No 80

Fall 1987

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Table of Contents

Bragg and Minna
Timothy Findley 5-22
Love's Like Milk;
A Visit to the Zoo;



The Inchworm;

Terrible Storm on Lake Erie;

Blue Irises
David McFadden 23-29
Dominion Day Dance;


Nunc Dimittis
Patrick Lane 30-34
A Migratory Gift;
Pauper Sum Ego
Diana Brebner 35-36
Outlasting the landscape;
A tender man
Robert Hilles 37-39
Anyone could
Michael Pfeifer 40
Kathleen Hill 41-48
Eight drawings
Mieke Bevelander 49-56
Potato Head;

David Donnell 57-65
The Apotheosis
Mia Anderson 66-75
Not Counting the Indian, There Were Six
Thomas King 76-81
For a Dead Cobra
Harold Farmer 82
Carl's Exhibition
Marcia L. Hurlow 83
Spring, Mrs. Kazmerski Enters the Garden
Dieter Weslowski 84
from A Book of Events
Gerald Hill 85-86
Cat, French Class, Grocery List, etc.;
The Pacific
Lorna Crozier 87-88
A Man Considers Himself;
House of Many Rooms;

Ancient Monument
Angela Ball 89-94
Family from The Butterfly Chair
Marion Quednau 95-108
Pellagra, Geophysicist
Michael Penny 109
At the Breaking of Drought;
Sky Humour
Sid Marty 110-111
W.C.W. in the South
Patrick Worth Gray 112
Seeing the Lights
Michael Chitwood 113
Diane Raptosh 114
David Solway 115
Confetti Summer
Barbara Novak 116-124
The Poet Milton Acorn Crosses into the Republic of Heaven
Tom Wayman 125-129

Full Issue

Fall 1987

Book Reviews

Mark Abley, Beyond Forget: Rediscovering the Prairies
Constance Rooke 130-131
A.S. Byatt, Still Life
Carol Matthews 131-132
William Golding, Close Quarters
Anthony Jenkins 132-134
Michael Ondaatje, In the Skin of a Lion
Aritha Van Herk 134-137
Patrick Roscoe, Beneath the Western Slopes
Constance Rooke 137
Jane Urquhart, Storm Glass
Michael Kenyon 137-138
Cid Corman, In Particular: Poems New and Selected
Stephen Scobie 139
Denise Levertov, Breathing the Water
Stephen Scobie 139-140
Eugene McNamara, The Moving Light
Stephen Scobie 140
Heather Spears, How to Read Faces
Stephen Scobie 140-141
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Cover Art

The Demon Goddess
Mieke Bevelander

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