No 37

Spring 1976

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Journal Editor
Derk Wynand 5-7
In Memoriam Adolf Loos, Translated by Ewald Osers
Oskar Kokoschka 8-12
The Good Soup, Translated by Maria Guttenbrunner
Friedrich Achleitner 13-16
Death-Song Love-Song, Translated by Derk Wynand
Friederike Mayrocker 17
Narrating of a Narration, Translated by Harriet Watts
Friederike Mayrocker 18-19
The Boy with Seven Fingers;
The Great Gobbler
Lev Detela 20-21
Songs of the Death of a Father
Alice Schwarz 22-28
Swamp Song, Translated by Derk Wynand
Jeannie Ebner 29-34
from Green-Sealed Tidings, Translated by Derk Wynand
Hans Carl Artmann 35-44
The Answer
Alfred Gesswein 45-48
Four Prose Pieces, Translated by Almut McAuley
Thomas Bernhard 49-53
Answer to a Vexed Question
Gerald Bisinger 54-55
Karl Spreitz
Robin Skelton 56-64
Collages, Ink Drawings, Mixed Media, Assemblages, pp. 16, 28, 48, 52, 53, 96, 113, 128, 138, 146
Karl Spreitz 65-80
Quodlibet, Translated by Michael Roloff
Peter Handke 81-89
protestations (Austrian style);
Helmut Zenker 90-91
before the long silence;
7 distinctive marks;

a thing on the floor
Ernst Jandl 92-93
Every Day;
Ingeborg Bachmann 94-96
Francis and Me, Translated by Derk Wynand
Peter Rosei 97-106
The Measures Taken;
Unoccupied Room
Erich Fried 107-109
Going On;
Peacock, Masc. The;

Bettina Behn 110-113
Herod, Translated by Derk Wynand
Ilse Aichinger 114-124
Preface, Translated by Ewald Osers
Elfriede Jelinek 125-128
Legitimate Questions: a radio play, Translated by Ewald Osers
Elfriede Gerstl 129-138
Friederike Schwab 139
Evening on the Beach;
Haul Over;

Low Tide
Ilse Tielsch-Felzmann 140-142
Dover, Translated by Stuart Friebert
Ilse Aichinger 143-146
To Older Fires;
Christine Busta 147
some things
Gerhard Rühm 148
Notes on Contributors

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Portrait of a Girl, 1913
Oskar Kokoschka

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