No 81

Winter 1987

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Table of Contents

Preacher's Geese
Holley Rubinsky 5-14
Who's There?;
Country Music;


Heavy Weather;

Poem About Your Laugh
Susan Glickman 15-22
Luke & Co.;

Domestic Animals
Don McKay 23-29
A Bird Story
Terry Griggs 30-38
from A Chilean Sequence
Rosemary Sullivan 39-43
Philip St. Clair 44-46
Waiting for Seals;
Wandering through Houses
Toni Sammons 47-50
Tools & Co
Fabio Morábito 51-55
A Deal We Could Live With;
Stormy Night;

One Version of Love;

Seascape with Donkey
Derk Wynand 56-63
Alison T. Reed 64
Adam Names the Beast;

Mad Eve Sings;

Black Adam's Blues
Kenneth Sherman 65-69
Jeanette Lynes 70-73
Chagall's Three Angels: Three Repaintings;
Coming and Going
Carolyn Reynolds Miller 74-80
Natalya Longing;
Perfect Day
Kerry Slavens 81-83
To Mozart: A Birthday
Carla Hartsfield 84-85
Beautiful Boy Fades
Hart Hanson 86-93
Gravitational Attraction;
Temple of the Holy Ghost;


The Theory of Relativity
Bernard Cooper 94-97

Full Issue

Winter 1987

Book Reviews

Murray Bail, Homesicknes
Keath Fraser 99-100
Richard Ford, Rock Springs
Michael Helm 100-101
Eric McCormack, Inspecting the Vaults
Constance Rooke 101
Brian Moore, The Color of Blood
Constance Rooke 101-102
Marion Quednau, The Butterfly Chair
Constance Rooke 102
Jane Rule, Memory Board
Constance Rooke 102
Gail Scott, Heroine
Constance Rooke 103
Five Book Reviews
Stephen Scobie 104-106
John Heward, Instructions
Stephen Scobie 106
Michael Hoffmann, Acrimony
John Cobley 106-107
Kate Van Dusen, Not Noir
Stephen Scobie 108
Shari Benstock, Women of the Left Bank: Paris, 1900-1940
Stephen Scobie 108-109
Sheryl Salloum, Malcolm Lowry: Vancouver Days
Jay Ruzesky 109-110
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