No 21

Spring 1972

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-8
Six Blankets
Robert Graves 9
Notes on a Performance;
Fleur Adcock 10-12
Snow White Returns to the Forest
Bert Almon 13
Two Love Songs
Michael Fessler 14-15
David Day 16
Pink Sharon
Daniel Halpern 17
Answer to Procopius
David Solway 18
A Love Poem
Anthony Vaughan 19
Some Popular Songs of Tibet
Jeanette Snyder 20-39
Nami Waves;

Goodbye Before Dawn
Nakano Shingeharu 40-43
Twenty-One Love Poems from the Manyoshu
Sigiri: Palace in the Sky
Keath Fraser 50-59
Earth-Bound Man: the Imagination of Ellis Jacobson
Robin Skelton 60-72
The Trees Are Moving
Ruskin Bond 73-81
After I Was Born;
Takahashi Shinkichi 82-83
A Selection of Landeys, Short Songs of the Nomadic Pashtoons of Afghanistan
Bajrang the Great Indian Bustard
Vilas Sarang 89-95
Three Poems From the Chinese
Daniel Bryant 96-97
The Sphinx Wasp
Christopher Wiseman 98-99
R. & J.;
Farewell to Summer
Andrew Busza 100-101
Lying in Wait
Shintaro Ishihara 102-116

Book Reviews

Wright Morris, Fire Sermon
Constance Rooke 117-118
Mordecai Richler, St. Urbain's Horseman
Leon Rooke 118-119
John Ehle, The Journey of August King
Leon Rooke 119-120
Richard Roud, Godard
Lawrence Russell 120-121
David Hare, Slag
Lawrence Russell 121-122
Hugh MacDiarmid, A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle
Alastair Watt 122-123
Sorley MacLean, George Campbell Hay, William Neill, Stuart MacGregor, Four Points of a Saltire
Alastair Watt 123-124
Writing of the 'Nineties, edited by Derek Stanford
Norman Alford 125-126
Frederick P. Grove, A Search for America;
Desmond Pacey, ed., Frederick Philip Grove
Herbert Smith 126-127
Norman Sherry, Conrad's Western World
Norman Alford 127-129
John Flores, Poetry in East Germany: Adjustments, Visions, and Provocations, 1945-1970
Derk Wynand 129-130
Ann Saddlemyer, ed., Letters to Molly. John Millington Synge to Maire O'Neill, 1906-1909
Robin Skelton 131-132
Colin Smythe, ed., Coole, by Lady Gregory
Robin Skelton 132
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Robert Graves, 1965
Ellis Jacobson

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