No 34

Summer 1975

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Table of Contents

Full Issue
Journal Editor
Robin Skelton 5-7
I and Wolverine;
I and Spirit;

House of Changes
Jeni Couzyn 8-16
The Swimmer
Rick De Marinis 17-24
Pathetic Poem;

Carlos Drummond De Andrade 25-27
Byron and Company;
Klaus Rifjberg 28-31
Fold-out Men
Jørgen Sonne 32-33
Paying a sick-call to Yao Ts'un-Tao in the Rain;
The Taoist Huang has Died of Alcoholism;

Drinking at Night with Yen Kung-Mou
Shen Chou 34-35
Pär Lagerkvist 36
The Black Death
Gunnar Harding 37-39
George Heym—An Almost Metaphysical Adventure
Zbigniew Herbert 40-42
An Unfinished Poem begun on 25 March 1971;

Invitation to a Reading of my Poems;

March 16 1971;

I Die
Syed Shamsul Haq 43-52
The Acceleration of History;
Those Were the Days
Jose Emilio Pacheco 53
Antonio Ayala Y De Landero 54
From "Place of Pilgrimage"
Jaroslav Seifert 55
The Tree;
Regular Cities
Karl Krolow 56-57
Franz Marc;

Hanns Cibulka 58-60
The Exorcisms;
The Last Island;

Dark Lantern
Jorge Tellier 61-63
Landscape 13;
My God Am I Glad It's My Birthday
Hans Carl Artmann 64-65
House-Hunting Near the Frontier
Jerry Bumpus 66-68
Four Drawings
Rikki 69-72
The Desecration of the Object
Edward Marcotte 73-86
Method and Motive in "The Cask of Amontillado"
Philip McM. Pittman 87-100
On Rereading Jacob Boehme's "Aurora"
David Gascoyne 101
The Last Quartet
Leslie Woolf Hedley 102-112
The Cabinet
Terje Stigen 113-119
Saadat Hasan Manto 120-125
The Discrimination of Elegance: Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time
Donald Gutierrez 126-141

Book Reviews

Herschel Hardin, A Nation Unaware: The Canadian Economic Culture;
John Robert Colombo, Colombo's Canadian Quotations
Linda Sandler 142-150
Notes on Contributors

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Girl in a Chair
Marci Willis

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