No 54

Summer 1980

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Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-8
The Mooch
Nescio 9-36
Low Tide at Oyster Bay
Paddy McCallum 37
Past the Tollgate
Yannis Goumas 38-39
Six Divine Circles;
This Manner of Flattery;

Night Vision;

Somewhere in the Story
Gail Ghai 40-43
The Celebration
Susan Ioannou 44-45
Sketches of a Lemon
Robert Kroetsch 46-49
Selections from "Inclus"
Eugene Guillevic 50-60
Now and Again
Roo Borson 61
The Room;

The Dead Crow
Martin H. Moose 62-64
Twelve photographs
Roger Pfingston 65-76
Selections from the Bijak of Kabir
Linda Hess 77-89
Morning Poem;
Jennivien-Diana Beenen 90-91
The Wing;
The Beginning of Fall;

The Stillness of a Room
Allan Cooper 92-96
As in the Beginning
Mari Di Michele 97
You'd Hardly Think So
Francine Geraci 98-99
Diana Hayes 100-101
Chamber Music
John Ditsky 102
Virgil Burnett 103-109
Zbigniew Herbert and the Imperfect Poem
John Carpenter 110-122
Faded Photos
Susan Hall Herport 123
Space/Time Complements;

Song of the Intruder
Maria Jacobs 124-127
For Your Inferiority Complex
David O'Rourke 128-129
The Rock Tumbler
Monty Reid 130-131
Telephone Call
Patrick Worth Gray 132
A Certain Slant of Light
Claudia Christopherson 133-139
I Am Doing This for Both of Us;
Flemish Dawn
Rich Ives 140-142
Sally Bryer Mennell 143
Return to Prinsengracht;
The Fields: For Katherine Heather
Janice Blue-Zwarts 144-148
Last Time of Saying
Dorothy Stott 149
The Warrior;
Against Violence;

Robley, Jr. Wilson 150-152

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Books in Review
Journal Editor 153-159
Notes on Contributors

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Roger Pfingston

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