No 18

Summer 1971

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Journal Editor
From The Faces of Day and Night
Kathleen Raine 5-15
The Bearers of Beethoven
Reiner Kunze 16-17
The Couple;
Under Pressure;

Tomas Transtromer 18-19
Road to Creva
Vittorio Sereni 20-21
My Eyes;
Young Water;

Golden Arm
Anzai Hitoshi 22-23
This Is Me
Giuseppe Prezzolini 24-28
Red Udder
Alberta T. Turner 29-31
Mr. Cogito Thinks About Suffering;
Mr. Cogito's Legs
Zbigniew Herbert 32-34
A White Woman Yawns in Mombasa
Paul Theroux 35
For the Night is Coming
Gunnar Ekel?f 36
The Silk Umbrella: a Memory
Fredelle Bruser Maynard 37-57
Elza Mayhew: a Language for Humanity
Robin Skelton 58-91
Another Sickness;
The Invasion;

Dorothy Livesay 92-94
Sercambi's Novella of Avarice and Lust
The Discontented Wife: a Droll Tale for Our Time
Alisa Weinreich 100-104
What Is Moving;

Rat and Woman;

Shinkichi Takahashi 105-108
Shinkichi Takahashi: Contemporary Zen Poet
Lucien Stryk 109-121
Etchings for an Autobiography
Tom Middlebro' 122-123

Book Reviews

Suzi Gablik, Magritte
Robin Skelton 124
Eric Walter White, Benjamin Britten: His Life and Operas
John Peter 124-125
William Gaunt, The Impressionists
Robin Skelton 125-126
Pauline Kael, Going Steady
John Peter 126
Michael Ondaatje, The Collected Works of Billy The Kid
Robin Skelton 127
Jean Follain, Transparence of the World
Robin Skelton 127-128
Kenneth Rexroth, Love and The Turning Year: One Hundred More Poems from the Chinese
Robin Skelton 128
Ted Hughes, Crow
Robin Skelton 128
William Butler Yeats, John Sherman & Dhoya
Robin Skelton 129
Julia O'Faolain, Godded and Godded
John Peter 129-130
Art Buchwald, Counting Sheep
John Peter 130-131
Eliot In Perspective, edited by Graham Martin
John Peter 131-132
Derek Stanford, Critics of the Nineties
Robin Skelton 132
Notes on Contributors

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Aeolus, 1962
Elza Mayhew

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