No 52

Winter 1979

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Journal Editor
Tomorrow I'll Be Twenty-Eight And Old
Sonia Birch-Jones 5-18
California Christmas;
Loops II;

The Garden of Technology
Gene Frumkin 19-23
Four Tanka Poems
Miyoko Goto 24-27
The Drowning
Benny Andersen 28-40
Meena Alexander 41
Going Nowhere Fast;
John Dean 42-43
The Portrait of E;
For Padmanab (who may not like it)
Anne Szumigalski 44-47
The Sack
W.W. Barker 48-49
Diana Keating 50-51
Patrick Worth Gray 52
Hugh Cook 53-64
The Sculptures of Yves Trudeau
Yves Trudeau 65-76
Gabrielle Roy's The Hidden Mountain: a Poetic Expression of Existential Thought
Barbara Fiand 77-85
The Spirit
Doug Turner 86-87
Twenty Tanka Poems
Reiko Tsukimura 88-91
On the Boat To Avallon;
Leavetaking/July 4;

For We Are All Madwomen
Barbara Sweeney 92-96
Communing at Midnight
Myrna Bouchey 97
Aphrodite Rising;

Because I Deeply Praised;

Angelos Sikelianos 98-103
"A Shadow On Its Way To Earth": A Radio Play
Friederike Mayröcker 104-113
In Another Spot Halfway Round the World
Hans Carl Artmann 114-116
The Poem
Naomi Rachel 117
Wolf Print;
To My Great Aunt Edie Liddiard-Vincent
Donna Dunlop 118-119
Letter To My Brothers
William Virgil Davis 120-122
Her Highness
Strowan Robertson 123-132
To My Father
Tony Curtis 133
Time Passing
Karl Krolow 134-137
Plot of a Belief
Friederike Mayröcker 138-140

Book Reviews

Books in Review
Journal Editor 141-144
Notes on Contributors

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Closed and Opened Wall #51, 1978
Yves Trudeau

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