No 35

Fall 1975

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
William Featherston
Robin Skelton 5-7
The Moon Ends in Nightmare
Robert Graves 8-9
A Memory of Robert Graves
Susan Musgrave 10-13
The Graves I Know
James Reeves 14-17
A (Relatively) Bi-lingual Glimpse of Graves
Anthony Kerrigan 18-20
I: Robert Graves 1974
A Robert Graves Album 21-28
All Things to All Men: A memoir
John Auerbach 29-32
Anthony Kerrigan 33
John Montague 34
The Way of A Word
William Stafford 35
Muse ~ Queen Charlotte Islands
Marilyn Bowering 36
Craft and Ceremony: Some Notes on the Versecraft of Robert Graves
Robin Skelton 37-48
Worksheets of A Bracelet
Robert Graves 49-64
II: Robert Graves at Home
A Robert Graves Album 65-69
III: The Seizin's Press
A Robert Graves Album 70-72
Brief Account of the Foreign Displacement, Movements, and Whereabouts of the Seizin Press' Albion Press
Anthony Kerrigan 73-74
Dream Drums: Child As An Image of Conflict And Liberation
Devindra Kohli 75-100
Libation for Robert Graves
Ralph Gustafson 101
Stolen Lines For The White Goddess
Jeni Couzyn 102-103
The Prayer
Robin Skelton 104
IV: A Family Album
A Robert Graves Album 105-112
The Impact of World War I on the Early Poetry of Robert Graves
William David Thomas 113-129
Some Variants in the Text of Robert Graves' Alice
William David Thomas 130-134
V: Robert Graves At Large
A Robert Graves Album 135-142
The Dark Side of the Moon: Robert Graves as Mythographer
Patrick Grant 143-165
One Reason Why
Linda Sandler 166-167
Robert Graves: A Check-list of his Publications, 1965-74
A.S.G. Edwards 168-179
The Robert Graves Manuscript Collection at the University of Victoria
Howard Gerwing 180-185
Notes on Contributors

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