No 16

Winter 1970

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Journal Editor
Down the Road
Eugene McNamara 5-12
Richard Ryan 13
Tom MacIntyre 14-15
Public Love
Joyce Carol Oates 16-17
Skeleton of a Whale
Sam Bradley 18-19
The Shoelace
Lady Gregory 20-30
The Disinterested Assassin: Bill Harrigan
Jorge Luis Borges 31-34
In a Distant City
Salvatore Quasimodo 35
Words Entrusted to the Flanks of a White Doe I Almost Hit Where Three Roads Meet Near Delphi, N.Y.
Dugan Gilman 36-37
A Summer in the Country
Rosemary Silverman 38-49
W.B. Yeats and Stage Design at the Abbey Theatre
Liam Miller 50-84
An Interview with Patrick Boyle
Jack Matthews 85-90
Henry Slegtenhorst 90

Book Reviews

Richard Ryan, Ledges
Robin Skelton 91
Brendan Kennelly, ed., The Penguin Book of Irish Verse
Robin Skelton 91-92
Allen Jones, Figures
Robin Skelton 92-93
Arthur Bliss, As I Remember
John Peter 93-94
Lady Gregory, Cuchulain of Muirthemne;
Lady Gregory, Gods & Fighting Men;

Lady Gregory, Visions & Beliefs in the West of Ireland
Robin Skelton 94-95
Tom MacIntyre, Dance The Dance
John Peter 95-96
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