No 51

Fall 1979

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Table of Contents

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Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-7
Witness Poetry
Ralph Gustafson 8-16
The Role of the House in Canadian Fiction
Diane Schoemperlen 17-32
Indian Poet Living in the West
G.S. Sharat Chandra 33
Sea Changes;
James Harrison 34-37
Trying to Keep You Living
Joyce Nelson 38-39
On The Street Where You Live
Dabney Stuart 40-41
An Interview With Lawrence Durrell on the Background to Monsieur and its Sequels
James P. Carley 42-46
Himself Within
Gary Ross 47-49
The Skeena
George Woodcock 50-53
Portrait of Max Ernst;
Portrait of Andre Breton;

Portrait of Paul Eluard;

Portrait of Gala Eluard;

Portrait of Louis Aragon
Benjamin Peret 54-56
The Paintings of Mariano Villalta
Robin Skelton 57-76
Train to Lausanne
Glendy Gall 77-91
Love Poem
Doug Beardsley 92-93
At Filey Brig;
Nocturne for Jean
Christopher Wiseman 94-95
Glenogle Baths, Edinburgh;

Toronto Y.M.C.A.
David Summers 96-98
Ars Poetica
Timothy Brownlow 99
Muerte, Nada, and Bradley Jones
Jack Matthews 100-110
Fleshy Flowers
Sadiq Chubak 111-115
The Woods
Richard Burns 116-117
Poem for My Mother;
To Think That I Once Thought
Stan Trevor 118-119
September 12th;
Robert Stephen Hawker Vicar of Mortenstow, 1804-1875;

John Fairfax 120-123
My Name is Barbara
Patricia Thuner Jones 124-130
Klee AND Kandinsky at Dessau
Mike Doyle 131
The Unexpected Sorrow of a Logical Man
Barry Dempster 132-133
We Are This Simple;
Starting Over;

When You Go to the Sage
Sharon Berg 134-138
Orders of Space
Peter Russell 139-145

Book Reviews

Books in Review
Journal Editor 147-152
Notes on Contributors

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Untitled Painting
Mariano Villalta

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