No 4

Winter 1967

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Table of Contents

Janos and Macko
Veljko Petrovic 5-19
Two Poems from the Italian of Giuseppe Ungaretti
Stanley Kunitz 20-24
The United States and Cuba: a Latin-American View
Daniel Cosio Villegas 25-38
Insurance Against Suicide (the Immortal) with a Foreword
Yvan Goll 39-55
In Front of the Mirror
Vincente Aleixandre 56-57
You Have to Go Down
Jose Luis Hidalgo 58-59
Summer in Slumville
Angel Gonzalez 60-61
Pages from a Sketchbook of Paul Delvaux
Robin Skelton 62-76
Three Mexican Poets: Introduction
Lysander Kemp 77
A Speech for the Flowers
Carlos Pellicer 78-80
Octavio Paz 81-84
The Death of Refugio Godoy
Pedro Gutiérrez 85-87
The Duchess of Malfi
G. Wilson Knight 88-113
Robert Francis 114-118

Full Issue

Full Issue

Book Reviews

The Verge of Greatness
Robin Skelton 119-124
Books Received and Strongly Recommended
Journal Editor 125-128
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

Pen and Ink drawing
Paul Delvaux

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