No 30

Summer 1974

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-6
En Face: Borges;
Fragment of Arm, These Veins;

The Poetess, Her Growing Sparseness
Anthony Kerrigan 7-8
Digressions in July
Richard R. O'Keefe 9
Six Protests to the Mother of All Things and a Palinode;
These Are;

Leonard Nathan 10-15
Distant Northern Birdsong;
An Exhibit of Currier and Ives
Dale Nelson 16-17
In The Evening;


Roger Pfingston 18-21
Mad Chatter
Alexander Taylor 22-23
The Edge of the City
Paul Ramsay 24
Family Portraits
Massud Farzan 25-27
Small Talk
Jay Meek 28
Pastoral Meditations
Pamela Hadas 29-32
William Carlos Williams
Warren Carrier 33
Domestic Melancholy;
The Second Poem in Traffic
Norman Mallory 34-35
Death Snow
Sam Bradley 36-37
For Lucia and the Black Widows of Sperlonga
Philip Appleman 38-43
Change of Plans;
Death of a Friend;

Winter Love Poem
Deborah Tall 44-45
The Round-the-world Hoax;
Indian Hill
Richard Hillman 46-49
Strange Bird
Stephen Shu-Ning Liu 50
The Marking of Time;
Robert Parham 51
Thetis Blacker
Robin Skelton 52-54
Thetis Blacker's Apocalypse: Four Views
Pamela Tudor-Craig 55-76
The Last of the Feinsteins: A Play in One Act for Two Players
Tony Connor 77-91
The Man Who Fed the Cats
Harry Maurer 92-97
The Hangover Gambit
Peter Lefcourt 98-107
Patricia Traxler 108-109
Innocence - 1950
Robert Sward 110-115
Hands Feet Eyes;
A History Lesson
Charles Fishman 116-120
Jeremy Long 121
A Connoisseur of Suicide Notes;
The Fall;

Double Take
William Virgil Davis 122-126
West 42nd Street
Elaine Edelman 127
An Exhibit of Picasso
Sandra McPherson 128

Book Reviews

D.M. Clark, Inside Shadows;
John Sandman, Fords Eat Chevs;

Don Bailey, If You Hum Me a Few Bars I Might Remember the Tune or Stories
Jill Pringle 129-131
Peter Russell, Paysages Legendaires
Susan McCaslin 131-136
Yannis Ritsos, Gestures;
Kimon Friar, Modern Greek Poetry from Cavafis to Elytis
Marilyn Bowering 136-139
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

Christ the Conqueror
Thetis Blacker

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