No 25

Spring 1973

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Table of Contents

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Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-8
Pickwick Papers Rewritten, Prefatory Note by A.S.G. Edwards
Robert Graves 9-30
The Marmosite's Miscellany
Robert Graves 31-50
Reproduction Prohibited
Jose Ricardo Morales 51-64
Jan Le Witt 65-76
The Poet Invented the Moon;
Grape and Gooseberry;


Four Mirrors in a Room;

Jan Le Witt 77-84
An Irish History: the Shape of the Sword
Jorge Luis Borges 85-89
The Public: Federico Garcia Lorca's Unpublished Play
R.M. Nadal 90-109
A Song About Garcia Lorca
Nikolai Aseyev 110-111
Garcia Lorca's Guitar
Robert Rozhdestvensky 112-113
When They Killed Lorca
Evgeny Evtushenko 114-115
Definition of Poetry
Joseph Brodsky 116-117
Pablo Neruda 118-119
Cues and Contentions
William Fifield 120-140
Robert Graves 141-156
Three Racial Annotations
Anthony Kerrigan 157-158

Book Reviews

John E. Stoll, The Novels of D.H. Lawrence
Norman Alford 159-160
Richard Boyd Hauck, A Cheerful Nihilism: Confidence and "The Absurd" in American Humorous Fiction
Herbert Smith 160-161
Andrew Marvell, "The Rehearsal Transpros'd" and "The Rehearsal Transpros'd; the Second Part"
Thomas R. Cleary 162
F.W. Bateson, The Scholar-Critic: An Introduction to literary research
Robin Skelton 162-163
J. Michael Yates, ed., Volvox: Poetry from the Unofficial Languages in Canada… in English Translation
Derk Wynand 163-164
James Bacque, A Man of Talent
Dennis Brown 164-165
Barbara Deming, Wash Us and Comb Us
Constance Rooke 165
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

L'oiseau de paradis
Jan Le Witt

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