No 24

Winter 1972

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
David S. Thatcher 5-6
Unpublished Letter to Friedrich Nietzsche
Franz Liszt 7
Nietzsche's Gospel
G. Wilson Knight 8-14
Rhetorical Lyric for the New Pop God
Anthony Kerrigan 15
Apollo on Dionysus
Roy Fuller 16-17
A Performance of the Bacchae
G.S. Fraser 18-19
George Barker 20
Seer and Warrior
Jack Clemo 21
The Birth of Tragedy
Irving Layton 22
Nietzsche and Poetry: a Discussion
Irving Layton 23-29
A Scholar's Departure: Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy
David S. Thatcher 30-44
Three Dionysus Dithyrambs
Friedrich Nietzsche 45-52
"Dual Value Response"… a New Key to Nietzsche?
Colin Wilson 53-66
Nietzsche in the Thirties
George Woodcock 67-78
The War;
The Stones
George MacBeth 79-80
A Nietzsche Album
Journal Editor 81-92
A New Nietzsche Biography
Curt Paul Janz 93-102
Nietzsche in the Sixties
Herbert W. Reichert 103-120
The New Critical Edition of Nietzsche's Complete Works
Mazzino Montinari 121-133
On the Pathos of Truth
Friedrich Nietzsche 134-138
The Hidden Beginnings of the Nietzschean Philosophy
Karl Schlechta 139-144
Twenty Verse Epigrams from The Gay Science
Friedrich Nietzsche 145-149
The Tragedy of Knowledge: Notes on Nietzsche's Memorabilia
Peter Heller 150-163
Montemo in Gondola
R.J. Hollingdale 164-176
The Birth of Tragedy: a Checklist of Criticism, 1872-1972
Journal Editor 177-182
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An admirer's bookplate of Nietzsche in the possession of the Goethe and Schiller Archive in Weimar

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