No 43

Fall 1977

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-7
All Things to All Men
Robert Graves 8-54
A Personal Revolution: The Art of William Featherston
Robin Skelton 55-64
Paintings, drawings and prints
William Featherston 65-76
Season Song;
Gusts of Memory;


Common Ground;

The Dead That Hold Me;


Empty Graves;

The Sea is for Me
Andre Frenaud 77-82
Lela Parlow 83-85
Winter Harbour;
North Coast Lament;

Animals are Surplus
Marilyn Bowering 86-93
Five Sonnets: Introduced and translated by Desmond O'Grady
Guiseppe Gioacchino Belli 94-99
White Lies
Seán Virgo 100-114
"Room for All...": The Poems of Ondra Lysohorsky
Hugh McKinley 115-118
At the Forge

'Who Will Take Me In His Hands?'
Ondra Lysohorsky 118-119
David Swanger 120-121
Prison Poems: Introduced and translated by Ian McLachlan
Ho Chi Minh 122-131

Book Reviews

George Bornstein, Transformations of Romanticism in Yeats, Eliot, and Stevens
Patrick Healy 132-133
Rosemary Sullivan, Theodore Roethke: The Garden Master
Jarold Ramsey 133-138
Jack Hodgins, The Invention of the World
Charles Lillard 138-139
George McWhirter, Queen of the Sea
R.W. Stedingh 140-141
Books Read and Strongly Recommended
Journal Editor 142-146
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

untitled silkscreen print
William Featherston

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