No 41

Spring 1977

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Table of Contents

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Journal Editor
Linda Sandler 5-6
Interview with Margaret Atwood
Linda Sandler 7-27
Sermon for the Day;
In Time of the Comet
Ralph Gustafson 28-29
Breaking the Circle
Rosemary Sullivan 30-41
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Normalcy
Jane Rule 42-49
Io and Argus;
Rosedale Valley Ravine 3
Janis Rapoport 50-51
Transformation Mask for Margaret Atwood
George Woodcock 52-56
A Note on the Marxism of Atwood's "Survival"
Rick Salutin 57-60
An Unburnished One-Tenth of One Per Cent of An Event
Al Purdy 61-64
An Album of Photographs
Margaret Atwood 65-88
Atwood Under and Above Water
Tom Marshall 89-94
The Images of Atwood
Robert Fulford 95-98
Mutational Blessing
George Woodcock 99
Al Purdy 100-101
How To Be Your Own Best Survival
John Hofsess 102-106
Timeless Constructions—A Note on the Poetic Style of Margaret Atwood
Robin Skelton 107-120
Margaret Atwood 121-133
Margaret Atwood: The Stoic Comedian
Rowland Smith 134-144
Barnyard and Garden Sonnet
Tom Marshall 145
Collage for Lady Oracle
Linda Sandler 146-147
Then There Was the Week;
Susan Musgrave 148-149
Basic Victim Positions
George Bowering 150-151
Margaret Atwood 152
Anima: A Pictographic Sextain for Margaret Atwood
Robin Skelton 153-164
Atwood Gothic
Eli Mandel 165-174
The Resplendant Quetzal
Margaret Atwood 175-188
Gwendolyn MacEwen 189
Atwood: A Miniature
George Jonas 190
On Reading the Atwood Papers in the Thomas Fisher Library
Jerome H. Rosenberg 191-194
A Preliminary Checklist of Writings By and About Margaret Atwood
Alan J. Horne 195-222
Books Read and Strongly Recommended
Journal Editor 223-225
Notes on Contributors

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