No 53

Spring 1980

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Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-8
Desire and Death: Susan Musgrave
Jon Pearce 9-25
Primary Numbers;


Edvard Kocbek 26-29
Branch Lines
Kim Maltman 30-31
The Dikes
Léonard Forest 32-42
Getting On
Hillel Schwartz 43
Bore-Hunting in Pasadena
Lawrence P. Spingarn 44-45
chinese screen 3;
chinese screen 5;

chinese screen 6;

chinese screen 7;

chinese screen 8
Norman Nathan 46-50
Wild Berries
Leona Gom 51
Mount Ten-En
Harold Wright 52-59
Jane Urquhart 60-61
The Worry
Kathryn E. MacKay 62
Cesare Peverelli's "Salome"
F.C. St. Aubyn 63-76
Graham Seal 77-91
Waking in Nice
Patricia Traxler 92-93
D.C. Pierce 94-100
Theresa Kishkan 101-106
Peace River Country
Nicholas Mason-Browne 107
In Days of New;
When Light Rays Bend
Elizabeth Bartlett 108-109
The Sincerity of Patrick Kavanagh
Adrian Frazier 110-131
pas de deux
Ron Miles 132

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Books in Review
Journal Editor 133-136
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Percy W. Jarrett

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