No 29

Spring 1974

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Table of Contents

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Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-6
Reading Quevedo by the Sea;
Here I Shall Stay;

Pablo Neruda 7-10
Ezra Pound: The Last Years
Peter Russell 11-44
Big Song;

Finding an Arrowhead on an Old Battlefield;

Magic Strings I;

Magic Strings II;

Among Ruins
Li Ho 45-52
On the Lake;
A Game of Chess on the Hill;

Listening to the Cry of Insects on a Winter Night;

Farewell to Hsia Chan
Po Chu-i 53-54
Not Bowing to Old Age
Kuan Han-Ch'ing 55-57
Ten Poems
Yang Wan-Li 58-64
Twelve Drawings
Myfanwy Pavelic 65-76
The Good-for-Nothing Lover: A Cycle of Ming Dynasty Folk Songs
Authors Unknown 77-90
Autumn Thoughts (7);
Poem Dedicated to My Friend Hou Hsi;

Poem on Losing One's Teeth;

5 Poems for the Pond in a Bowl;

Under the Influence of Spring (2)
Han Yu 91-99
Joyce: An Invocation;
James Joyce;

Whorehouses Like Angels
Jorge Luis Borges 100-103
Stretching and Yawning with Yeats and Pound
David R. Clark 104-117
The Funeral of My Procession
G.S. Sharat Chandra 118-119
One Hand Clapping
Howard Schwartz 120
Song of the River;
The Bare Arms in Packing Cases;

The Desert Under the Breath
Jayanta Mahapatra 121-123
Picture in the Form of a Sliding Door;
Still Life (A Reproduction);

Sculpture as a Window with Panes of Mirrored Glass to Hang Among Trees
Ronald Johnson 124-126

Book Reviews

Pablo Neruda, Residence on Earth;
Pablo Neruda, The Heights of Macchu Picchu;

Pablo Neruda, Extravagaria;

Pablo Neruda, Splendor and Death of Joaquin Murieta
Gillian Briggs 127-133
Robert Kroetsch, Gone Indian
R. Fenwick Smith 133-136
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Mopsy, 1968
Pyfanwy Pavelic

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