No 50

Summer 1979

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Table of Contents

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Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-7
The Past Rising From Our Midst
Charles Lillard 8-22
Fifty Works of British Columbia Fiction 1908-1969
Charles Lillard 23-26
Judy Winter 27-36
Eagle (Kwa-Gulth), Print, 1971
Tony Hunt 37
From Running: The Fifties, Book I of Difficulty at the Beginning, a trilogy of novels in progress
Keith Maillard 38-47
Split Cannibal Bird (Kwa-Gulth), Guache, n.d.
Tony Hunt 48
Howard O'Hagan 49-64
"Unless the Eye Catch Fire…"
P.K. Page 65-86
Raven Design (Kwa-Gulth), Gouache, n.d.
Tony Hunt 87
Portrait of Duck
Robin Skelton 88-94
Split Raven Design (Kwa-Gulth), Gouache, n.d.
Tony Hunt 95
The Catch
Steve Guppy 96-113
Killer Whale (Kwa-Gulth), Ink, n.d.
Tony Hunt 114
George Payerle 115-118
Thunderbird, and Killer Whale (Kwa-Gulth), Print, 1978
Tony Hunt 119
A First Class Funeral
Sonia Birch-Jones 120-143
The Elsewhen Homilies
J. Michael Yates 144-145
Sun Design (Kwa-Gulth), Gouache, 1975
Tony Hunt 146
The Way Back
Norman Alford 147-154
Thunderbird, Man, Killer Whale and Human (Kwa-Gulth), Print, 1978
Tony Hunt 155
Love Song to Palinurus
Theresa Kishkan 156-160
Fiona the First
W.P. Kinsella 161-176
Killer Whale (Kwa-Gulth), Ink, 1972
Tony Hunt 177
The Steps
Garry McKevitt 178-191
Copper Design (Kwa-Gulth), Print, n.d.
Tony Hunt 192
Adolpho's Disappeared and We Haven't a Clue Where to Find Him
Leon Rooke 193-213
Thunderbird Design (Kwa-Gulth), Ink and wash, 1969
Tony Hunt 214
Night World
Rona Murray 215-225
Sun Design (Kwa-Gulth), Ink and watercolour, n.d.
Tony Hunt 226
Hubert Evans 227-235
"Hamatsa" Raven (Kwa-Gulth), Print, 1978
Tony Hunt 236
Four Fictions
Derk Wynand 237-243
Killer Whale (Kwa-Gulth), Ink, 1970
Tony Hunt 244
Aunt Di, A Tale of the Twenties
Gwladys Downes 245-257
Southern Moon (Kwa-Gulth), Print, 1977
Calvin Hunt 258
Juraj Slamko and the Sundance Kid
Jan Drabek 259-267
Wolf Design (Kwa-Gulth), Print, 1976
John Livingston 268

Book Reviews

New and Recent Books of B.C. Interest
Journal Editor 269-271
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

Mythical Killer Whale Design (Kwa-Gulth), 1979
Tony Hunt

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