No 6

Summer 1968

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
Shorty Kim
Song Pyong-Su 5-21
The Modern Poetry of Japan
Harold P. Wright 22-33
Six Poems
Han Yu 34-38
The Reasons Why the Man Inside Looks Like a Deformed Invalid;
Death of a Frog;

Sakutaro Hagiwara 39-40
Henry Carlile 41
Composition of Extraordinary Heat
Frans Van Mastrigt 42
Glyn Hughes 43
Garden of Liberty Square
C. Drummond De Andrade 44-45
Hans Magnus Enzensberger 46
News from Somewhere
Daniel Abasiekong 47
Thinking of Noubli Laroussi
Philip Appleman 48-49
Of Spinsters;
Children of the Ghetto Dream of Tel-Aviv
Deborah Eibel 50-51
The Two Kisses
Paul Blackburn 52
Tired of All Noble Love
Gunnar Ekelof 53
After Anger
May Sarton 54-55
The Dirge
Kwesi Brew 56-57
In the Fields of Camphor
Yvan Goll 58
The Winter Moon
Kyozo Takagi 59
Point Grey
Daryl Hine 60-61
A Note on John Piper's Towers and Churches
John Peter 62-72
The Crawling Eye
Fred Chappell 73-97
Komparu Zenchiku's "Yokihi"
Donald Keene 98-104
Anne Sexton 105-114
An Apology
Journal Editor 128

Book Reviews

Rosetti's Letters: Part 2
William E. Fredeman 115-126
"Whig Fiction" or Slipped Diction?
Patricia Koster 126-128
Books Received and Strongly Recommended
Journal Editor 129-132
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

Detail from Parable of the Sower
John Piper

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