No 19

Fall 1971

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
P, Q and R
Peter Russell 5-23
Turtledove to Washington
Elizabeth Walden 24-36
The Faun
Charles Edward Eaton 37-55
Night and Fog;
Susan Musgrave 56-59
Donald Ross: A Personal View
Burton Kurth 60-76
February 8
Carolyn Stoloff 77
Where Houses Come Together There Are Trees
William L. Fox 78
Getting Through
Marilyn Krysl Thompson 79
The Landing at Delos
R.G. Collins 80-81
Detour, Journeying Through a Zen Painting;
Why I Keep Smiling to Myself
William McLaughlin 82-84
A Thumb Bruised Making Love
Richard W. Hillman 85
Sandra McPherson 86
Before the Millennium
Naomi Clark 87
The Shape in the Dust
Robert Stern 88
Beside a Grave at Stratford
Homer J. Henderson 89
In the Foothills of the Adirondacks
Greg Kuzma 90-91
Another Smolder of Color;
Is It You God?;

Once Before Sunrise;

The Secret Chalice
Reg Saner 92-94
Coffee With Hot Milk
Marlen Haushofer 95-100
The Raccoon Beyond the Firelight
William Whitman 101-107
Rick DeMarinis 108-114

Book Reviews

Stanley Kunitz, The Testing Tree
Robin Skelton 115-117
Norman Mailer, Of A Fire On The Moon
John Peter 117-118
Jane Lidderdale and Mary Nicholson, Dear Miss Weaver
John Peter 118-119
H.E. Bates, The Vanished World: Volume One
John Peter 119-120
Robert Melville, Henry Moore: Sculpture and Drawings 1921-1969
John Peter 120-121
Walter Michel, Wyndham Lewis, Paintings and Drawings
Robin Skelton 121-122
George Steiner, ed., Poem into Poem
Robin Skelton 122
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

11th Century Monastery, Paleocastritsa, Corfu, 1968
Donald Ross

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