Fantasy of Mervyn Peake
Bryn Gunnell 17-35
Fourteen Chinese Poets, Translated by C.H. Kwan
The Son I Did Not Bear
Parijat 42-48


In Sum;

Richard Haven 49-51
Conversations with Madame Man Ray
Mark Gomes 52-76
Letter To My Jailer
Daniel Moyano 77-87
Helpless in the Face of Poetry;
Lone Stretch
Naomi Rachel 88-89
The Hell-Box;
David Andrus 90-91
Ninth Life
Deborah Tall 92-95
Arab Car;
Under New Management;

Terrance Cox 96-99
Looking for Cats
David A. Petreman 100
A Mutual Understanding
Neil Reed 101-104
An Interview with Timothy Findley
Alison Summers 105-110
Beverly Hocking 111
Shepherd's Bush Aubade;
The Dead Are Watching Over;

On Holy Island
Mark Abley 112-115
Time After;
Jane Urquhart 116-117
A Rainy Day;
An Indiana Poet Travels East to MacDowell with the Migrating Coyotes
Roger Pfingston 118-119
Cakes, Piles and Pianos
Kathy LeCorre 120-122
Stars and Trees
Mark Irwin 123
Pier Georgio Di Cicco 124
The English Cemetery, Bogota
R.A.D. Ford 125
The Monastery
Peter Rea 126-128
Little Spirit
Richard Lemm 129

Book Reviews

David Hockney, Paper Tools
Robin Skelton 130
Marci Lipman and Louise Lipman, IMAGES, Contemporary Canadian Realism
Robin Skelton 130
Frank Getlein, Mary Cassatt Paintings and Prints
Robin Skelton 130
Henry Moore and Kenneth Clark, Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook
Robin Skelton 130
Jerrold Morris, 100 Years of Canadian Drawings
Robin Skelton 130
Mark Strand, Selected Poems
Robin Skelton 130
Kristjana Gunnars, One-Eyed Moon Maps
Robin Skelton 131
Ruth Feldman and Brian Swann (trans.), The Dawn Is Always New, Selected Poetry of Rocco Scotellaro
Robin Skelton 131
Stephen Guppy, Ghostcatcher
Robin Skelton 131
Tom Wayman, Going for Coffee
Robin Skelton 131
Seamus Heaney, Selected Poems 1965-1975
Robin Skelton 131
A.E. Watts, The Metamorphoses of Ovid, with etchings by Pablo Picasso
Robin Skelton 131
Leona Gom, Land of The Peace
Robin Skelton 131
Deirdre Ballantyne, Pigs Are Not All Pork Chops
Robin Skelton 131
John V. Hicks, Winter Your Sleep
Robin Skelton 131
Sharon Thesen, Artemis Hates Romance
Robin Skelton 132
Lawrence Durrell, Collected Poems 1931-1974
Robin Skelton 132
Robert Finch, Variations & Theme
Robin Skelton 132
Jon Silkin, Selected Poems
Robin Skelton 132
Leon Rooke, Fat Woman
Robin Skelton 132
Jacquetta Hawkes, A Quest of Love
Robin Skelton 132
Bernard Epps, Pilgarlic The Death
Robin Skelton 132
Peter Haining, ed., The Gaston Leroux Bedside Companion
Robin Skelton 132
George Bowering, Fiction of Contemporary Canada
Robin Skelton 133
William Golding, Rites of Passage
Robin Skelton 133
Kent Thompson, Shaking Up
Robin Skelton 133
Evan S. Connell, Saint Augustine's Pigeon
Robin Skelton 133
Stuart Keate, Paper Boy
Robin Skelton 133
Stephen Spender, Letters to Christopher
Robin Skelton 133
Jonah Raskin, My Search for B. Traven
Robin Skelton 133
Len Deighton, Battle of Britain
Robin Skelton 133
Alan Twigg, For Openers
Robin Skelton 134
Barbara Strachey, Remarkable Relations
Robin Skelton 134
Earle Birney, Spreading Time. Remarks on Canadian Writing and Writers. Book I: 1904-1949
Robin Skelton 134
George F. Butterick (Ed.), Charles Olson & Robert Creeley: The Complete Correspondence, volumes 1 and 2
Robin Skelton 134
George Woodcock, A Picture History of British Columbia
Robin Skelton 134
Charles Francisco, You Must Remember This…The Filming of Casablanca
Robin Skelton 134
Richard Hoyt, Decoys
Robin Skelton 134
Edward D. Hoch (Ed.), Best Detective Stories of the Year -- 1980
Robin Skelton 135
William L. DeAndrea, The Lunatic Fringe
Robin Skelton 135
Douglas Clark, Golden Rain
Robin Skelton 135
Howard Engel, The Suicide Murders
Robin Skelton 135
Herbert Harris (Ed.), John Creasey's Crime Collection 1980
Robin Skelton 135
Simon Brett, The Dead Side of the Mike
Robin Skelton 135
Barbara DiBernard, Alchemy and Finnegans Wake
Robin Skelton 135
Seamus Heaney, Preoccupations, Selected Prose 1968-1978
Robin Skelton 135
Michael Ossar, Anarchism in the Dramas of Ernst Toller
Robin Skelton 135
Charles O. Hartman, Free Verse, An Essay on Prosody
Robin Skelton 136
W.J. Keith and B.-Z. Shek (Eds.), The Arts in Canada: the last fifty years
Robin Skelton 136
Robert G. Lawrence and Samuel L. Macey (Eds.), Studies in Robertson Davies' Deptford Trilogy
Robin Skelton 136
Zbigniew Folejewski, Futurism and Its Place in the Development of Modern Poetry
Robin Skelton 136
Northrop Frye, Creation & Recreation
Robin Skelton 136
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