No 12

Winter 1969

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
The Blackiston Legend
James W. Groshong 5-15
Man Eater;
After Divorce
Elizabeth Webber 16-17
Speaking of Byron I
C.L. Lambertson 18-42
Sea Changes
John Montague 43-49
A Haunt of Storks
Barbara Jump 50-63
Non-Camera Photographs
Roger Pfingston 64-72
Tennyson as a Love-poet
Christopher Ricks 73-88
The Trace;
Wm. Pitt Root 89-91
The Swastika Painter
Earl Ganz 92-99
Celebration for a Drowned Man
Richard R. O'Keefe 100-101
Finding One's Way in the Dark;
Falling Asleep
Greg Kuzma 102-103
Crows Over the Wheat Field
Robert Fagles 104
Kingley Amis 105-116
The Seduction of the Ancients by Fire
George Chambers 117

Book Reviews

Adrien Stoutenburg, Short History of the Fur Trade
Robin Skelton 118
William Pitt Root, The Storm and Other Poems
Robin Skelton 118-119
Leonard Nathan, The Day the Perfect Speakers Left
Robin Skelton 119-120
Radcliffe Squires, Daedalus
Robin Skelton 120
Anthony Kerrigan, At the Front Door of the Atlantic
Seamus Heaney, Door Into The Dark
Colin MacInnes, Visions Of London
John Peter 122-123
Charles Portis, True Grit
John Peter 123-124
Robert Graves, On Poetry
John Peter 124-125
M.R. Booth, ed., English Plays of the Nineteenth Century. I. Drama 1800-1850;
M.R. Booth, ed., English Plays of the Nineteenth Century. II. Drama 1850-1900
Robin Skelton 125-126
Tom Cullen, The Empress Brown
John Peter 126-127
Douglas Brown, Against The World: Attitudes of White South Africa
John Peter 127
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

Detail from Robert Graves's engraving of the portrait by Thomas Phillips

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