No 79

Summer 1987

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Table of Contents

In the Gardens at Queluz;

Failing Words;

Old Town;


Animal Kingdom;

Some Lines in the Morning;

One Arsonist, Two Firemen;

When I Grew Up
Derk Wynand 5-16
Little Seeds from In the Skin of a Lion
Michael Ondaatje 17-22
Dressing Up for the Carnival
Carol Shields 23-27

Ordinary Moving;

Bronwen Wallace 28-42
The Family Eyes;
Bashō Sets Forth on His Autumn Journey;

Tender Buttons;

Two Poems About Rain, One Written After Chernobyl, One Before
Diana Hartog 43-47
Margaret Hollingsworth 48-60
Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias
Federico Garcia Lorca 61-69
Pattern Day
Catherine Byron 70-76
The Taste;
A Temple of Bees;

Richard Sommer 77-80
Herb Schellenberg
Steve Noyes 81-82
Wind Chimes
Gary Gildner 83-90
My Calling;
This is a Note;

I know I am smiling
Marjorie Stelmach 91-94
Chrome Chairs Recovered
Don Summerhayes 95-100
The Other Side
Rita Kramer 101-103
Car to California
Justin Lewis 104-110
The Gossamer Ending;
Flying Over Vancouver Island
Al Purdy 111-114
The Planetarium
Dina Ben-Lev 115
The Movements of Horses
David Louter 116-117
The Prado: signs, secrets and sacred objects;
Umbrian Spring
Gerry Shikatani 118-124
The Moose;
Moose II;

Her Fear is Whale;

Beluga Whale Birth
John O'Neill 125-128
United States of America
Louisa Ermelino 129-134
Self-Portrait on a Summer Evening;
The Women;

The Wild Spray;

The Glass King
Eavan Boland 135-142
from White City Poems
Robert Billings 143-148
On This Plane My Wife and I Are Still Dancing
Terence Young 149-154

Full Issue

Summer 1987

Book Reviews

Kingsley Amis, The Old Devils
Mike Matthews 155-156
Lois Braun, A Stone Watermelon
Constance Rooke 156
Brian Fawcett, Cambodia, a Book for People Who Find Television Too Slow
Clint Burnham 156-157
Juliet Flower MacCannell, Figuring Lacan: Criticism and the Cultural Unconscious
Stephen Scobie 158
Gary Gildner, The Second Bridge
Michael Kenyon 159
Gary Gildner, A Week in South Dakota
Michael Kenyon 159-160
Guy Gavriel Kay, The Darkest Road
Douglas Barbour 160-161
Tom Marshall, Adele at the End of the Day
Constance Rooke 161
William Scarth Moorson, Letters from Nova Scotia, ed. Marjorie Whitelaw
Bryan N.S. Gooch 162
P.K. Page, Brazilian Journal
M.K. Louis 162-164
Alex Preminger, ed., The Princeton Handbook of Poetic Terms
Stephen Scobie 164
Jan Conn, The Fabulous Disguise of Ourselves;
Susan Glickman, The Power to Move
Stephen Scobie 166
Gary Geddes, Changes of State
Elizabeth Woods 166-168
Gwendolyn MacEwen, Afterworlds
Stephen Scobie 168
Douglas Messerli, ed., "Language" Poetries: an anthology
Stephen Scobie 168-169
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The Stairwell
P.K. Irwin

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