No 10

Summer 1969

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Journal Editor
Literary London in the Thirties
Robert Speaight 5-15
Master Cat and Master Me;
Johann Joachim Quantz's First Lesson;

The Fifteen Devices
W.S. Graham 16-19
The Betrayal
Jack Matthews 20-28
Love in Sicily
Laurence Lerner 29
I Don't Know How to Dance
Manuel Bandeira 30-31
Thursday, Day of Superstition
Ferencz Juhasz 32-33
The Summoning of the Lion;
Attila Jozsef 34-35
Jean Chatard 36-37
George Jonas 38
Donald Hall 39
So That Nothing Will Be Changed
Rene Char 40-41
The Unknown Letter
Tadeusz Rozewicz 42
The Wolfdog
Jan H. De Groot 43
The Games Children Play
Irene Dayton 44-46
Brazil: Town and Country
Zulfikar Ghose 47
From an Eastern Notebook;

January 1917
Anna Akhmatova 48-49
Lucretius: III, 830-870
Lucretius 50-51
Dabney Stuart 52-55
The Spider
Sandra McPherson 56-57
The Woman
George Chambers 58
Watch the Birdie
Christopher Levenson 59
Graham Sutherland's Bestiary
John Peter 60-72
Crow in the High Woods
Dal Treit 73-85
The Wrath of Other Winds
Theodore Roethke 86-88
Roof of the World
Dan Davin 89-95
The Old Wife
Nancy A.J. Potter 96-103
Mr. Enderby and Mr. Burgess
Geoffrey Aggeler 104-110

Book Reviews

J.B. Leishman, The Art of Marvell's Poetry
Robin Skelton 111
Daryl Hine, Minutes
Robin Skelton 112
Keith Waldrop, A Windmill Near Calvary
Robin Skelton 112
Howard Moss, Second Nature
Robin Skelton 113
George Saintsbury, ed., Minor Poets of the Caroline Period, Vol. I
Robin Skelton 113-114
Norman Podhoretz, Making It
John Peter 114
William Turner Levy and Victor Scherle, Affectionately, T.S. Eliot
John Peter 114-115
Gordon S. Haight, George Eliot
John Peter 115-116
B.L. Reid, The Man from New York. John Quinn and His Friends
Robin Skelton 116
François Truffaut, Hitchcock
John Peter 116-117
The Black Sparrow Press: Recent Publications
Robin Skelton 117-118
Jack Shadbolt, In Search of Form
Robin Skelton 118
Peter De Vries, The Cat's Pajamas & Witch's Milk
John Peter 119
Notes on Contributors

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Night Insects and Candlestick, 1968
Graham Sutherland

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