No 8

Winter 1968

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Table of Contents

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Journal Editor
Going to China
Norma Klein 5-14
The Little Fringes
Miriam Waddington 15
The Wind as Book;
Eve and Her Husband Shortly After the Fall
Deborah Eibel 16-18
Twentieth-Century Views
John Robert Colombo 19
The Party;
Xanadu, with Tubas
Stanley Cooperman 20-23
Mirror, Mirror
Gwladys Downes 24
Canticle for Electronic Music 2;
The Boxer;

Set-Netting on a Storm Tide
J. Michael Yates 25-27
Peter Stevens 28-29
Thinking Russian
John Wain 30-59
The Art of Mel Ramos
Robin Skelton 60-72
The Man in Black
Maria Soldati 73-76
Scent of Orange Blossom by the Stream at Ninfa;
In Answer to a Letter Asking for Volumes of my Early Poems;

Told in a Dream;

The Gulls
Kathleen Raine 77-80
Lord Nelson
Juan Jose Hernandez 81-82
The Centaur
Charles Edward Eaton 83
Concerning Pumpkins
John Monk 84
A Garland of Green Stamps
Lawrence P. Spingarn 85
James B. Hall 86-87
Blackfish Creek
Brendan Galvin 88
In a Section of Indiana
Freda Quenneville 89
A Vision: For Tom
William R. Slaughter 90
Cuchulainn's Boyhood Deeds
Thomas Kinsella 91-104
The Contemporary Composer: Tradition and Environment
Edmund Rubbra 105-110
The Invisible Man: Josiah Willard Gibbs
Richard C. Schoonmaker 111-118

Book Reviews

The Self-Effacement of the Novelist
John Peter 119-128
Books Received and Strongly Recommended
Journal Editor 129-133
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

Walrus, 1967
Mel Ramos

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