No 27

Fall 1973

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-7
The Secret Name
W.S. Graham 8-9
A Farewell;
Lawrence Durrell 10-11
Serpentina's Petticoat
Jan Wolkers 12-27
After His Poetry Reading
James B. Hall 28-29
For R.B., in Zurich;
Sorry, Wrong Number;

Twenty Suppositions plus One Supplication
Yannis Goumas 30-33
Song of the Caged One;
Love Song of a Reasonable Man;

When Government Came to the World
Jeni Couzyn 34-38
The Romantic Tradition in David Jones
Paul Hills 39-80
The Buffoons Have Gone;


The Angels
Peter Huchel 81-84
Conversation with the Blackbird;

A Child's Sketch;

The End of Art;

The Need for Censorship;

Every Day;

Village in Moravia
Reiner Kunze 85-87
Djama Sida Okba
Hans Dieter Schäfer 88
Ars Longa
Hilde Domin 89
Ingeborg Bachmann 90
Mr. Cogito and Pure Thought;
The Alienation of Mr. Cogito;

Mr. Cogito and the Movement of Thought
Zbigniew Herbert 91-94
Andrzej Szmidt 95
Return from Town
Wincenty Faber 96
A Magician Almost;
Popular Beauty;

The Untamable One;

Double Exile
Yiannis Ritsos 97-100
from The Concert of the Hyacinths;
from Clear Days;

from Clear Days
Odysseus Elytis 101-103
When there will be nothing left for me
Dragutin Tadijanovic 104
Risto Ratkovic 105
Nine Poems
Mathieu Benezet 106-107
We are the time that's left us
J.M. Caballero Bonald 108-112
Tripe, Oporto Style;
All Love Letters;

I Would Love to Love to Love
Alvaro de Campos 113-115
Untitled Greek Elegy Attributed By Petrarch to (?) Quintilius
Peter Russell 116-119
Coming of Age in Upper Manhattan
Norma Klein 120-126
Gold Mask from Mycenae
Kathleen Abbott 127
Folie a deux;
Fleur Adcock 128-131

Book Reviews

John Montague, The Rough Field
Derek Mahon 132-137
Paul H. Walton, The Drawings of John Ruskin
John Hayman 137-140
Eugene Webb, The Plays of Samuel Beckett
R. Fenwick Smith 140-142
Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow
Peter Stevens 142-143
Notes on Contributors

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Revolver II
Alan Riddell

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