No 20

Winter 1971

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Table of Contents

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Journal Editor
A Man in a Million
John Wain 5-40
A Round on the House;
Two Natures
John Knight 41-43
Old Women
Charles Fishman 44-45
The Madness of Crowds;

Walking in Safety
Joyce Carol Oates 46-47
Strowan Robertson 48-56
Maxwell Bates: Experience and Reality
Robin Skelton 57-97
Moving Day
Elizabeth Brewster 98
The Heron
Gordon Burles 99
Frozen Park in Winter;
For My Daughter, Now Seven Years Old
Don Coles 100-101
Woman in Bed;
Michael Finlay 102
The Reef
Gary Geddes 103-105
Salem to Portland
Marian Greene 106
Charge of the Light Brigade
Ralph Gustafson 107
Of Dorbyan, Lithuania;
Robert Hawkes 108-110
Art School
John V. Hicks 111
A Miracle of Whalebone;
Naomi Sings
Susan Landell 112-114
Summer Scenes
Florence McNeil 115
Lament of a Preacher's Kid;
After the Ball Game
Anne Logie 116-117
Who is the Fairest of Them All?
Peter Stevens 118-119
Poem 1
Helen K. Wright 120
Miriam Waddington 120-121
The Cargo Cult
Tom Wayman 122-123
Lucio Piccolo 124-125
The Wars of Ambition
Henry Carlile 126

Book Reviews

Avrom Fleishman, The English Historical Novel: Walter Scott to Virginia Woolf
Herbert Smith 127-128
Thomas A. Vogler, Preludes to Vision: The Epic Venture in Blake, Wordsworth, Keats, and Hart Crane
Patrick Grant 128-129
Stanley E. Fish, Surprised by Sin: The Reader in Paradise Lost
Patrick Grant 129-130
William T. McKinnon, Apollo's Blended Dream: A Study of the Poetry of Louis MacNeice
Robin Skelton 130-131
Glynne Wickham, Shakespeare's Dramatic Heritage
Burton Kurth 131-132
James L. Calderwood, Shakespearian Metadrama
Burton Kurth 132-133
John Osborne, Very Much Like A Whale
Lawrence Russell 133-134
Playwrights For Tomorrow, Volume 7, edited, with an introduction, by Arthur H. Ballet
Lawrence Russell 134-135
Radcliffe Squires, Allen Tate, A Literary Biography
Herbert Smith 135-136
Fleur Adcock, High Tide in the Garden
Robin Skelton 136-137
Sylvia Plath, Crossing the Water
Robin Skelton 137-138
George Cuomo, The Hero's Great Great Great Great Great Grandson
Leon Rooke 139-140
David Helwig, The Streets of Summer
Leon Rooke 140-141
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Maxwell Bates, 1971
Myfanwy Pavelic

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