No 32

Winter 1974

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-7
Christmas in Africa
Jeni Couzyn 8-19
Osip Mandelstam: The Poet and the Word
John M. Gogol 20-22
The Word and Culture
Osip Mandelstam 23-27
On the Nature of the Word
Osip Mandelstam 28-44
Three Octets
Osip Mandelstam 45
The Impatient Patient
Gonzalo Suarez 46-50
What Is The Language Using Us For?
W.S. Graham 51-55
The Journey of Carl Morris
David Wagoner 56-64
Carl Morris 65-80
The Letter G;
The Letter M;

The Letter O
Robert A. Hedin 81-85
Two Ways of Speaking to a Bird
Paul Jenkins 86-87
To Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Yannis Goumas 88-89
Layer Cake
Benny Andersen 90-94
The Act of Love
Peter Russell 95-98
Dream of the Oyster: Translated by Derk Wynand, with an introduction and notes by Jennifer Waelti-Walters
Michel Butor 99-118
The Blow of the Morning;
The Tomato
Murilo Mendes 119-120
Thirteen Erotic Poems
Constantine Cavafy 121-128

Book Reviews

Hugh Kenner, The Pound Era;
Hugh Kenner, Bucky, A Guided Tour of Buckminster Fuller;

Stuart Y. McDougal, Ezra Pound and the Troubadour Tradition;

Lucio Piccolo, Collected Poems
Peter Russell 129-137
David Jones, The Sleeping Lord and other fragments;
David Blameres, David Jones: artist and writer
H. Summerfield 137-140
Notes on Contributors

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Core, 1973
Carl Morris

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