No 36

Winter 1975

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-8
Three Poems of Africa
Stan Trevor 9-14
Steve Chimombo 15-24
The Color of Power
Linda Sandler 25-38
An Early Version of The Speckled Bird, a Novel, Edited by William H. O'Donnell
W.B. Yeats 39-56
Five Waking-up Exercises
Geoffrey Godbey 57
Evening in the Asylum
Agha Shahid Ali 58-59
Jascha Kessler 60-63
The Glass Heart
Lawrence Mathews 64
Western Duo
Gregory Masurovsky 65-74
Jennifer R. Waelti-Walters 75-76
The Tree Climber;
Fredric Matteson 77-79
Mastrim: A Meditation
Hugh Maxton 80-83
Emerson in the Land of the Dead
John Harmon McElroy 84-99
Farewell to a Ghost
Manoj Das 100-107
Making Movies;
Women in Bar
Linda Pyke 108-109
The First Salmon Rites (Haida songs)
Nicholas Catanoy 110-111
Getting Rid of Crisantemo
Gonzalo Suarez 112-119
The May Irwin—John C. Rice Kiss
Eugene McNamara 120-132
Penelope in Bayside
David Posner 133
Are You Rattling Around in That Big House?;

Nancy Sully 134-135
The Vixen;

How One After Another;

Like Flies;

San Miniato
Franco Fortini 136-139

Book Reviews

Audrey Thomas, Blown Figures
Linda Sandler 140-142
Wright Morris, A Life
Constance Rooke 142-143
Jane Rule, Lesbian Images
Robin Skelton 143
Rona Murray, Selected Poems
Robin Skelton 144
The Editors of the New Yorker, The New Yorker Book of Poems
Robin Skelton 144-145
Notes on Contributors

Cover Art

Michel Butor
Gregory Masurovsky

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