No 45

Spring 1978

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-10
Eight Found Poems From the Journals of Emily Carr
Rita Hammett 11-18
Ghost Story;
Blooding the Earth;

Learning the Bomb;

The Lady's Blue Cloak
Marilyn Bowering 19-23
Pine Boughs and Apple Trees;
the Poetry of Patrick Lane
Marilyn Bowering 24-34
How the heart stinks with its devotions;
Day after day the sun;

Even though she has been pushed;

Ice Storm;

At the edge of the
Patrick Lane 35-38
Astronomical Bearing;
Animus, Anima;

Five-finger Exercises;


"L'Habitant de mes Pensees";

Words for a High Dark Trail
Gwladys Downes 39-49
Writer of Legends;

Arithmetic Progression;

End of the world comes early;


The Women
Jill Rogers 50-55
A Journal for Don Caamano
George McWhirter 56-60
Fred Wah 61
Roo Borson 62-63
Carolee Dale 64
Eight Artists of British Columbia
Journal Editor 65-72
Susan Musgrave: Hinging the Blind Memory
Sharon McMillan 73-81
A Marriage;
Without Title;

Even in the Ordered World;

The Angel Maker;

Woodcutter, River-God and I;

North Beach Birth
Susan Musgrave 82-91
Worksheets: "Mourning Song"
Susan Musgrave 92-103
Home and Native Land
Seán Virgo 104-108
The Visitant
Robin Skelton 109-116
In Control;
Lost Faith/Fallen Idols
T.A. Dobbie 117

The Wandering Moon;

Stone Fish;

Love Poem;

Island/and Land
Patricia Jose 118-123
R.W. Stedingh 124-125
The Heart is Oil;
Death by Water;

Spell for White Sandals;

The Stonecutter's Horses
Robert Bringhurst 126-134
Coming to This
Rosalind MacPhee 135-140
Note found in a Bottle;

Harbour Sequence
Monica Kulling 141-143


Way Things Are;


Blue Heron
Ken Cathers 144-151
Ingrid Jonker
Sally Bryer 152
The Death of the Bear;
Snake Market;

For a Shade Among the Dead
Rona Murray 153-160
Eight Artists of British Columbia
Journal Editor 161-168
P.K. Page: the Chameleon and the Centre
Constance Rooke 169-195
Evening Dance of the Grey Flies;
About Death;

Song…Much of it Borrowed;


On Brushing My Hair in the Static-filled Air;

Sestina for Pat Lane after Reading Albino Pheasants
P.K. Page 196-201
'In Fire the Voice Goes Further';
Alexander Hutchison 202-205
Cayman at Hollows Marsh;
Message from Morpheus;

Pigeon on East Pender Street;

Sestina for Superior
Diana Hayes 206-211
Womb Song;
Resting Song;

Nausikaa, Vancouver Island;

Charm for Shelter;

Charm Gone Wrong
Theresa Kishkan 212-218
Amethyst—Against Drunkenness;
A Bearded Man, In Profile;

Birth Place;

Joan Rodgers 219-221
Old Cariboo Wagon Road North;
My River Fraser
Eric Ivan Berg 222-223
Deathwatch on Skidegate Narrows
Sean Virgo 224-256
The Burial;
The Visitors;

The Pride;


Garry McKevitt 257-260
The Crow in the Oak Tree: His Memory
Colin Browne 261
Outside the Garden;

November Incident;

Spring Balance
Mike Doyle 262-264
Eight Artists of British Columbia
Journal Editor 265-272
One View from the Kynoch;
Circling the Avenue;



Fec's Pool
Charles Lillard 273-278
Chesterman Bay;

Barkley Sound;

Black Gold, Blue Mountains
Doug Beardsley 279-284
Nebulous Love Poem;

Poem for Herbert
Derk Wynand 285-292
The Miner;
To Julius H. Franklyn, Late of Barkerville 1847-1870;

Pictures from Barkerville
Florence McNeil 293-298
Rona Murray 299-307
Landscape Interrupted by Three Ideas
Richard Stevenson 308
Knight Inlet Sky
John Marshall 309
Rites for a Nightmare
Cheryl Bauer 310-311
Cats are Clouds with Teeth;
It Rained on Sunday
Catherine Robinson 312-313
Canadian Passport;
Frederick Candelaria 314-315
Free Translations;
Still there are wars and crimes of war
Phyllis Webb 316-318
Daylight in the Swamp
Charles Lillard 319-340
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Christmas Card for 1962
Margaret Peterson

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