No 46

Summer 1978

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-8
A Correspondence 1927-1957, Edited with an Introduction by Carol Lee Saffioti
Herbert Read 9-39
Mountain Dream
William Virgil Davis 40-41
Recipe for Thunder;
The Late Comer
Larweh Therson-Cofie 42-43
A Drawing;

Birds Nest
Gloria Fuertes 44-45
The Plimsoll Line
Ron Smith 46-58
Crossing the Bar
Patricia José 59-61
Phyllis Webb 62-64
Twelve Collages
John Digby 65-76
A Tale Which Holdeth Children From Play
George Bowering 77-83
Summer of Night
Yves Bonnefoy 84-87
Journals from the Ark
James B. Hall 88-91
Interior Landscape (1);
Interior Landscape (2);

Interior Landscape (3);

Interior Landscape (4);

Interior Landscape (5)
Rich Ives 92-94
Mystras: the Search for the Great White Horse
Gwendolyn MacEwen 95-104
Miniature from the Life of Ambrose Hobbs
Valerie Chatterton 105
Going Down;
The Hero
George Hitchcock 106-108
Does Moonlight Suffice?;
A Line
Mubera Mujagic 109
The Grecian Urn
W.P. Kinsella 110-123
Lessons in Natural History;
A Poem for My Wife Strictly About the Weather
David Posneer 124-129
What is Noticeably Present;

The Box Marked Patience
Laurence Moffi 130-132
Steve Guppy 133-136
You Gave Me Hyacinths
Janette T. Hospital 137-143

Bartolo Cattafi 144-145
Giuseppe Ungaretti 146
The Dragon in the Chimney
John V. Hicks 147

Book Reviews

The Collected Poems of Thomas Merton
George Woodcock 148-151
Liam Miller, The Noble Drama of W.B. Yeats
David R. Clark 151-152
David R. Williams, "...The Man for a New Country"
Robin Skelton 152-153
J. Michael Yates, Esox Nobilior Non Esox Lucius
Charles Lillard 153-155
Books Read and Strongly Recommended
Journal Editor 156-160
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

John Digby

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