No 78

Spring 1987

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Table of Contents

Constance Rooke 5
Ten Poems
Knut Ødegård 6-21
In It;

Home Free;


Home Again
George Johnston 22-26
Dear George,
Robert L. McDougall 27-32
O Moonlight
George Johnston 33-36
Three Talks with George Johnston
William Blissett 37-51
GJ at Victoria: From Acta to Auk
Jay Macpherson 52-56
Bee Seasons
George Johnston 57-66
Notes on Re-reading George Johnston
P.K. Page 67-72
Crow's Nest;
Remembering George Johnston Reading
P.K. Page 73-75
Crow's Nests in Court Metres
George Johnston 76
Excerpts from Víga Glúm's Saga
George Johnston 77-82
George Johnston's The Saga of Gisli
John Tucker 83-91
How it Strikes a Philologist: George Johnston's Translation of Saga Prose
Peter Foote 92-97
Six Poems
Sigmund Mjelve 98-101
Four Poems
Marianne Larsen 102-103
Four Poems
Peter Sandelin 104-105
Happy Enough: the Poetry of George Johnston
Harvey De Roo 106-131

John Olaf;

Snowfall in Still Weather;


Poems about the Wind
George Johnston 132-135
George Johnston's Poems: Letters of a Friend
Elizabeth Brewster 136-146
For George Johnston
Earle Birney 147

Full Issue

Spring 1987

Book Reviews

Timothy Findley, The Telling of Lies
Catherine Hunter 148-151
Janette Turner Hospital, Dislocations
Katrina Preece 151-152
Alice Munro, The Progress of Love
Constance Rooke 152
Leona Gom, Private Properties;
Libby Scheier, Second Nature
Stephen Scobie 153-154
Mark Anthony Jarman, Killing the Swan
Stephen Scobie 154
Dorothy Livesay, The Self-Completing Tree: Selected Poems;
Al Purdy, The Collected Poems of Al Purdy
Stephen Scobie 154-155
P.K. Page, The Glass Air: Selected Poems
Elizabeth Woods 156-159
Gregory S. Jay and David L. Miller, eds. After Strange Texts: The Role of Theory in the Study of Literature
Evelyn Cobley 159-160
Liz Lochhead, Tartuffe, A Translation Into Scots From The Original By Moliere
Marilyn Bowering 160-162
Ernest Matthew Mickler, White Trash Cooking
Mike Matthews 162
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George Johnston, October 28, 1980

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