No 26

Summer 1973

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-8
The Unprotected Border
Eugene McNamara 9-17
Old Man Talks
Benjamin Abel 18
Jeannette Armstrong Bonneau 19
Trap Songs;
Sorcerer's Song
Moses Bruce 20-23
In dian;
To Bryan
Skyros Bruce 24-26
My Nokum
Pauline Doore 27
Daughter of the Nootka;
The Carver Speaks
Cam Hubert 28-31
This was the Time;
Far Away I Heard an Owl
Edward John 32-34
Woman is a Sometimes Rain
Susan Landell 35-37
I Will Tell the Story
Quilchinhin (George) Sewhilkin (Lezard) 38
Joseph McLeod 39-41
Sarain Stump 42
Creased Clinic
Gordie Williams 43-45
Notes on the Authors
Marilyn Bowering 46-47
Sylvia Canetta 48-52
The Narrow Pass
Emily Sion 53
George McWhirter 54-55
J. Michael Yates 56
N.W. Alford 57-62
Drawings and Prints: with Some Passages from a Notebook
Pat Martin Bates 63-76
From a Draft of "Solo": a Novel in Three Movements
Dennis Brown 77-89

Blind Children
David Summers 90-92
John Peter 93-132
Did You Know Anything At All
W. Keon 133
The Journey of Meng Chiao;
Dreaming of Gardens
Mike Doyle 134-135
Descent of the Falcon
G.V. Downes 136-140
Darkness is Undone
R. Giguerre 141
An Enormous Anguish
Yves Prefontaine 142
The Wild White Duck
Rina Lasnier 143
The Darkness Violated by Light: a Revisionist View of H.G. Wells
George Woodcock 144-160
Bosch Simplified
Jak English 161
Which of the Following
Pier Giorgio Di Cicco 162
Derk Wynand 163
The Burning
George Amabile 164-166
Problem Number One
Keith Wilkinson 167
Marilyn Bowering 168-170
A Voice In Winter
R.W. Stedingh 171
John Hassall 1868-1947
Peter Dobereiner 172
John Hassall 173-180
Arnold's "The Youth of Nature" and "The Youth of Man": Two Major Oracles on Life and Death with Mother
George Forbes 181-204
The Poet in the Last Days
Elizabeth Brewster 205-206
I Remember Dali When He Was Just a Little Kid and Couldn't Keep His Nose Clean: A One Act Play
Lawrence Russell 207-217
Gerard Manley Hopkins' Spelt From Sibyl's Leaves
Norman H. Mackenzie 218-228

Book Reviews

Irving Layton, Engagements: The Prose of Irving Layton
Burton Kurth 229-231
Clifford Leech and J.M.R. Margeson, eds., Shakespeare 1971, Proceedings of the World Shakespeare Congress, Vancouver, August 1971
Robert Schuler 231-232
W.H. New, Articulating West;
Margaret Atwood, Survival;

George Woodcock, The Rejection of Politics and other essays
Gary Geddes 233-234
David Helwig, The Best Name of Silence
George McWhirter 235-236
Eugene McNamara, PASSAGES & other poems
George McWhirter 236-237
Robert Hogg, Standing Back
George McWhirter 237-238
bill bissett, nobody owns th earth
Derk Wynand 238-239
Bill Howell, The Red Fox
Derk Wynand 239-240
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

Black Star Mandorla for Rumi in an Arctic Night
Pat Martin Bates

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