No 11

Fall 1969

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Journal Editor
A Real Good Price;
And He Shall Have Music
George Cuomo 5-26
From Across the Canyon
Dennice Scanlon 27
On the Steps of the Lincoln Memorial;
After Divorce;

Man Eater
Stanley Radhuber 28-31
Shark Island;
The Park at Villammare;

Walking Praed Street
Richard Hugo 32-35
He's Dead…;
A bear living in a poem is bound to get hungry and eat up his house
Elizabeth Webber 36-37
The House and the Garden;
Susan Musgrave 38-39
The Smells of the Body
Knute Skinner 40
A Different Price;
Confederate Shacks
Edward T. Lahey 41-43
Rock Creek Suite;
Song for Winter;

Journey of the Fry Cook
Rick De Marinis 44-48
Snow, The Alpine Cabin
Charles Lillard 49
The Day the World Got Ripe;

Barbara Berg Ryder 50-52
In The Wet
Paul Hunter 53-57
Pendant Watch
Sister Madeline DeFrees 58
Sculpture as Metaphor: Five Bronzes by Hilda Morris
Robin Skelton 59-76
Harold Lloyd, Student;

Rafael Alberti 77-83
A "Free Run" in the Balloon Vivid: October 18, 1909
John S. Gooch 84-96
A Venation of Centaurs
J.I.M. Stewart 97-112
John Keats "In Thrall"
Gerald Frascatao 113-119

Book Reviews

Louis L. Martz, ed., The Anchor Anthology of Seventeenth Century Verse, Volume I;
Richard S. Sylvester, ed., The Anchor Anthology of Seventeenth Century Verse, Volume 2
Robin Skelton 120-121
Randall Jarrell, The Complete Poems
Robin Skelton 121-122
David Wagoner, New and Selected Poems
Robin Skelton 122-123
Gore Vidal, Reflections Upon A Sinking Ship
John Peter 123-124
Margaret Laurence, The Fire-Dwellers
John Peter 124-125
Julia O'Faolain, We Might See Sights!
John Peter 125-126
Alice Munro, Dance Of The Happy Shades
John Peter 126
Michael Kirkham, The Poetry of Robert Graves
Robin Skelton 127
Jon Stallworthy, Vision and Revision in Yeats's Last Poems
Robin Skelton 127-128
James Joyce's Dubliners: Critical Essays edited by Clive Hart
John Peter 128-129
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Cover Art

Ring of Time
Hilda Morris

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