No 77

Winter 1986

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Table of Contents

Managing Just Fine
Joan Fern Shaw 5-9
John Newlove 10-15
Pepper Tree;
Thinking Cap
Phyllis Webb 16-17
Water and Light
David Manicom 18
from Ana Historic
Daphne Marlatt 19-20
The Green Wind;
Nevado Del Ruiz;

Nucleus Vibrating;

Woman Reading;

The Same Trophy
Sharon Thesen 21-28
The Poem Called Syntax;
Maybe My Grandmothers Went North;

The Bird Part of It
Fred Wah 29-30
Three-legged dogs
Gail Harris 31-32
Turder and His Friends
Janosz Meissner 33
St. Sebastian
Keith Vaughan 34
Figure in a Landscape
Peter Millard 35-42
Brazilian Chandelier;
If the bird has flown…
P.K. Irwin 43-44
For Bowie;

Jascha Kessler 45-47
The Floating World
John Ditsky 48
The Slender Yard;
James Deahl 49-52
Au Musée Rodin
Heather Spears 53-54
An Interview with Leonard Cohen
Robert Sward 55-63
On a Stump Outside Vacation Bible School
Judith Skillman 64
time for tea;
mabel brushes her hair;

taken up;

a field of lines
Aaron Bushkowsky 65-70
Home from Hospital: Holiday
Lloyd Abbey 71
Ice Fishing
Walter McDonald 72
The Son;
Bird in the Belvedere
Rennie McQuilkin 73-76
Please write to me in this poem;
Uncle Lennie's third proof of the existence of a question
Roger Nash 77-78
Otto Orban 79
The Whole Story
Cynthia Holz 80-91
Judith Pond 92-93

Philip St. Clair 94-99
When You Settle All in a White Chair;
Black and White Kimonos
Diana Brebner 100-101
Bird Watching;
The Word Belong
Leslie Nutting 102-104
Inventory Man;

Susan Hykin 105-107
Crossing the Snow Line
Elizabeth Hay 108-115
Mahler's Pastorale;
The Fifth Song
Doug Beardsley 116-118
A Few Crumbs;
Be With Me Now;

The Draw of Winter;

Dieter Weslowski 119-120
In the Absence;
Unpacking to The Magic Flute;

John Repp 121-122
The Piano Player
William Bedford 123-131

Full Issue

Winter 1986

Book Reviews

Yves Beauchemin, The Alley Cat
Margery Fee 132-134
Matt Cohen, Nadine
Carol Matthews 134-135
Ken Ledbetter, Not Enough Women
Katrina Preece 135-136
John Metcalf, Adult Entertainment
Aritha Van Herk 136-138
Robert Creeley, Memory Gardens
Stephen Scobie 139
Diana Hartog, Candy from Strangers
Sharon Thesen 139-140
Jane Munro, The Trees Just Moved Into a Season of Other Shapes
Stephen Scobie 140
Raymond Souster, It Takes All Kinds
Stephen Scobie 140
Tom Wayman, The Face of Jack Munro
Stephen Scobie 141
Jan Zwicky, Wittgenstein Elegies
Stephen Scobie 141
Anon., ed., No Feather, No Ink
Wolfgang Klooss 142-143
John Coldwell Adams, Sir Charles God Damn: the Life of Sir Charles G.D. Roberts
Bryan S. Gooch 143-144
Michael Fischer, Does Deconstruction Make Any Difference? Poststructuralism and the Defense of Poetry in Modern Criticism
Evelyn Cobley 144-145
Malcolm Ross, The Impossible Sum of Our Traditions: Reflections on Canadian Literature
Patricia Koster 145
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