No 57

Spring 1981

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Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-8
Life by Drowning
Jeni Couzyn 9-32
Brian Swann 33-34
Yeats' Dragons: the Sources of "Michael Robartes and the Dancer" and "Her Triumph" as Shown in the Manuscripts
David R. Clark 35-88
The Boy and Annharrod
Mike McCadden 89-106
Reply to An Epitaph;
Leaves Among the Snow
R.L. Cook 107
The Marvellous Mistress
Greg Gatenby 108-109
Party Favour
Daniel David Moses 110-111
By La Push
Marc Hudson 112-113
Tinker, Tailor
Carolyn Ricapito 114-119
Scrap From a History
Theodore Kitaif 120-123
The Magic Show; The Stone Orchard
Joyce Carol Oates 124-125
Early Fall;
The Morning Mail: A Brief Irreverie
Carolyne Wright 126-127
The Season of Blood
Betsy Struthers 128-129

Eurydice's Song
Frances Hale 130-132
Old Man
Jeanette Erlbaum Goldsmith 133-140
Seven Nocturnals;
Adolescence of Day;

The Age of Blue Memory;

Burnished Day, Conch of the Voice;

The Sleep of the Brave;


Seven Days for Eternity
Odyesseus Elytis 141-147
The House
Barbara Powis 148
Conversation with Victor Sparre
Edward Robinson 149-158
Family Portrait: Christmas 1978;

Ken's Deli at Midnight: Boston, 1979;

Balancing Act
Patrika Robertson 159-162

Patricia Thuner Jones 163-165

Book Reviews

The People of K'san, Gathering What the Great Nature Provided
Robin Skelton 166
Silver Donald Cameron, Dragon Lady
Robin Skelton 166
Patrick White, The Twyborn Affair
Robin Skelton 166
Mordecai Richler, Joshua Then and Now
Robin Skelton 166
Dorothy Salisbury Davis, Scarlet Night
Robin Skelton 166
John Metcalf, General Ludd
Robin Skelton 166
John Metcalf (Ed.), First Impressions
Robin Skelton 167
Clark Blaise and John Metcalf (Eds.), 80: Best Canadian Stories
Robin Skelton 167
Tom Clark, The Great Naropa Poetry Wars
Robin Skelton 167
Sylvia Legge, Affectionate Cousins -- T. Sturge Moore and Maria Appia
Robin Skelton 167
Bill Holm and George Irving Quimby, Edward S. Curtis in the land of the war canoes: A pioneer photographer in the Pacific Northwest
Robin Skelton 167
Sylvia Beach, Shakespeare and Company
Robin Skelton 167
James Moore, Gurdjieff and Mansfield
Robin Skelton 167
Keith Sagar, The Life of D.H. Lawrence, an illustrated biography
Robin Skelton 168
Edward Cavell, Journeys to the Far West
Robin Skelton 168
L.M. Montgomery, Francis W.P. Bolger and Elizabeth R. Epperly (Eds.), My dear Mr. M: Letters to G.B. MacMillan
Robin Skelton 168
Andrew Wheatcroft, The Tennyson Album
Robin Skelton 168
Anthony Alpers, The Life of Katherine Mansfield
Robin Skelton 168
Stephen Hume, Signs Against An Empty Sky
Robin Skelton 168
William Everson, The Masks of Drought
Robin Skelton 168
Leslie Norris, Walking the White Fields
Robin Skelton 168
Guillaume Apollinaire, CALLIGRAMMES
Robin Skelton 169
Dale Jacobson, Poems for Goya's Disparates
Robin Skelton 169
Dorothea Wender, Roman Poetry From The Republic To The Silver Age
Robin Skelton 169
Marilyn Bowering, Sleeping With Lambs
Robin Skelton 169
Martin Booth, Devil's Wine
Robin Skelton 169
Glen Sorestad, Ancestral Dances
Robin Skelton 169
Carol Tinker, The Pillow Book of Carol Tinker
Robin Skelton 169
Robert Marteau, Treatise on White and Tincture
Robin Skelton 169
Shirley Kaufman, Looking at Henry Moore's Elephant Skull Etchings in Jerusalem During the War
Robin Skelton 169
Muriel Rukeyser, The Outer Banks
Robin Skelton 170
Ludwig Zeller, In the Country of the Antipodes Poems 1964-1979
Robin Skelton 170
Margaret Stutley, Ancient Indian Magic and Folklore
Robin Skelton 170
Dr. Raymond Stark, N.D., The Book of Aphrodisiacs
Robin Skelton 170
Philipa Waring, A Dictionary of Omens and Superstitions
Robin Skelton 170
Tom Graves and Janet Hoult (Eds.), The Essential T.C. Lethbridge
Robin Skelton 170
Michelle Smith and Lawrence Pazder, Michelle Remembers
Robin Skelton 170
Colin Graham, Philip McCracken
Robin Skelton 171
Kenneth Hughes, The Life and Art of Jackson Beardy
Robin Skelton 171
Michael D. Coe, The Maya
Robin Skelton 171
G. Brender A. Brandis, Wood, Ink & Paper
Robin Skelton 171
Ludwig Zeller, Alphacollage
Robin Skelton 171
Malcolm McLeod, Treasures of African Art
Robin Skelton 171
Jill Leslie Furst and Peter T. Furst, Pre-Columbian Art of Mexico
Robin Skelton 171
A.W. Reed (Ed.), Early Paintings of the Maori, Illustrated and Described by George French Agas
Robin Skelton 172
George Woodcock, The World of Canadian Writing, Critiques & Recollections
Robin Skelton 172
J.M. Gray, Thro' The Vision of the Night: A Study of Source, Evolution, and Structure in Tennyson's Idylls of the King
Robin Skelton 172
John H. Lenihan, Showdown
Robin Skelton 172
Jean Hall, The Transforming Image: A Study of Shelley's Major Poetry
Robin Skelton 172
Michael Bernstein, The Tale of The Tribe: Ezra Pound and the Modern Verse Epic
Robin Skelton 172
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The Doom Fulfilled
Sir Edward Burne-Jones

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